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Personal Awakening – Just turn the key

A lot of  of people still are taken by the negative images on television, negative reports and talk shows in divers media, negative references, remarks, words from colleges, friends and family, negative words and lectures by their teachers, etc.

Why do we have so much trouble in getting out of that negative surrounding. We bathe in the negative things around us without (maybe conscious) knowing we do so.  If you are more conscious of the negative forces you hear, feel, see, think, then you will see your way out of it.

How do you start your positive journey of walking in the light. It can’t be  more simple as starting an engine by turning the key.

Just turn the key and act in response. Ask yourselves: What is it which makes it negative?  If you can give facts or examples then you can go to the next question.

Can you really do something about it?  If the answer is yes than you can act. For example don’t  watch the negative one-sided news or  scary movies. If you can’t do something about it then don’t stay in the negative and move on. For example you can’t change the drama that has happened in Fukushima Japan.

If you can’t change things for the better than you still can show compassion and sent love and light. If you feel something is getting you in a negative mood or feels negative ask the questions. If you do so you will see  that you easier can stay in the light. You learn not to have your live taken  over by negativity. You will stay in the light. Feel that you are not alone and One with all the human lightworkers, higher beings and our space brothers and sisters and our mother earth.

Thus is personal awakening just a little step away.  It is not difficult. Just turn the key and act on the questions above. And Act. You will see improvement in your lives.

Love and light,



The Green Beautiful Film (a must see) in 9 parts

The Green Beautiful Film in 9 parts with English subs.  It sheers you up and gives a laugh. Just fun with a core of truth in it.

A new Dawn: Disclose The Thruth Yourselves


Dont be waiting on what happens or believe it’s all be done for you. Still our free will has to make choices it self. Own initiative and actions is what’s asked of you. Be disclosure. Dont wait on disclosure. Open up to the truth out there outside mainstream media. Search in the new media and social media and find the truth that’s for everyone a different one. You need to feel comfortable with the thoughts and things you’ll read, see and hear. Let no one tell you that they are right but always be the science explorer that takes up arguments and weighs them before letting change your system of believes and thinking. Be open and live in the moment of now. Now is the time that things happen. Not yesterday or tomorrow. Communicate your thoughts and feelings and knowledge with others. Create circles and discuss without wanting to force your opinions on others. Feel the love and light in your hearts growing by the minute trough the ever growing and expanding vibrations and energy. Don’t be afraid or scared. That are lessons of the One in you that let’s you know your on the brink of learning to see and let go of that feeling or obstruction in your mindset. If you learn to find the truht behind the obstruction or feeling, you handle it and you will get a boost in the direction of you as lightbeing. Just know we are the ones we are waiting for. The help of our spirits, guides, brothers and sisters of the light in our galaxy and beyond are bound to help sofar as the don’t interfere the free will. So let us get started now. The day is today. Our disclosure it today in the here and now.

Love and light to you,


Disclosure Already Happened

Disclosure already happened. It’s a shock for people to hear that is what i have to say. It’s a story about the timelines and the interdimensions. It’s a misunderstanding of our time experience in the dimensional sphere. We still think in time as linear time, with a beginning and an end or the past, now and future. In the higher interdimensional realms above the 12th dimensions there has already been disclosure of our earth been happening. It is only a special way to get it into our dimensions and timelines known.

But it is in other timelines and parralel dimensions and interdimensions at the higest levels already been happening. We think of it as or past of ourfuture. But it is in the now at an other level and dimension. It will get trough to us. Moment by moment in the now and that is linear time thinking again. Don’t think in days, soon, tomorrow or whatever time indicating qualifications. Disclosure doesn’t depend on dates either. It is always in our now. Just be in the now, think an feel in the now. I call disclosure the being in the now and feeling and seeing yourselves awake in knowing and feeling the higher levels of energy getting into you system. The now is filling you hearts with the new light that will eventually get us to be lightbeings at the higher level of the 5th dimensions.

I say dimensions because there are more timelines parallel to ours that already have lived through other states of our beings. We had lived here in the now and our timeline in experiencing the state of duality. All our partial selves and other timelines will be united in the now and make ourselves the whole and new lightbeing. This is the real proces of the ascension. The lightbeing that is ascended will be the baby of the dimensional timeline to come. It will be making it´ s new life in a new experience at a higher new dimenisonal state. Our brothers and sisters in space and on earth as well as all other beings, also planets and stars, are to be in this timeline and now being re-united and lifted up to their new state of the 5th dimension also. The ones who aren’t ready
yet for the new dimensional state will be given a later opportunity to have their facets of timelines and dimensions been united and or brought together in this timeline. They ones not ready will have a save haven on their level of dimensional being or beings.

Welcome all to your new interdimensional reality, the light being state in the ultimate new higher 5th dimension. If ascended there will be only one 5th dimension, but can be, as we are creator gods, be soon again dimensions. Be in the now. Be the ones who you have been waiting for. It is You.

So disclose yourselves, because it already has been done by the higher 12th dimensional beings and the great one who is we and it is us. So disclose and be the ones now. Learn, see, hear, feel , think, create in the now in love, light and understanding of oneness.

Celebrate our new state of light and love surrounding us.



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