Personal Awakening – Just turn the key

A lot of  of people still are taken by the negative images on television, negative reports and talk shows in divers media, negative references, remarks, words from colleges, friends and family, negative words and lectures by their teachers, etc.

Why do we have so much trouble in getting out of that negative surrounding. We bathe in the negative things around us without (maybe conscious) knowing we do so.  If you are more conscious of the negative forces you hear, feel, see, think, then you will see your way out of it.

How do you start your positive journey of walking in the light. It can’t be  more simple as starting an engine by turning the key.

Just turn the key and act in response. Ask yourselves: What is it which makes it negative?  If you can give facts or examples then you can go to the next question.

Can you really do something about it?  If the answer is yes than you can act. For example don’t  watch the negative one-sided news or  scary movies. If you can’t do something about it then don’t stay in the negative and move on. For example you can’t change the drama that has happened in Fukushima Japan.

If you can’t change things for the better than you still can show compassion and sent love and light. If you feel something is getting you in a negative mood or feels negative ask the questions. If you do so you will see  that you easier can stay in the light. You learn not to have your live taken  over by negativity. You will stay in the light. Feel that you are not alone and One with all the human lightworkers, higher beings and our space brothers and sisters and our mother earth.

Thus is personal awakening just a little step away.  It is not difficult. Just turn the key and act on the questions above. And Act. You will see improvement in your lives.

Love and light,


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  1. True light and love!! SaLuSa must be delighted with you !!!! Congratulations on your blog and facebook discussion group Luc!!! You are amazing!! Namaste. Laura