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YouTube – ‪UFO The British UFO Files Testimony from Colonel Halt, Lord Hill Norton Part I of 5‬‏ (via 2012 Indy Info)

YouTube – ‪UFO The British UFO Files Testimony from Colonel Halt, Lord Hill Norton Part I of 5‬‏. … Read More

via 2012 Indy Info

Time is up! Be in joy!

The messages of the channelers and our spacebrothers and sisters are telling us the time is up!  The disclosure, abundance program, the new temporary governments, new energy systems are soon to be in place. There will be announcements soon that will shock us.

I think it’s wonderful. The new Golden Age is on  the brink of its existence. We will all be seeing the new and fantastic. What can be more uplifting if you  know that al things that are wrong will be set right again. We have our freedom, peace and our birthrights back as the lightbeings we are.  We learn to know our true roots and our new history. We will be seeing that was promised to be heaven on earth soon.

What you can do now before it has happened is turn the key if you didn’t already. I wrote about it. Be the light and the love and let it shine over all your human brothers and sisters. Even if they can’t or won’t understand what it’s all about, shine upon them your light and love.

Our Earth mother is also nearly ready to take the step of ascension. She has had a great task in keeping up with our wrong doings and misuse.We will be pardoned. She is as we have to be: unconditional love. Thank also our cousins of the inner-earth, our space family of light which we will meet soon for their support and help.

So be ready for the biggest adventure ever and speaking with captain Picard of the series Enterprise Next Generations, let us say: “Engage”. Here we come.

With Love and Light,