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Medwyn Goodall – Heavenly Retreat

Medwyn Goodall is already 20 years in the music business with more  then 4 million sold copies of his work. He also plays well over 20 music instruments. His music can be seen as new age, spiritual and relaxing music.  Please go for further info and to buy his CD’s to http://medwyngoodall.net.  Enjoy the sample here.

Original Radio broadcast Roswell 1947 with footage of found debri

In the footage are shown parts of the debri. Some footage i also had not seen.

UFO Transmissions

The day before disclosure & the new Paradigm -Ice Radio 3-5-2011

5 parts

Will the news change?

Realising this morning that there is something special hovering over this day, i got awake. It feels like tremendous joy and believing the things to happen are very near. I wanted to see more positive news on the net while i was reading, but still the negative news is still blogged and reblogged. Why don you just do read it and see it as a fact and go one with your lives spending time in a positive manner of behaving, thinking, being. Is the positive cure of a child or the birthday of a beloved one, the green leaves on your beautiful trees, the beautiful birds, bees and critters in your garden or park not more uplifting. I believe so. Let’s make the news positive again. Will you try also. That warms my heart.

Love and light,


Burzynski documentary reveals true agenda of FDA and cancer industry to destroy cancer cures that really work

Burzynski documentary reveals true agenda of FDA and cancer industry to destroy cancer cures that really work.

Roswell Debris not from Earth- Test confirms

In the picture is the hoax shown of the so called wheater balloon the turned up with to disinform the people.

A teacher at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell may have discovered the first scientific evidence of manufactured debris made on another planet. Furthermore, this debris was found near the location where pieces from an alleged flying saucer were discovered outside of Roswell in 1947. For the details read the story with the link below.


End of the Illusion-Spiritual Awakening-Get ready for the changes!

Vatican Preparing 1.1 Billion Followers for Disclosure

In the series of Best UFO Documentary – I Know what i saw! (2010)