Is IT Gonna Happen Now?

This is the question i still get a lot on the net by readers or new Facebook friends. I always have to answer that it already is happening NOW. They all are thinking complicated, but it’s not. Disclosure is simple although it officially has to be by one or more governments.

But I say disclosure is what we disclose ourselves. Still we seek the solutions  outside ourselves as the ET, the UFO’s, the government, etc., are the ones who have to do something. Wrong! The only one who has to do something is you. You are the one we have been waiting for.  You have to disclose yourself. Be the One and be awakening and remembering your own pad. Think of the now.

Everything has to be in the now. Feel the streaming energies and vibrations that are getting stronger and stronger every day. We are lifted up with it and we will, if we make our own efforts, be the 5th dimension lightbeings and ascend.

Don’t think to much of what has or is going to happen. The Now is the time and has enough beautiful and wondrous things in it to see, feel, hear, do.  I see you all and see the beauty that is coming through all of your hearts.  Unconditional Love and peace is what you have to be and spread the light upon the others.

Love and Light,



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