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UFO or ORB above Dublin 21 July 2011

The footage was shot at 3am 21 July  morning. The person  had a look out side before going to bed and there it was cruzin across the sky with a constant pulse.  The video was uploaded 21 july 2011 from Lacklaser on YouTube channel Lacklaser.


Were Soviets behind Roswell UFO?

Were Soviets behind Roswell UFO?

In the interview is assumed the Roswell UFO was Soviet in origin.  That’s something  I personally doubt this Via other research documents and statements is nothing to find to make that statement.


from the Cosmic Log from MSNBC.COM

By Alan Boyle

Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age – Videos, Documents!

link divinecosmos.com by David Wilcock

UFOs Top 10 Best UFO sightings 2011 Hawaii

Details on Second Greek Baillout


New Ebook Released | The 2012 Scenario

New Ebook Released | The 2012 ScenarioAccountability: Establishing the Truth of Historical Events Free Download see link see link SteveBeckow.com

World Collaps Explained in 3 Minutes

BUZZ ALDRIN about MARS Anomalies

Buzz Aldrin reveals existence of Monolith on Mars Moon 

BUZZ ALDRIN about UFO Sightings


Buzz Aldrin Talks with Jim Clash about UFO sightings



SaLuSa 22-July-2011

SaLuSa 22-July-2011. Via 2012IndyInfo