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USA PATRIOT ACT makes your cell phone a tracking weapon

USA PATRIOT ACT makes your cell phone a tracking weapon  via http://www.examiner.com

Seeing recent events as the Murdoch scandal in cellphone hacking and phone tapping.People are still ignorant and believers in the governments and it’s institutions as well as multinationals and big corporations. We are still believing in  them as if everything they do is for the best of us all. We don’t see hidden agendas. This article is just an example of what really everybody could have been expecting after 9/11. Who is in control you should ask. If you think we “the people” still are, then you have to act. So people ask questions about this. Let them give you a plausible reason and not a reason of fear of might be attacked or what else and get your rights back. Intrusion of privacy and  intrusion of the privacy of your own home isn’t something you have to put up with. If we are no slaves then act as free people do.


New Crop Circle Wilshire, England, UK

West Woodhay Down, Nr Inkpen, Wiltshire. Reported 29th July.
Via Cropcircleconnector.com

Suzanne Spooner July 27, 2011… Disclosure & Ascension Update from God



Suzanne Spooner July 27, 2011… Disclosure & Ascension Update from God.

Tens of Thousands Rally for ‘Unity’ in Egypt

Tens of Thousands Rally for \’Unity\’ in Egypt July 29th 2011

Via CommonDreams.org and Aljazeera.net

Extraterrestrials on Earth: A challenge we can no longer ignore by A. R. Bordon

Found a nice article on The Canadian National Newspaper about ET on Earth. The (internet) Paper site has also a catagory for Exopolitics.


Extraterrestrials on Earth: A challenge we can no longer ignore by A. R. Bordon

Via The Canadian National Newspaper online.

Powerful message from former (C.I.A. Agent) to all Americans!

Although its anonymous I found it interesting enough to post it on my blog. Make up you own mind about its contents.




This video i have come across on my group on facebook shows footage of July 2011 of NASA i have never seen before.

The video speaks for it self.


Elongated Paracas Skull Comparison With Normal Skull

Thom Hartmann: Debt Is Not Money

Thom Hartmann: Debt Is Not Money. Via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

SaLuSa 29th July by Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa 29th 2011
Your experiences on Earth were created by you, having been given freedom of choice. They bear little resemblance to life in the higher dimensions and in fact you could not have created the same level of existence, unless you experienced a quantum leap in your consciousness. It is what is happening now, and the more your individual levels increase, the more your powers of creation will also rise. Belief in your power will help when you set about self-healing, but you need to be 100% positive in your ability to do it. The Law of Attraction comes into play, and you will achieve more success if you take the positive approach that “you are healed”. Normally you take the view that you should first ask to be healed, rather than inform your body “it is healed”. Those of you who regularly state that “you are healthy, and in harmony and balance” are maintaining a fully positive approach, and as a result that is what you attract to yourself. Looking at the reverse side is it not true that some people are always telling themselves that they are ill, and consequently never seem to get better. That is not to say that they are not ill, but they are unwittingly prolonging their problems by dwelling on their illnesses, rather than the cure.
However, before the end of this cycle many opportunities will be granted for all manner of illnesses and afflictions to be healed. It will come in various types of healing, but all aligned with New Age technologies that have absolutely no side affects. As you are probably aware by now, in the higher dimensions your body will comprise of matter of a much higher vibration, that will be disease free. It is why everything around you will also be in a state of perfection, meaning that if you have imperfections now such as some form of disablement, it will have been corrected before you ascend. That is possible because even now you carry the original blueprint of your perfect body, and it can be activated. Perhaps the most welcome change will be to find that your new body will stay in its perfect condition, and you will be forever young and in your prime. Furthermore, through your individual powers, you will be able to change any of your features as you desire.

You will soon be seeing us amongst you, and will note that we are all in our prime. You will find us happy and always in a totally peaceful state. We are not prone to having moods such as humans have, and certainly do not get angry or bad tempered. We do not of course have to suffer your experiences, but even so we are always calm and peaceful. All these positive attributes will also become yours, and as the vibrations continue to increase around you, you too will change for the better and able to eliminate anything that is less. Even between now and the end of the cycle, you will notice quite big changes within yourselves. Harmony and balance in all things is taking place, and it will continue even until after Ascension.

Regardless of what some people learn about the future, they do not want to give up their earthly enjoyments. The point is that some of them cannot be taken beyond this dimension anyway. However, they can be replaced by something that is much more satisfying, but it is for you to discover this through your own experiences. Man’s pleasures are often the very things that cause disease and distress, but some people cannot see the connection. You who are more enlightened will know of what we speak, and because you do have found no difficulty in giving them up. Your body is your temple, and it is your responsibility to look after it if it is to serve you well. Smoking and the taking of drugs are most damaging, and sometimes it is irreversible. Indeed, most pursuits of this nature are leading you onto the path of ruin.

Dear Ones, it is more important than ever that you handle your body with love and caring. Help it to lift up its vibrations by clean living and actions, and words that are also carrying the Light. What you create within will in part determine whether you are sufficiently prepared to go the whole way to Ascension. Think upon what you need to do to become a Light Being, as that is your goal and time is rapidly running away from you. If you have already overcome most of your lower vibrations, then you are well on the way to success. It shows that you have exercised your intent to cleanse yourself of what we often call your unwanted baggage. Once you know that you can do it, your strength of mind and willpower will carry you ever onwards. You will have absolutely nothing to fear.

This period of time is going to be dynamic as so much is about to happen. The dark Ones cannot keep the floodgates shut for much longer. The pressures are mounting and the hard work of our allies will soon pay off. Battles between the dark and Light are going on all over the Earth, and people are being mobilized to confront their authorities to demand an end to their rule. The deceit and lies can no longer fool the people, who have been taking back their power for quite some time. There is nothing greater for forcing change than people power, and it continues to grow day to day. Fear is having less success in keeping the people under the control of the dark Ones. They are losing their grip, and also their belief that they can truly continue to guide the world in their direction and make them bow to a World Government. That will not happen and total slavery is out of the question.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see the net closing in on those who have been responsible for your current problems. Believe us they are far more extensive than you can possibly imagine, but all will come out in due course.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.