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Wanderer of the Skies – August 31, 2011

Wanderer of the Skies – August 31, 2011. via



Greetings from the Federation:

We have taken some time since our last communication as we have been very busy of late. There is a tremendous amount of activity on our side as everyone readies themselves for an unusually big event. We remain excited and expectant about the occurrences to take place on your world. We now have an opportunity to update you in this respect.

The recent events in the Americas have no doubt many of you wondering what has transpired. We detected the use of chemtrails and other devices to take what was initially a natural event, a hurricane, and expand it and divert its path. We have taken our own steps to downgrade the ferocity of this event but acknowledge as well your efforts, which have been quite effective, at lessening its impact through the power of your thoughts. While there was great destruction, the vast majority of it was part of the natural world and necessary for Gaia’s transformation.

We have had great “debates” on exactly what should and should not be divulged to you through our discussions. We acknowledge your desire not to be told certain dates regarding Disclosure as this tends to weaken, rather than strengthen, the human spirit, especially since we cannot be certain ourselves of the outcome of these events with absolute certainty. Our discussions also touched upon whether to foretell of the man-made and natural events that occur around your world. We have decided for now not to divulge these events prior to their occurrences unless they somehow fit into an explanation necessary for you.

You will no doubt have noticed a significant increase in the appearance of our ships in your sky in all corners of the world sometimes in very large numbers indeed. This will continue and grow even larger in magnitude and frequency. We are conditioning as many people as possible to our existence so as to prepare for the inevitable. A key faction of the Illuminati’s rogue element has “seen the Light” recently and made a secret deal with those already brokering a power shift that is underway in many of its elemental functions. This should help in smoothing the way towards Disclosure.

Be ready for the inevitable. Focus on the task at hand as matters reveal themselves to you. The subtle Disclosure discussed previously will now make way for a much more obvious and powerful form of Disclosure yet to come. Be kind to each other in these trying times.

Be at peace.


UFO Under Cloud Wisconsion, USA, 30 August 2011




Lauren C. Gorgo: Changing of the Guard: Failing Systems of the Old Paradigm | The 2012 Scenario

Lauren C. Gorgo: Changing of the Guard: Failing Systems of the Old Paradigm | The 2012 Scenario. via

The people’s principality of Filettino defies Rome | euronews, world news

The people’s principality of Filettino defies Rome | euronews, world news.  via

Witness saw Sarkozy take cash for campaign, says judge

Witness Saw Sarkozy Take Cash for Campaign Says Judge via

Personal Message from Mike Quinsey, August 31, 2011

Personal Message from Mike Quinsey, August 31, 2011.  Via by Steve Beckow

Hi Friends,

I’m sorry I could not contact you earlier, but my computer completely crashed, and I had no way of letting you know. I didn’t know at the time that my hard drive had gone, and was hoping my computer (8 years old) could be repaired quickly, but that was not to be and it took 9 days to sort out.

During that time I understand that a number of you learned of my situation and wanted to help me out. That resulted in an appeal for donations to help me purchase a new computer which I did on Saturday the 27th August.

As I lost all of my Hard Disc data, I was faced with a formidable task to set it up again, finding for example that with new Windows Seven some of the old programs that I used with XP were not compatible, and that also included my two printers, both of which were admittedly quite old.

The amount of time taken to sort it all out, largely came from difficulty in trying to recover information from the old Hard Disc. So your great generosity enabled me to buy a new computer and printer right away, which also gave the opportunity to make sure it had a bigger memory and a faster speed.

I found it could not take my favourite Outlook Express, but you will be pleased to know that Windows Live Mail is a very good replacement, and, once I get used to it, might well prove to be better.

As things stand at present, I’m being given fantastic help by someone who is a computer wizard and has given freely of his time to finish off what I started. In fact Maarten Horst has so far worked on it for about 5 hours, is still customising it for me, and will also get my old computer set up as a useful standby.

Maarten is a fellow BBS Radio host who I’d already befriended, and what a great friend at that. As best as I understand it I owe heartfelt thanks to Steve Beckow, Kees de Graaff, and Maria Luisa Vasconcellas for their input in getting the appeal out, and Steve for handling the transfer to me.

My Dear Friends, your response absolutely took my breath away when I first heard about it, and I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude and love for you all. You are truly of the Light and it proves that we are brothers and sisters in that very powerful energy. They say it is an ill wind that often brings out the best in people, and you have lifted me out of a predicament that could have caused a great deal more trouble than it did.

Once again, many thanks to you all – and although I do not know many of you by name I did see the list with your first names on it.

Finally can I just apologise for not being able to personally reply to other emails enquiring about the messages or offering advice, as I have been so busy sorting my programs out.

In Love and Light,

Mike Quinsey.

Shell Defies Dutch Parliament Members and Ethics in Question To Stop Activities Syria

As a sign of the time the Big Corporations do the only thing that they can do make money and profit regardless of things happening and the ethics and  lives involved. Dutch Parliament members asked Shell 30th august 2011 to stop its activities according to the serious political situation and death toll of the Syrian people.  The answers Shell Netherlands CEO Dick Benschop gave are clear.

Shell doesn’t  stop its activities freely. Only if Shell Syria is getting in a conflict situation or human rights issues are involved they would consider.  Their workforce was exposed to danger as they would leave was an argument made. Only trade activities will be stopped if there will be a European boycott.

You can ask yourselves what human rights are in Shell’s interpretation. Is waiting on a European boycott the way.  If the oil trade would be stopped Syria could be hurt. About 30% of Syria’s National income is being made that way.

A Dutch parliament member said that companies have more influence than governments. Also a sign of the times and still for now also a right statement. The world needs to get people back into power not the few in power with the money.








The End of the Federal Rerserve Banking and Moneytary System is Near

25 Signs That The Financial World Is About To Hit The Big Red Panic Button


My Comment: The signs are merely scratches at the surface of the changes taken place behind the scenes. So be prepared for a very near collapse which will be followed with a new monetary system and a complete debt free system. This will be a temporary system that is based on a precious metal. As Benjamin Fulford foretold and was reported is happening. 57 Nations, without the rogue dark cabal factions and their representatives like Rockefeller, Rothschild  and nations,  have been on a boat to talk about the new money system replacing the old.

There will be  no more IMF and Federal Reserve Banking.  All old banking systems led by the dark ones will be cleaned out and resolved. The new system will be in place to relief all faults made. Nobody will be out of money. But all that’s is needed to put things right via redistribution will take place.

Sheldan Nidle – August 30, 2011

Sheldan Nidle – August 30, 2011.





4 Ik, 15 Uo, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Your world is beginning to feel the effects of the great change which will overturn major governments and restore your unalienable rights. This massive transformation is sending shock waves rippling through your global network of stock markets and causing major governments to alter key elements of their foreign policies. These changes are creeping up quickly on the dark cabal even as the illuminoids meet in secret to discuss how to react to what is shortly to transpire. Our Agarthan cousins have seen to it that their special liaisons oversee and inform these dark ones that their time in power has finished and that a grand denouement is at hand. The agreements to transfer financial responsibility from the US Federal Reserve to the new Treasury Banks are now being executed. Moreover, the new hard-currency financial system is in the process of final implementation. This new system restores monetary policy to the people and returns this world to a sound and true economy exchange. Nevertheless, this only scratches the surface of the changes to come!

The crucial element involves returning government to the people. Over the centuries, governments have favored those who had the time or money to develop ‘special relationships’ with members of the legislature and/or the executive branch. These special relationships have warped government and need to be dissolved. Our Earth allies have created a taskforce to come up with solutions to this fundamental dilemma to modern governance. We have asked that the new caretaker governments immediately implement those items approved by this taskforce, and these have now been included in the agreements that were officially signed a few months ago by more than 160 nations. Our desire is to see your governments become capable of ‘listening,’ and then enacting laws that are agreed upon by the vast majority of their citizenry. The era of government by and for a select, affluent few needs to be swiftly ended. This constitutes an essential step toward the way galactic society governs itself.

The arrest and coming trial of this dark cabal is being done to make a very important point. The karma created by the dark since the end of the Second World War needs to be properly addressed by the Light. This war saw the ascendency of the illuminoid factions of the United States, while Europe took a back seat to the interaction between the Anunnaki overlords and the American cabal. This situation encouraged these US factions to defy their off-world masters when these ones departed, and to disregard their injunction to follow their lead and allow those individuals seeking the return of the Light to be given the reins of command. This bidding was strongly resisted and resulted in the ‘difficulties’ that are only now being successfully abated. It is this prolonged mêlée which has created the karma that the coming trials are to wash away. The new caretaker governments will move your reality in the proper direction, the one leading to disclosure and the path to full consciousness for Gaia and for each one of you!

Disclosure, as we often remind you, will be a decisive threshold in your history. After disclosure, your world will be opened up to the wonders of this galaxy. You will learn about your origins in different regions of the galaxy and about the large human contingent in the Galactic Federation of Light. As you become more conversant in these matters, you can then be introduced to the other Beings who make up the grand diversity that is the Milky Way Galaxy. It is advisable for you to absorb this information in stages, and in this way, be prepared for the immense amount of data we need to pass on to you. In one swoop, you will be transformed from xenophobic Beings who fear the unknown to ones who welcome your diverse spiritual, space, and Inner Earth families. Our dossiers on you show clearly that most of you are deeply curious about the truth of who you really are and why we are here. We intend to answer these questions, and then begin a wide-ranging, open discussion between us, which will quickly set the stage for your return to full consciousness.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today to inform you that the time for your deliverance arrives. The dark has done all that it can do to delay the inevitable. Our associates have completed their preliminaries, and the time is upon us for the unveiling of your new reality! We have watched as our Agarthan friends beat down the many plans hatched by the dark that were designed to perpetrate their reign. We are preparing ourselves for first contact and the wonderful announcements that are to follow. Meanwhile, those assigned to take charge of your various new temporary governments are ready to assume command. The first broadcasts they make will address those measures necessary to transition you from your present state of disorder into the joyous realm that awaits you. This new realm is your glorious destiny! Here is where we can all meet and celebrate the return to your world of the Light in its full glory!

What we wish to do is to get you to remember the wisdom of self-healing and the ways to enlightenment. Long ago, we ascended and began our journey as the divine intercessors between Heaven and Earth. We taught our spiritual disciplines and described the grand day when Heaven was to descend to Earth and turn a dark world back to the Light. This magic moment is now upon us! You are the beneficiaries of the Creator’s infinite grace. We know our new teachings of the Masters will be received by you with great Love and divine appreciation. All of us have prepared our devotees for this, and we are serenely in joy about what we can now tell you. Many mysteries that we have learned can now be shown and explained. We intend to do this and to bring with us many Councils and Orders that make up our shared, divine lineages.

The journey that remains will be an easy one for any person who accepts the path to Ascension with Love and grace. Love one another deeply in the way that you Love yourself. Become aware of how your reality is subtly changing. Each moment, a grand blessing from Heaven raises your world’s frequency level slightly, causing her to reform and become what the Divine is flooding her with. Realities are like water: when you combine Love with divine intention in your blessings, it alters the characteristics of water and even its composition. The same is true of a reality. As a reality is reshaped by your collective Love and divine intentions, it begins to transform swiftly into something more suitable for a return to full consciousness. This is now happening, and you are inexorably on a fast track to full consciousness. Namaste!

Today, we discussed the happenings on your world. Numerous events are ready to manifest which will literally morph your reality, and which will provide a huge impetus to the transition of your political domain and an opening to the Divine. A great spiritual catharsis is ready to uplift your world and lead you back to the Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Kris Won, August 29, 2011

Kris Won, August 29, 2011. via





Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We renew on this day the messages transmitted through Kris-Won, after a brief period of interruption. We know that many people among you were awaiting our return. As you can see, everything that you wait for, that is truthful, legitimate and advantageous, makes the wait worthwhile. There is always a reason for everything, also for this pause; but I would not like to get into details, if you allow me this.

I am Commander Sohin, from the Stellar Alpha Spaceship, and all of us, our crew and I, are at a specific point in space – very close to where you are – totally committed to a mission of vital importance, and even more, of extreme importance I would say, so that all of you receive the necessary and convenient help you need to raise your consciousness and place you in an evolutionary level that you must achieve now, as decreed by our Supreme Commander, of all our Galaxy and Universe, moving in continuous expansion: God himself.

Actually, He is the one who directs the little wills of all beings, wrapped in this Cosmic drama, both, animate and inanimate, intelligent as well as the instinctual, the evolved and quasi Divine as well as the young ones of little evolution.

The human being of Earth will very soon be the protagonist of, and we could say he is already beginning to achieve this, a true evolutionary leap that will catapult him towards the Highest Spheres that a physical being can go to in this God-manifested Universe. This is what we call, in one word, “the Sacred Process of Ascension.”

We know that there are many among you who remain skeptic of this fact that we are announcing to you; others, more intuitive ones and perhaps also more spiritually advanced, intuit within that we really are in a process of Ascension, for their soul, which is an intermediary vehicle between the mind and the Pure Spirit that is who you really are, is communicating to you this sensation of security mixed with the joy that all of you are feeling – am I wrong? – (Sohin smiles clearly here).

Oh yes, those who have been called by the Father-Mother-God know well this specific sensation, and they know what I am talking about.

Those who do not feel any communication at all… any familiarity with what I am saying, it is simply because they are not prepared to make this great leap; and that is neither good nor bad, only that they will continue progressing spiritually, mentally and emotionally on a different planet, anchored still in the Third Dimension. That is to say, they will “repeat the course”, so that they can graduate later on, in a different frame of space-time; that is all.

The heirs of this New Earth that is to come – very soon (we will specify in order to give you the hope that you deserve for your own merits) – are very old souls, many of whom come from different worlds than this one but who have incarnated in Gaia’s matrix because they voluntarily elected to live this experience so that, besides obtaining this unique experience of life in the Universe, they can also take advantage of their presence in your world in order to assist as many terrestrial beings as they can, simply fulfilling their mission to cooperate with one another towards the accomplishment of the Master Plan.

This Master Plan, which in turn is subdivided in many facets of assistance and cooperation so that all living beings of Gaia will finally succeed, and nothing nor anyone can prevent this from materializing in this point, a very small (point) but a very important one, of our Galaxy.

And so I leave you now telling you that we are very proud of all those who cooperate among yourselves, that have offered to expand our messages, ours and those of the warriors of Light, of other Light Workers, of other representatives of the Light.

The Light is expanding, and gaining ground to the dark, and with it, all the dark beings that boast to live in it, only because they have not found out yet the benefits of living according to the Cosmic Laws that circle the most powerful energy of the Universe: Love.

Love and Peace,

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Gloria