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The Sighting of the New!

As I am more and more aware of the news and things happening in favour of a new positive growth of our light and love in the world, I had to tell you about the things happening. Somethings are worked out on a higher level and if you see that then it will be clear to you that we are growing fast towards our ascension.

I for example see  the Norwegian people’s reaction after the bombing and shooting as a step forward for humanity, because of  not retaliating and not letting fear take over. This is what the Norwegian people did for us all. We are growing stronger in the light every day now.

See the things changing around you. More and more things that couldn’t be told are brought before us. The dark ones are being caught in the act or are being unveiled for what they are. The controlling of people by fear, policing, military interventions,or black ops is under scrutiny. The cost of things like wars and military are under attack now the system of control by money and greed is coming to an end. The system fails and is holding to a thin string of the last banking rule of the world.

Also a lot of other systems connected to the money and power systems are failing or are under discussion. The governments, policymakers, politicians, bankers, monopolists and multinationals and secret societies will slowly disintegrate.

People want to be heard again and want their birthrights of free will and choice of the self back. People want a stop to corruption, fraud, lies, secrecy. People want a stop of unfair laws, taxes, rules that are put upon them only to control them.

New local alternative money systems, ways of green living, eating and growing foods, alternative power supplies not in the hand of a few is whats emerging now for some years.

This all mentioned is “The Sighting of the New” to come. I will be soon. There will be peace. equality, free will, all basic needs for everybody in the world covered and sharing is the keyword. The few will not control anymore the world but the many will be one in oneness living the new reality of  5 D Earth and the ascension of those of the light and unconditional love.

So rejoice. The hour is near and we are going to see the new crown of light of oneness and love transforming the world.

Love and light,



Multiple UFOs in Powell Ohio USA 1 August 2011

UFO Switzerland Android Phone upload 31 July 2011


If someone knows more facts about this upload please tell us.

UFO sighting Los Angelas – LA 31 July 2011

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa, August 1, 2011

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa, August 1, 2011.

Triangle UFO Seen In Los Angeles and San Diego

A black triangle UFO over the Palos Verdes area of Los Angeles, and confirmed later by a La Jolla resident.  The triangle was first seen in La …

via Triangle UFO Seen In Los Angeles and San Diego.

UFO vanishes on live Vancouver Ustream Skycam

Vancouver UFO Examiner
July 30, 2011 –

The Vancouver UFO Skywatch (VUFOS) Night Vision Skycam debuted on Ustream.tv this week, broadcasting live video of a UFO that increased in magnitude before suddenly vanishing in the skies over Vancouver, BC at 1:35am PST on Saturday, July 30, 2011. VUFOS skycams offer sweeping panoramic views of the northern sky, tracking both known and unknown objects as they move through the night. The vanishing UFO was recorded as it began to increase in magnitude, alternately dimming and brightening at least four times before suddenly disappearing live on camera. Independent third party documentation of the incident was provided by Ustream.tv, whose online archive of the camera’s raw data feed is available for scientific investigation and review. An enhanced clip taken from the VUFOS onsite archive is available for free in a new video on the SecretMessageTV channel on YouTube.

Click here to watch a UFO vanish over the skies of Vancouver, captured live on the Ustream VUFOS Night Vision Skycam on SecretMessageTV, produced in Vancouver by former CBS Radio feature producer and Vancouver UFO Examiner columnist Jon Kelly.

Click here to access the raw camera feed archive from Ustream.tv (ticket purchase required).

Beyond Satellites

Skeptics habituated to interpreting UFO incidents as satellites face a number of challenges while attempting to dismiss this compelling case. Optical tracking of satellites in the middle of the night increases in difficulty as objects overhead remain in the earth’s umbra, or shadow, away from any direct source of light that can be reflected in a flare. The UFO that vanished on a live Vancouver skycam appeared over four and one half hours after sunset and nearly four hours before sunrise, at a time when the sun’s rays are illuminating the opposite side of the earth. Website Heavens Above shows how the brightest objects visible from Vancouver, BC on July 30 do not appear at 1:35am PST and nor are there any reports of missing satellites in this morning’s news.

Furthermore, an object that is increasing in magnitude will not suddenly disappear from the optical range of a night vision sensor when that object is ostensibly approaching the source of its illumination (therefore becoming brighter). The VUFOS Night Vision Skycam is rated at 0.0001 lux sensitivity at f1.2, providing the capability to image dim objects impossible to capture with conventional video recorders alone.

Tools for Discovery

Available as weather conditions permit, the Vancouver UFO Skywatch on Ustream.tv provides online access to high quality optical tools for tracking and understanding substantial phenomena with widespread and profound implications for science, the arts and education. Vancouver, BC is the location where celebrated UFO filmmaker Dorothay Izatt recorded over 30,000 feet of UFO’s captured on 8mm film and where photographs of UFO’s dating back to the 1930’s have been recorded as well. For less than the price of a single zone transit fare, viewers can enjoy breathtaking views of the night sky with a high likelihood that something unusual will be detected.

A New Age in Programming

SecretMessageTV on Ustream.tv offers a variety of programming, including the three part series Age of Discovery: Exploring the Positive Timeline featuring panelists Alfred Lambremont Webre, Andrew D. Basiago and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, along with guests Jay Weidner, Jim Nichols and Dr. Joseph M. Marra. The one hour documentary Beings of Light featuring acclaimed Trance Medium Dwanna Paul explores luminous entities that appear on infrared nightshot cameras during indoor séance circles while mysterious messages from departed loved ones are conveyed to family and friends.

SecretMessageTV on Ustream.tv is supported by friends of the Truth Movement. All proceeds from ticket sales support ongoing cutting-edge educational programming focussed on truth, disclosure, paranormal and spiritual mysteries.

Continue reading on Examiner.com UFO vanishes on live Vancouver Ustream Skycam – Vancouver ufo | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-vancouver/ufo-vanishes-on-live-vancouver-ustream-skycam#ixzz1TlMzLU3Q



Benefits of Raw Food

What are Raw Foods?

  1. Raw foods are foods in which you not only get all the natural nutrients from but it also raises our vibration/frequency of our body/Auric energy field.. it is better for you because you need less food and you feel better once you have finished eating. You feel satiated, because your body has taken in the required vitamins, proteins and fats that are normally destroy when you heat foods over 118 degrees.. it also help us to make our body lighter and feel brighter after just the first Raw meal. Try it!
  2. When you cook foods they need more flavor like salts, sugar spices, etc. When you eat raw foods they need less of the condiments because the full flavor is already in the foods. It also helps with moodiness and emotional issues.
  3. It is proven that when you lower the number of free radicals in your cells, your risk of cancers and chronic diseases are lowered as well.
  4. If you want to have a healthy body free of colds,flu and measles, eating a raw diet is a good way to protect your health.
  5. A raw food diet can help your body rid itself of the usual side-effects from eating a cooked, processed diet. You will no longer need to live with the unfortunate discomforts of bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation, etc.
  6. A great way to lower your doctor bills, stay off of drugs and save money, eat RAW.

Why unprocessed sugars?

When you consume white processed sugar and/or carbohydrates in large amounts on a daily basis your body is incapable of fighting off the rise in the insulin level of the blood.

When we eat processed sugars we get a chemical high that creates a false mood lift that eventually causes us to crash. After eating processed sugars and carbohydrates the insulin level rises in the blood. This also raises the endorphins which lifts our mood temporarily. Depression is caused by the lack of enough endorphins in the brain. This is caused by eating continuous amounts of sugar and carbohydrates causing the brain’s endorphins sites to slow production and regulate the amount of endorphins in the brain.

Eventually one must continue to eat large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates to get out of the depression and create a more normal mood level. What happens to us physically is that with each dose of sugar we eat it goes straight to our blood system. Our own body function is supposed to stabilize our blood sugar. To do so the body must inject a massive dose of insulin to try to neutralize the sugar by acting in opposition to the mood enhancer, thereby acting as a downer.

The effect on the body from the sugar does not last more than an hour but the effect from the insulin can stay around much longer. Therefore you have another change in your mood which is called depression which feels like lethargy and exhaustion. Many people want to reach for more sugar to get that euphoria again and then the pattern continues up and down.

When you stop eating processed sugar, you have an overabundance of insulin that depresses your system and you lack the endorphins in the brain. Together this causes depression. You have no nutritive value when you eat processed sugar. It is like the way America turned from real butter to margarine. We adulterate the foods that are in their natural state that are already low in sodium and fat content and create more unhealthy foods that have no nutritional value like margarine and that are made with processed oils that are so unhealthy for our bodies. We call it enriched, enhanced, ,etc. and what it truly is, isn’t what we think but worse than we can imagine. The foods we could be eating before we adulterate them are actually okay for us to eat but we follow fats and believe what we are being told due to lack of knowledge.

What are High Frequency Foods?

High frequency foods are those foods that are in their natural state, unprocessed without chemicals, pesticides, Genetically Modified Organisms, unadulterated by man. When we eat high-vibrational foods, we have a higher energy, we are more conscious, more balanced emotionally and we are more prepared to deal with the difficulties we face each day. High frequency foods are low in processed white sugars and satiate our appetites for longer periods throughout the day.

What is a “Superfood”?

A superfood is a food rich in phytochemicals, which are special chemicals that have been known to have disease-fighting properties. Phytochemicals are known to reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer, strengthen our immune system and decrease inflammation throughout the body . When foods are high in these phytochemicals, they should be eaten because they are not only good for you but they also taste good. One important truth that is not always talked about that should be mentioned is that when you control the types of foods you eat, you empower yourself which raises your vibrations. Knowing that you are putting high quality, high vibrational foods in your body gives one a sense of peace and joy knowing that you are in control of your own health. This joy translates to a higher vibration and the more we share this joy with others the more we raise the vibration on the planet as a whole.

UFO ORB Mississippi USA July 2011 (HD)


reported 29th July 2011 published 31 th July 2011