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Multiple UFOs Observing Tornadoes In Oklahoma 2011 August



NCPR: Global policymakers discuss debt crisis, market turmoil 7 August 2011

NCPR: Global policymakers discuss debt crisis, market turmoil (2011-08-07).

ECB holds emergency talks over Italian bonds | euronews, world news

ECB holds emergency talks over Italian bonds | euronews, world news.

Via Euronews.net


ia euronews.net

Another glowing UFO over Krasnogorsk, Russia 6 August 2011

UFO in Lille France 7 August 2011

The New Golden Age is emerging!

I talked about NESARA’s first steps advancing on the horizon. But first there has to be disclosure announced. I wanted to let you see that in the light of the recent developments there is progress. China is pushing also things forward. Also are others as we know. It will lead to disclosure soon. Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcox, Steve Beckow and others have also commented on te developments that are unfolding now. There is a lot of nasty stuff going on behind the dark ones doors. They are fighting behind the closed doors of their secret meetings and secret societies. Their control on economies, people and resources slips away fast.

We have to focus on our own growth in becoming the new ascended lightbeings. Disclosure, the new world reality and  ascension is coming. Keep informed but don’t be sucked into the negative (mainstream) news and  the vast streams of news in general. The financial system we know has to end. It can’t be maintained. It has to transform back to what is always was intended to be a secure stable currency for exchange of produce, goods and services. Nothing more and nothing less. The financial system was not intended controlling people, nor was it intended to make money or getting interest on lending money, nor was it intended to have  taxes in any form. Since introducing all these not intended manifestations of the (New Word Order) financial system it had to be failing eventually.

Greed and profits don’t bring prosperity for all. They bring inequality, hunger, famine, stress, sickness, dead and tears. A system build on the illusion that striving for money and wealth is good for all and gives you freedom is proven to be wrong. Unethical profits true introducing war and warfare and making lots of money from it is despicable. Having famine where there is food enough for every soul being om this Earth is not needed. It is the redistribution of wealth and resources that is needed. We need to remember that ego and the egotistical is not the way to go. We need to get “all things that are for the best of all” in our thinking and decision-making. A few political, economical and religious elites are NOT the ones who are making things happen on this Planet. We are.  And we have to act all together in the best interest of everyone. If that means new political systems are to be introduced so be it. Changes need to be made.

We have to realise that our Earths plundering and illusion sold to us of this World is ending. The New is advancing on the horizon as I said already. The changes needed will happen. Some things will not go without a fight or some problems, but we have to get trough this time to get eventually our long longed for New Golden Age.

Be Light and Love and remember you are part of this change for the better. Act  accordingly. No violence. Don’t let yourselves be provoked. Don’t respond to fear mongering and spreading fear and hatred but stay in the Light.

The Light will soon be sparkling in the Skies and that what was will be History.

Love and Light,


Has the New World Currency already been presented?!

In 2009 bloomberg.com already mentioned the new world currency presented by Russian President Medvedev after  the G8 meeting at L’ Aquila Italy. You can read it here news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aeFVNYQpByU4.

In the following video you can see the coin that was presented.

Could this be the new World currency?

What is NESARA?

What is NESARA?. via SteveBeckow.com