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The video uploader has put the title up New Mexico – Area 51: after a comment received I make this remark:

While I can’t contact the uploader it is New Mexico or Area 51 in Nevada. Two different areas. If the uploader has the correct information he or she can get in touch with me via the blog contact or a comment.



After S&P Downgrade, Chicagoans Take to Streets, Demand Arrest of Bankers

Immediately following the announcement of the S&P downgrade, defiant Chicagoans took the the streets and demanded the arrest of the Bankers and an the end of the Federal Reserve system. This was never covered on any news outlet.

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A picture of reassurance : The light in the dark

Things to come are magical and undefinable in beauty. Heaven as we have pictured it is merely a bleak image of what will be. The World and our Mother Earth will raise up from the grim dark layers that have been scratched off.   We will see our true selves as the Lightbeings we are.

Be the shining Light and stop thinking of all that fear that is spread around you. Duality is on the brink of being history.  All the negative and dark we see now is only a reflection of the last breath the dark ones take before leaving us. Be calm and balanced and soon the new golden age will be always and for  ever after be a fact.

Let us shine our Lights together and see the sea of Light waves spreading and absorbing the last bits of the dark. Know that where there is Light there can not be any dark.

So look at this picture and be assured that The Light in the dark is always winning.

Love and Light,


7th August 2011 UK crop circle from Temple Farm, Rockley, Wiltshire

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Wanderer of the Skies – August 10, 2011

Wanderer of the Skies – August 10, 2011.

London Riots August 2011 (The BBC will never replay this. Send it out)

In this video a negro black man wants to tell about the riots and that he has been seeing things coming. At the end the BBC news reporter accused him without reason of being part of riots.  That is what news is for. Not telling the truth and hushing up those who tell it even with means of wrongful accusation.

Ben Fulford: Downgrading Debt Like Japanese Emperor Admitting WWII Not Going Well | The 2012 Scenario



Ben Fulford: Downgrading Debt Like Japanese Emperor Admitting WWII Not Going Well | The 2012 Scenario. reblog via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com source Steve Beckow- SteveBeckow.com