Divers set of recent UFO sitings

Divers set of UFO events late Juli and August 2011 uploaded from 1coeurethelumiere on to YouTube.

to see….daytime ufo orb drone video MUFON 16.08.2011 LA,US…glowing ufo over Moscow Russia on aug 2011…ufo of two white craft flying near fake jet Calgary Canada 12.08.2011…blinking light that was small then green and turned bright in the night sky FL,US 12.08.2011…ufo over new york city using night vision scope 08.2011…glowing ufo orb in daytime flies over Swedish mountains 16.08.2011..ufo italy british tourist takes photograph 08.11.11…video mufon 24.07.2011 my wife and i were filming the Moon with our new camera when we saw this PA,US…13.08.2011 review of panoramic photo after the fact CO,US…14.08.2011 trying to photo meteors,subsequent review of photos showed object in photos that was not observed when taking the photos CA,US….16.08.2011 l took a picture of cloud ,but l saw a light on the photo l took NS,US…..NASA image of a Cube orbiting the sun 23.07.2011.

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