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Amazing UFO Sightings Australia and Russia August 2011


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Montague Keen – August 21, 2011

Montague Keen – August 21, 2011.




(Ron Paul)

This, my dear, is a very true statement. One that must be considered as the wall of lies crumbles and mankind wakes up and sees the lies that have controlled him. It has been decreed that the corrupt institutions will be laid bare before you and all their ill-gotten gains that were obtained at your expense will be returned to you. You will experience the Love of the Creator. All fear will be removed and the family of Man will be united once more. Your families, on this side of life, are looking forward to being able to show themselves when our two worlds come together. All the barriers are being removed. You will be free to visit other planets. This is something that many of you have only dreamed of. Time, which has constrained your lives and kept you in line, will be abolished.

It was Pope Gregory who programmed you to keep to a strict timetable: when to work, when to sleep, and when to eat. On this side of life we do not have time or language, my dear. You cannot even begin to imagine the freedom that this alone affords us. It takes a little time to adjust to this way, but once you get the idea of it, it is sheer joy. There are no barriers at all. Communication is easy. Love, this love that is so lacking on Earth, because you are bombarded with reasons why you must not trust certain people or countries, and the so-called “enemies” that are being forced down your throats. Every newspaper and TV News programme is pushing reasons why they must invade countries and kill the poor, innocent people. Moloch, whom they revere, demands blood sacrifice. He is demanding more and more. His puppets are obeying: they are sending troops to create the blood bath that he demands. Why are so many, still blind to this, when it is so obvious? It is time to say NO, that you will not be part of this. Your taxes are being used to kill innocent men, women and children, whose only “crime” is that they were born into a different country or religion. I tell you, only the religion of LOVE will exist after the Transition. Your capacity to love – to create a loving acceptance of your fellow man – will speed up the Transition. I wish, my dear, that I could share with all of you, what we are busy preparing. But we cannot let the Dark Side know, as they would disrupt it, and we cannot allow that. The corrupt will face the consequences of their actions. They will have nowhere to hide.

We are ensuring that the corrupt banking system will soon fall apart. It will be exposed. Worry not, our greatest minds on this side of life, have everything in place to step in and create more than enough to ensure that all will be fed and housed. Their priority is to remove poverty from your planet. This will be done. You have my word on that. All of you in the many countries throughout your world, who work in the Light, are an important part of this Transition. You may not realise this, but each of you was carefully chosen to do this work. Your power is your capacity to love your fellow man and assist in creating a better world for all mankind – and you will !

We, on this side of life, implore you not to fall for the fear of attack that will be foisted on you. No matter how convincing they make the so-called “evidence” they produce. The Evil Cabal which controls your world has nothing to lose. They know their game is up, but they will fight to the bitter end to try to keep control. Together, you have the strength to stand your ground. You are many, they are few. Support those who find it difficult to accept that they were deluded into believing stories of hell-fire and damnation, which was thought up by the evil minds of those who set out to use you as SLAVES and to keep you under their control. Those same people created off-shoots – other religions – so as to create divisions and mistrust. They have much to answer for, and answer they will. You are each responsible for what you choose to believe and how you live your lives. You are NOT BORN a Roman Catholic, Jew or Moslem. You are born a BABY, who one day can make the decision to live his life as he himself chooses. Parents do not own their children, they just give birth to them. They provide a vehicle, a passageway for the Spirit to enter your planet. The most important thing you show a child is LOVE. A loving home, where respect and love abound, is beyond treasure. Material possessions do not replace Love. Please do not buy into that myth.

Many experiments were carried out on innocent babies which were never allowed to experience a mother’s love and the powers-that-be discovered that these babies were more compliant. This is why mothers are encouraged to return to work as soon as they have babies, so that the child is deprived of a mother’s love. I cannot emphasise enough, the importance of Love. Please listen to the words of The Power of Love. It says it all.

Now to that magical country of Ireland, we say, stand your ground ! Stand up for what you know to be right and just. Your Prime Minister (Mr Enda Kenny), will not just lead Ireland, but will free the world from the domination of the Dark. He is a man of truth and justice: a leader of men. He has made a stand for all those who have been raped and abused, and who were deprived of knowing the TRUE HISTORY of the country of Ireland. We in Spirit, join with everyone on Earth who respects truth and justice, to say thank you to Mr Kenny: a man of honour who has made his mark on history. We owe him much. Spirit stood alongside him as he delivered his speech, which will play a major part in restoring truth and justice to your world. Mr Kenny has led the way. It is hoped that others will quickly follow in his footsteps. This was an important step. One that had to be taken so that all that was kept hidden can be revealed. Ireland will be free once more.

Everything is going according to plan. Trust in our judgement. We see the full picture and we know when to make a move. Soon, your world will be cleansed of the Evil Forces that control it. Love will set you free.

I surround you with my love, my dear. Your adoring husband, Monty.

UFO Sighting Cape Town South Africa 20 August 2011 at 18.00 h

UFO, Calgary, Canada, 9:20 pm, 20 August, 2011

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ET First Contact Radio 21th August 2011 – Maarten Horst

ET First Contact Radio Transmissions. Sunday August 21 12 to 1:30 PM PDT

21 August · 21:00 – 22:00


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The time has come for us to start preparing for ascension…
Sheldan explains in detail how we will be trained to become fully conscious beings and what our new roles will be.

Sunday, August 21, 12 to 1:30 p.m. PDT (California Time)

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ET First Contact Radio Transmissions. Sunday August 21 12 to 1:30 PM PDT.

Perfect Storm : The England Riots Documentary

Perfect Storm : The England riots documentary


by Terry Wilson via Canadianawarness.org

Blossom Goodchild – August 20, 2011

Blossom Goodchild – August 20, 2011.