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Tracking the Fed’s $1.2 trillion Wall Street bailout

Tracking the Fed’s $1.2 trillion Wall Street bailout.

further accountability  via DailyKos.com by Joan McCarter

UFO or a pulsating star? Observation in Snezhinsk, Russia. August 21, 2011

UFO South Korea, Daejeon, 11 August 2011

Had not seen this myself so i posted it.

Translations from South Korean articles about the event.
UFO, Daejeon downtown residential neighborhood,
Video captured with a mobile phone
Objects were very bright lights in the night
Side direction for one group
Moving Northeast into the sky
Some of the moving Formations seemed orchestrated
They look and appear to rotate
One aspect of light seemed to radiate brightly
For the first time in the country a UFO in City
Air force Reports:
No Air force flight training
Radar Networks did not capture objects
Objects seen August 11, 2011

Israel Tries To Calm Crisis over Egyptian Deaths

Israel Tries To Calm Crisis over Egyptian Deaths


via Euronews.net



Suzanne Spooner : Update 22 August 2011

My Dear Ones,

You have been in the final stages of duality lately. The connection you know is inside of you, for the truth of your reality. In the news are reports of interesting developments about your planet and its connection to the universe. More reports of UFO’s and more reports of governments in the world looking for creative solutions to its problems. This is duality, promised as the last act of third dimensional experience.

In your heart is a quiet knowing that this confused state of existence that the planet is experiencing, is an action packed drama. Given the cast of characters, this has been an interesting story line. In your starring role, you are the believer of love everlasting. Given your experience of being an intelligent & caring human, you have imagined a new world without duality.

The stage is re-setting for this grand production. Imagine all you wish to experience in this brave, new world. Live each day as if you are in the dress rehearsal of this new production. Find your cast of supporting actors and actresses. Invite the delightful audience to assist in the stage setting of your nirvana on Earth. Give your heart an active starring role. Give love a director’s chair. Love, joy & peace are the action heroes in this fifth dimensional play. God is the producer & the gopher on set. All is One in this play imagined by you. The cosmos is your audience and the curtain is going up on opening night. Very soon you will be here in this timeline of Now, the theatre is packed and the red carpet is rolled out. We only wait your arrival. Enter stage left.

Courtesy Suzanne Spooner

New Study Behind Anti-ET Stories? | The 2012 Scenario

New Study Behind Anti-ET Stories? | The 2012 Scenario.

Via SteveBeckow.com  by Steve Beckow

Carol Rosin : Talks about the Lie. There is no threath of Alien Invasion.

Project Avalon