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Triangle shaped craft Kent, UK UFO 26 August 2011

spotted on the coast of Kent england approx 23.:05 26 august 2011


Mike Quinsey is Off to Buy His New Computer, SaLuSa Waiting in the Wings

Mike Quinsey is Off to Buy His New Computer, SaLuSa Waiting in the Wings. After a charity action on FB from readers.

Via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

Hurricane Irene from New England Perspective | The 2012 Scenario

Hurricane Irene from New England Perspective | The 2012 Scenario.


By Steve Beckow via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

What Will It Sound Like When The Presidential Announces Disclosure?

mc3mq : link

via Ready For The Shift by Greg Zangari

UFO Filmed By Astronauts Flying over Hurricane Irene 26 August 2011


Awesome footage taken by NASA Astronauts of a tube shaped UFO flying between the Space Station and Hurricane Irene on 8-26-2011.

It almost looks like it was released on PURPOSE!

UFO Sighting Weird Lights, Norolk, The Fens, Cambridgeshire, UK, 26 August 2011


Notice of the filmers:

We have a house in Norolk, The Fens, Cambridgeshire in the countryside. There are about 15 houses in a 2 mile radius. The land is private and we were on our way back from fishing in the car. we see many lights there but not like this.

This Happened twice about 3 minutes after each other. The first time we only captured half of it but the whole thing happend twice exactally the same each time. At the end i put it in slow motion. It flashes really bright and something jumps off of it

It is not a power surge on pylons cos the only pylons there were about a quarter of a mile behind us.
It is not skydivers with flares because they won’t be able to land in the farmers fields and crops.
Definitely not a plane or a helicopter because they were moving at immence speeds and the wasn’t any sound and there wasnt flashing lights