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Clifford Stone Speaks of the Arcturians and their Love

Clifford Stone speaks of the Arcturians and their Love


Via 2012IndyInfos.wordpress.com


Planet or UFO in the Skies above Christchurch, New Zealand, 27 August 2011


Fluid Team Dynamics* – The Evolution of Organizational Development (OD)

Fluid Team Dynamics* – The Evolution of Organizational Development (OD).

By Colin Hillstrom- The Art of Life – via impeccableleadership.wordpress.com

This is what Sheldon Nidle also talked about. A new way of organization of things without leaders but only by talent of the most capable person needed for the specific problem  to solve or job to be done.

Media Manipulation, ‘NATO in a hurry to wrap up war in Libya’, NATO Crimes In Libya

There are a lot of  videos and information out now that tell an other story about the NATO and its so-called help in the fight against Gaddafi. War crimes must be punished. Media manipulation to avoid the truth coming out is not working anymore. The real facts will see the light. Justice has to be done.




After Irene: Little Damage Seen in Many Places

After Irene: Little Damage Seen in Many Places. via 2012IndyInfos.wordpress.com Published on Sunday, August 28, 2011 by the Associated Press by Robert Ray

Anonymous Announces Wall Street Occupation – 17 September – Home – The Daily Bail


Anonymous Announces Wall Street Occupation – Sep. 17 – Home – The Daily Bail. via 2012IndyInfos.wordpress.com


A video that shows again that Elenin disinformation is spread. NASA’s stories don’t add up. The guy is right go an research yourselves. And see that a lot of things your are fed as news is disinformation even lies and desceive.



CCHR exposes list of psycho-pharma front groups

CCHR exposes list of psycho-pharma front groups via Naturalnews.com

You can be sure these bogus front groups are usually only concerned about their clients welfare (pharmaceutical industry)  and themselves.

This article is posted to show how things work in misleading or deceiving people to use or buy things and or thinking it’s for the better and thinking there were informed well.

Hollow Earth Filmed

This is a recording of the opening of the Hollow earth, clouds move in and through the holes. The source of the video is unknown, but was leaked by someone at NASA, it is authentic. This video is completely real, there is no manipulation or a volcano or anything like that, what you’re seeing is most likely shot from the space shuttle STS-80-USA- by NASA in 1996, as you can see the recording is part of the fuselage of the shuttle that was recorded at the time of filming.

For an explanation of what you’re seeing

(Please set the music off or the speaker volume down!!! Someone mixed music in the video, that can distract you from reading.)