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Spaceship UFO Sightings over the World August 2011




August 29, 2011  original German language upload and German music.

Source: YouTube user quelledergedanken

We find the sighting and video footage impressive.  And would like to share with you.  Thanks to quelledergedanken whom made this available to us, although the video does not have enough details on the sighting.





UFO TRIANGLE over FRESNO, California, USA, 29 August 2011





from UFO Global Reporting


August 29, 2011

Source:  YouTube user Ufowizard

Uploader’s comment on this video:UFO huge over FRESNO kingufokidfresno theufokidfresno ufowizard robert thorson california. 4.30 a huge BRIGHT UFO came accross the sky north to south. very low i saw one huge light i continued to film i then can see 2 bright lighte from the side and back of this fast moving silent craft. camera was sony trv 103 10 times zoom set on night vision. over west coast

Takes of China’s Media to Report USA FBI’s UFO Disclosure! – August 29, 2011

Although FBI’s Roswell UFO incident documents were realeased in April 2010 on FBI’s official website:  http://www.fbi.gov (as well as USA’s Project Blue Book UFO),  however such major news were not ‘really’ seen on USA’s mainstream media.

Interestingly, the ‘disclosure’ of such UFO official documents were reported on China’s state run television PRIME TIME news today. CCTV (China Central Television), a national channel watched by 1.3 billion population.

The news covered the Roswell 1947 UFO incident in great details, including some interviews of personnel whom were involved in 1947 Roswell UFO crash.

2 of 3 Bright UFO Orbs Recorded Over Chicago, USA, 29 August 2011






Watch in HD. At 8:30 PM CDT August 29, 2011 the first of three UFO orbs flew over my house. I did not have my camcorder for the first of them but got it for the second and this is what I caught. The 2nd UFO passed over at 8:34 PM CDT then the third brightest flew over at 8:39 PM, all were flying South East. Shortly after I recorded them I received a youtube email from Iwant2believe2 stating they had seen 3 seperate UFO orbs fly over there part of Illinois. They said the third orb was the brightest and that is exactly what I saw and recorded. I asked them to do a MUFON report and I will probably do the same in the morning because its to late and I have to get up for work in 5 hours. Thanks for watching please feel free to comment rate email me friend or subscribe. Will add more details tomorrow.

UFO Caught on film in The Netherlands, 29 August 2011




First Federal Reserve Audit Reveals Trillions in Secret Bailouts | Common Dreams

First Federal Reserve Audit Reveals Trillions in Secret Bailouts | Common Dreams.  via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

by Matthew Cardinale