Shell Defies Dutch Parliament Members and Ethics in Question To Stop Activities Syria

As a sign of the time the Big Corporations do the only thing that they can do make money and profit regardless of things happening and the ethics and  lives involved. Dutch Parliament members asked Shell 30th august 2011 to stop its activities according to the serious political situation and death toll of the Syrian people.  The answers Shell Netherlands CEO Dick Benschop gave are clear.

Shell doesn’t  stop its activities freely. Only if Shell Syria is getting in a conflict situation or human rights issues are involved they would consider.  Their workforce was exposed to danger as they would leave was an argument made. Only trade activities will be stopped if there will be a European boycott.

You can ask yourselves what human rights are in Shell’s interpretation. Is waiting on a European boycott the way.  If the oil trade would be stopped Syria could be hurt. About 30% of Syria’s National income is being made that way.

A Dutch parliament member said that companies have more influence than governments. Also a sign of the times and still for now also a right statement. The world needs to get people back into power not the few in power with the money.









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