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Suzanne Spooner – second message – God & Gabriel

Wasn’t planning on posting 2 messages today but then this came through… 🙂
door Suzanne Poulson Spooner op vrijdag 30 september 2011 om 22:09

God & Gabriel

9/30/11 1:58 PM

Being in your energy is lovely today. [Thank you, I’m working on being in the now. Are you speaking as a group today?] Yes we are. [Excellent, thank you in advance for today’s teaching. Shall we get started?] Yes.

Today we will learn about karma’s role in 3-D life. Operating in the dimension of three, is the fundamental understanding of karma. Universally karma was imagined as a way to remind a soul to awaken from it’s amnesia. All souls who chose to experience life in third dimension took on the greater purpose of forgetting and remembering their divine origin. Combined with free will, this set the stage for the human experience. Many lifetimes and learning in-between lifetimes were required in this grand experiment.

In this prototype was the deep inner knowing that all participants would imagine/create/ manifest All. They would destroy and build. They would love and hate and live and die, never imagining, until just the right moment in time that they were the only player in the game.

Once this memory was restored, little by little & lifetime by lifetime, a connection was re- established with Creator.

This was not the fundamentalist belief in Creator. This is the Creator who loves all no matter what. This Creator has no agenda on your personal beliefs. This is the creator that knows you as Himself and One with All.

The gift of karma was given to balance the experience of duality. There was a time table set in the universe for mass awakening. You are now in this final moment of this third dimensional experience. To give your love to all who are living out their final roles in this duality experience is your great job. Be. Make room for your brothers and sisters at this table of one. Come share your knowledge and invite some more! When you see with your heart the grand purpose of karma, duality and free-will, you graduate into the Moment of Now.

Live with the ascended masters, this is your reality. You have done well and in this learning experience you have imagined both sides of the coin. Be grateful for all players, be they perceived good or bad. All were needed and all are loved. Live love dear souls.

Channeled by Suzanne Spooner


Suzanne Spooner – Today’s TAUK Message from God…..Recipe for a great weekend :)

My Dear One,

You can see in your world a light and a darkness. Understand this is just an illusion to give your ego hope for an extended experience. You are the decider of what information is experienced. Imagine a world and life at war and that is what you live. Imagine a world and life of peace and joy and that is what you live. In the crossing of the two worlds, parallel universes really, your ego gets in the way and moves you into unease. Live in the universe of peace and joy for this weekend. Have a table set with food you love. Take time to meditate and release the old world of war and conflict. Give yourself permission to clear your agenda and just be. Imagine your life in total joy and peace. This is not the illusion, it is living in the Now. I am waiting at the table and the food is out of this world!

No False Invasion,Bluebeam or Other Major Cabal Plans will be allowed fulfillment…

By David Cadona, 30th Sept. 2011


The dark ones are involved but mostly in propagating the fear about a fake invasion through media and in all possible ways…the earth’s alien invasion has already occured 13,000 years ago and they are the illuminati themselves,we have been under the influence of this invasion all of our lives and all of this time,it is the crystal transparent cage we live in today and not something that is yet to come…the dark ones in power know about the good forces trying to engage positively and peacefully our planet because they have been contacted by them several times in an attempt to convince them to change their manipulative ways but have always declined the proposals because they want their power and control to remain theirs and unaltered….that is the reason why the dark ones try in every way to depict our space bros and infiltrate in our minds about the galactic people and anything coming from ‘outside’ our planet as being evil invadors who want to take over….they are just disillusioned in reality because blinded by their own syndrome of self aggrandizing they underestimate the powers of good,and think they can go on liberally fulfilling all of their dark plans as they please….it is not so,their empire is quickly collapsing,much is being revealed and brought to the surface now,their once ‘apparent’ omnipotency has self imploded and their days are counted now….yes they had all sorts of dark plans to try and implement more and more control over us but now they cannot handle the widespread mass awakening that is occuring all over the place and they cannot hold back their inevitable downfall and the ever increasing energies bathing our planet and the raising of our consciousness,even if they relentlessly and stupidly keep persisting in their old ways…these mass increased Ufo sightings we are witnessing are in most cases not the result of bluebeam or the so much alleged staged fake invasion,or only minimally so, if so.It will not be permitted to occur by these benevolent forces who are the real power ,they have been monitoring our general evolvement and consciousness evolution for millennia of time,discretely,patiently and in a way of non direct interference in most cases respecting our free will and global karma as a humanity for natural progress ,but now it is different for we are approaching such an important time in our evolution,the closing of this cycle of duality and a great shift to occur,and nothing of major disruption of this process, especially ones which are caused voluntarily by the dark ones, will  be tolerated or allowed to happen….so, yes bluebeam was/is real,so is HAARP and many other devices and dark plans that the illuminati had in store,also the staged alien invasion was in program to be carried out,but none of these is to be fulfilled…yet we keep seeing much intentional propagation of misinformation,which is intentionally fear-based and misleading….they know disclosure is soon to be a reality,and that it means their demise,the end for their millennary stronghold of power so that is why they do their best at creating distrust,confusion and fear regarding this subject of ufo’s and disclosure,through many documentaries news,films and articles etc. all mingled with false fear based claims in regards to our space kin, which to the contrary have always worked in our favor by assisting us and proving to be crucial in extreme past situations where humanity was in serious danger and preventing escalating situations of growing threat…many military personell testified in a live broadcast saying they witnessed their ships deactivating military nuclear weapons at different military sites,their message is loud and clearly one of peace and love for us no matter what the media and the illuminati try to subtly instil and brainwash in our minds…there will soon be lots of proof available to all about this soon…and there already is lots of proof for who seeks for it,and we already can see the truth prevailing across the globe,so much is coming to the surface right now in preparation to the coming fresh changes….we should let go of the fear,what is coming will change our world forever and for the betterment of all,we should not give in to the illusions intentionally put in place for us to confuse and scare us…disclosure has been held back and delayed countless times,lots of false propaganda to make us weary about the subject…they just know disclosure is equivalent to their own empire’s collapse… …the issue of disclosure has been chosen and preferred this way by the galactics themselves to come through the media because it is a way by which people are more familiar with and will be less shocking when something so out of the box and revolutionary is presented in a way in which they are used to,so as to again minimize the impact of the BIG potentially shocking news…but if it was a choice of the dark ones it would not happen at all,the issue has sort of been forced onto them to come to terms with it and implement it,for it to happen…..the dark ones have in particular for more than the last decade been pushed into coming to terms with it,but with lots of resistance and intentional delays they themselves created including acts of great terror like false flags….so now that it’s about to be announced officially ,since they cannot refuse and have no other choice,their only card left to play is to announce it yes, but yet they will still try to mingle some untruth in with the truth,so still discernment will be key as always…but what matters for now is that things get started and gradually things will get sorted out as the illuminati constantly keep losing their grip on power and influence over media manipulation etc…the ultimate outcome so to say will still lead to their inevitable downfall,whatever and how much they try to delay and confuse things and whatever the in between will look like…and with it will gradually come the end of falsehood,tyranny and manipulation….blue beam,the false alien invasion and other major interference will not be allowed to occur even if there were plans by the dark for that and if there still will be any attempts,they will fail…they are being well monitored and taken care of…the imminent process for good change’s importance will not be let to be delayed and interrupted any further or put into question… if there are allowances from the galactics in regards to the dark ones to still meddle with the information given to the public through media is only because things have to be let follow their course as much as possible,and mostly come to fruition through our collective efforts without them intervening directly more than they are allowed to by divine decree and universal laws,they also have to allow for collective karma to play out itself and expire,and there are also divine timelines before which they have even more limited allowances of intervention…

Lately things have been greatly ripening and the dark now have no other choice than to accept and conform to the coming changes in the higher plan (for too long they tried to delay it in everyway,trying to sidetrack it,and they delayed the process for about a decade(particularly and at least so) indeed,they are conscious of the big bomb of truth which is ready to go,in every way also trying to sabotage the reputation of whatever comes from “outside” as being invadors and evil-oriented….they had this fake invasion,blue beam in plan in order among other reasons to gain the excuse to weaponize space so as to not have interference from outside with their own affairs,to further increase power and control and at the same time the people would be afraid of the outsiders even more by heightening the the supposed threat,but they never really took in consideration the higher more superior technological/spiritual advancement of the forces of good which are and have been subtly working behind the scenes and by whom the dark cabal often and repeatedly have had proposals for giving up their manipulative ways but always declined to accept,foolishly enough thinking the galactics don’t have the power and means or determination to displace them, that they maybe wouldn’t mean real business,and that they will be able to counteract any treath to their power by their own level of secret technologies and weapons…well guess what? it’s just what is happening…they are seeing before their very eyes their own empire tumbling down like a card castle,all the truths which have been coming out recently,wikileaks,mass arrests,revolutions,governments displacings,fraudulent media revelations etc it’s all happening and they don’t have the answers as to how and why it is happening spiralling out of their control,and desperately but uselessly trying to still maintain control of it and in being in a state of denia attitudel… their days are counted ,more and more they’re losing the grip on power and they know it but won’t admit it, still doing their best to give the opposite impression ,that everything is under their control while still causing much fear mongering and spreading falsities ….but in reality only until they are completely eradicated from their places of power…. There have always been bigger plans to be fulfilled than the dark plans of the illuminati,and they are coming to fruition no matter what the illuminati try to enact to halt the process …They won’t stop it from happening,it’s a divine decree they are working against so it’s a lost game even when they ever started it,they will not have free play to act as they please for much longer…anyway sharing this with love and respect for anyone else’s opinions which may differ,not agree with mine,it’s

all good to me i respect all opinions..always think it better to share different aspects ,for balance;) one can choose whatever feels as their truth to embrace then…this i felt was a good opportunity to share a few points on these quite diffused doubts whic

h many seem to have had or still have 😉 cheers ♥



tasks remain much the same as always, with the focus upon the dark Ones and their activities. We know them well and are aware of their plans to m

ake a last gasp attempt to create a false alien attack. We are allowed to prevent it, and… shall not hesitate to do so. As we see it, other events will precede such a time that will in any event make it impossible. We abide by the High Councils who decide policy matters, and are well aware

of the Divine Decree concerning the end-times. It is time for the Light to become the controlling influence in deciding how the future works out..We find our reception from you is very friendly and accepting of our presence.

Some fear

our motives but that results from years of conditioning, that is meant to see us as a threat to your lives. We know we can soon dispel them, and disclosure will allow us an opportunity to present ourselves to you. You will find that our very words carry the vibration of love, and that will calm such fears. Our actions have never been threatening, but have shown the caring and love we have for you all.” Salusa 30/9/11

“Our advice to you is to ignore any suggestion of an attempt to take over your world, as it will not happen. Also be assured that we are fully aware of the plan of the dark Ones to stage a false attack, and we will make sure that it fails. That much authority is given to us, and it would have been prevented even if a real attack was intended. Our fleets number thousands upon thousands of craft and we would not stand by and allow your precious Earth to be violated. It is not in the plan for the end-times, as you have earnt the right to ascend

and your freewill choice will be honored. The dark Ones can only go so far where you karma is concerned, before we stop them in their tracks. That is easy enough for us with our advanced technology, and not a drop of blood would be shed. You will not have to put up with the activities of the dark Ones much longer, as their days are numbered.” Salusa



Listeria does not grow on cantaloupes: Why the deadliest food outbreak of the decade is yet another food scare campaign

via  Listeria does not grow on cantaloupes: Why the deadliest food outbreak of the decade is yet another food scare campaign September 30, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff,.

(NaturalNews) Disease outbreaks associated with the US food supply have become an all-too-common occurrence these days, with at least six major outbreaks having been reported just this year alone. And with the most recent listeria outbreak affecting Colorado-sourced cantaloupes, where at least 13 people have died and 70 others have been sickened thus far, officials and the media are once again working the public into a frenzy about food safety.

On September 14, 2011, Holly, Co.-based Jensen Farms announced a recall of more than four million Rocky Ford cantaloupes it had shipped to at least 17 US states between July 29, 2011, and September 10, 2011. The recalled cantaloupes are said to be contaminated withListeria monocytogenes(listeria), a bacterium not typically associated with produce, and customers are being urged to discard the dangerous fruit.

Since the recall announcement was made, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the mainstream media have been repeatedly warning the public about the tainted melons, and citing purported death and injury numbers to apparently scare the public into paying closer attention to the issue.

On one hand, such warnings are necessary and helpful in preventing further injuries and deaths, and can be considered a public health benefit. On the other hand, they conveniently help promote the government’s agenda to seize more control over the food supply through expanded “food safety” regulations.


Factory farming is responsible for spreading disease to produce

Strangely missing from all the hubbub surrounding the cantaloupe outbreak is any talk whatsoever about what actuallycausedthe outbreak in the first place. Listeria does not just appear on produce, after all — it is typically introduced by outside sources like factory animal feedlots, whose manure cesspools run off and contaminate nearby agriculture fields on a regular basis.

Remember the massive Iowa egg recall from last year? Filthy conditions at the facilities where the eggs had been produced were, of course, responsible for the salmonella outbreak. And yet the FDA tried to use the incident to push for more power over the food supply, including the passage of S. 510, the infamous “food safety” bill (…).

As far as the cantaloupes are concerned, a nearby factory farm is likely the source of the listeria outbreak as well. And yet instead of fully investigating the situation to determine the precise cause, government authorities will likely use this outbreak to push for even more regulatory control.

Learn more:

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa, 30 September 2011


The dark Ones are losing their power and the Lightworkers are closing in on them. The object is to keep them from delaying the changes that are so near, so that our plan can take off with all speed. As you might realise, immense organisation has gone into it, and our allies have been taking up their positions for quite some time. Each project is a massive undertaking, but with our advanced technologies we can progress even the tiniest detail. When we give the signal to go ahead, it will work like a military campaign and it will overwhelm any opposition. As you may guess, matters will proceed much better when the right people have replaced those in authority who do not truly represent you. Attending to that is high on our list, and about to take top priority.

You are handling the changes so well, and it is helped by your understanding of your involvement and how important you are to us. We want you to see that whatever happens now is all part of the breakdown of the old, and its interface with the new. Indeed so much is new, that little of the old will remain as you know it now. You are to take a great leap forward into the Age of Surprises, giving you all of the advantages that should long ago have lifted you into the New Age. You have heard so much about energy saving devices, and once these are introduced, you will no longer be dependent on the Oil Industries. At a stroke, they will end poor standards of living whilst at the same time massively reducing pollution. In general the basic needs of people will be covered and starvation eradicated. The changes in transportation will take time, and the systems will be unrecognisable to what they are now. Speed of contact and communication will be accessible to all, and distance will be of no importance.

Overcoming lack is an easy challenge for us to meet, and again it is both our technologies and vast numbers of personnel who can easily deal with it. We are so wanting to get going, and we certainly have patience and at the same time we are anticipating the joy and happiness that is coming to you. We love the thought of seeing the expressions on your faces, and your release from the thraldom of years of being subservient to those with wealth and power. Peace shall descend within a short time, as war and the weapons of war will be silenced. War has been perpetuated for many reasons, and not least of all to keep you in a constant state of need.

Your true life starts very soon, and so it will continue as you rise even further upwards. Life is meant to fun and fulfilling, rewarding and challenging to allow a full expression of your potential. Hitherto you have been firmly kept in your place with little opportunity of doing so. Each of you have so much talent, and with so much time to yourself in the future will be able to devote as much to it as you wish. It can cover self development in the arts, music or whatever your choice. There is truly no limit to how far you can go, and the greatest teachers will help you along.

Life can at present be exceptionally boring, but in the future will become full of opportunities and adventures that could even take you to other Universes. In your higher state of consciousness, you will meet other souls of a like level who acknowledge the Creator as you do. You will have all the time you need as your life span will increase with the upliftment in your vibrations, and a 1000 years would not be uncommon. As you are no doubt beginning to realise, life on Earth really bears little resemblance to what you would call normal once you have ascended. The 3rd. dimension and its home of duality, is by its very nature one where you experience a severe testing, and yet you desired that experience.

Given everything you know now, you will gain much strength to see out the last period of duality. It will be hectic, it will sometimes be threatening to life and limb, yet for all that the Golden Age is taking shape and awaits your presence. We ask for what reason would you want to remain in the lower dimensions, when all that you could dream of is waiting for you. Realise that you can only reach your full potential in the higher dimensions, and that your earthly incarnations are planned primarily to speed up your evolution. Think of what the future holds for you, and we are certain that it will easily carry you through the remainder of your life. That way you can actually enjoy it by not allowing any negativity into it.

On the world stage the big players are polarising in such a way, that the Light has more support than ever, and it continues to increase exponentially. Together with the increasing amounts being sent to Earth, it is apparent to us that this year will end with the highest levels of Light in this cycle. There is no doubt whatsoever that you are ready to move into the next stage, that will open a clear path to Ascension. This year will close with a resounding victory for the Light and with it will come the prospect of total peace on Earth, for the first time in thousands of years. Hold this vision and you will help it manifest, and lift up those around you.

Our tasks remain much the same as always, with the focus upon the dark Ones and their activities. We know them well and are aware of their plans to make a last gasp attempt to create a false alien attack. We are allowed to prevent it, and shall not hesitate to do so. As we see it, other events will precede such a time that will in any event make it impossible. We abide by the High Councils who decide policy matters, and are well aware of the Divine Decree concerning the end-times. It is time for the Light to become the controlling influence in deciding how the future works out.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and find our reception from you is very friendly and accepting of our presence. Some fear our motives but that results from years of conditioning, that is meant to see us as a threat to your lives. We know we can soon dispel them, and disclosure will allow us an opportunity to present ourselves to you. You will find that our very words carry the vibration of love, and that will calm such fears. Our actions have never been threatening, but have shown the caring and love we have for you all.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey.

Radio Ann – Council of Twelve – Here’s your diploma

Council of Twelve: channeled by Radio Ann 29th September 2011

Hello. We are here. We are the Ascended Masters on the Council of Twelve, come to greet you, meet you, and see you through to the next phase of your development, namely, ascension, and a return to your own well-deserved status as an ascended master. We see that you have some resistance to this appellation. It’s not that far-fetched. It sounds grand, elevated, fancy, even snooty, perhaps? Well, it’s not as special as you might think. Once you get used to the concept and realize how many others are on the path, you’ll relax into the ordinariness of the experience.

You’re in good company. Many, many souls are advancing toward this goal. And then you’ll advance toward the next goal. Are you surprised that you’re no longer in kindergarten? Of course not. You lived, you did the work, and now you have various pieces of paper, diplomas, that signify your accomplishment and progress. Would you like a diploma to certify your advancement to the next level? Would that make you more confident of your rightful place among the lightworkers, angels, guides, masters, and galactic beings who watch your efforts with pride? All right then. Here it is.

We hereby decree by the power invested in us by the Creator that you, [your name here], are well on your way to the next level of consciousness, also known as ascension. We certify that you have completed the requirements and assigned tasks that qualify you for happiness! You are  hereby recognized as a child of God and a full member of the star families that comprise your universe. Congratulations!

All right. Now that we’ve handled that bit of business, let’s continue with today’s topic: Learning to live lightly and without pressure, stress, and all the psychological baggage that holds you back from moving even faster. Breathe. That’s all there is to it. Use your senses, which you may have noticed, are becoming ever more acute and attuned to the physical and non-physical worlds. Have you noticed that leaves are greener, the air is full of scents, the light is exquisite? It’s not just the turning of the seasons, although autumn does have its special charm, but you are becoming a finely tuned instrument that is capable of perceiving more and more stimuli.

So take in the beauty, filter out the ugly. Use discernment in all things: people, food, places, entertainment, information, friends, family, politicians, co-workers. Turn off the chatter, the judgement, and simply perceive. Then let your heart lead the way. Fool-proof method for maximizing your day. Helpful to the process of planetary ascension. It’s about as difficult as baking a cake. Seriously. You wouldn’t put motor oil in the batter, so don’t put garbage in your head. Surround yourself with light, and you’ll be able to filter out what doesn’t work for you. Energetically, that is.

Do you see that we are counseling detachment? Relax, breathe, watch the 3-D movie that’s your daily life. Be the calm actor at the center of it all, as the world swirls around you and the craziness ensues. Be bemused. Let it go. Feel your own energy field as it surrounds you with love and protection – the love and protection that you generate from the ground of your own being. The radiance of that practice will affect your immediate environment and the entire universe. Enjoy your day, star light.

Chuck Norris Strikes Back Against GMOs, Codex, And Government Assault Against Health Freedom

Chuck Norris strikes back against GMOs, Codex, and government assault against health freedom, September 29, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff

(NaturalNews) Chuck Norris is a famous martial artist, actor, and superhuman-like legend. He deserves recognition for a lot more than simply his fearless strength and unrivaled manliness. The former star of the television showWalker, Texas Rangeris also well-versed in natural health issues, and has taken an open stand against genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), Codex Alimentarius, and the government assault against health freedom.

Natural health allies in the mainstream are few and far between, and Norris is one of a few that truly grasp the health freedom issues that we write about here atNaturalNewsall the time. In a recent column atWorldNetDaily, Norris explains to readers why we must all band together and fight as one to protect our health freedoms, which are quickly disappearing right before our eyes.

Citing the near-total dominance in the US of GMO staple crops like corn, soy, and canola, Norris paints a grim picture of the sizable beast we currently face. Nearly three-quarters of all the processed food consumed by Americans contains GMOs, but the vast majority of people are completely unaware of this because there are no GMO labeling laws — and all efforts to enact GMO labeling laws thus far have failed.

Then, there is the issue of Codex Alimentarius, the world food code that threatens to control what we eat, and eliminate our freedom to purchase vitamins and supplements. Though Codex provisions have not yet been fully implemented in the US — or fully ironed out by the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO), for that matter — our health freedom is diminishing little by little almost every single day. And very soon, if we do nothing, Codex will become a reality.

In the US, the escalating government assault against health freedom can be clearly observed in events like the recent Rawesome Foods raid (…), the numerous raids against raw milk producers (…), and the Wyldewood Cellars raid (…), just to name a few.

There have been so many government raids against health food producers, in fact, that we have assembled an extensive timeline of many of these events that date back as far as 1985 (…).

The big issue, though, at least according to Norris, involves the honest labeling of food. If we allow GMOs to remain unlabeled and fail to push hard for labeling legislation to be passed, then conditions on the health freedom front will only continue to worsen.

Now is the time to bombard local, state, and federal officials with demands to pass GMO labeling legislation as soon as possible. As an individual, you can also help bring about change by choosing to buy only local, non-GMO, and organic foods.

Sources for this story include:



UFO Fleet Filmed Over Moldavia May 2011

WI Judge Declares That Individuals Have No Fundamental Right To Own Cows, Drink Raw Milk

WI judge declares that individuals have no fundamental right to own cows, drink raw milk , ,29th Sept. 2011 by Ethan A. Huff

(NaturalNews) After being petitioned for clarification about his decision in a recent legal case involving individuals freedom to consume raw milk and own “shares” of dairy cows, Judge Patrick J. Fiedler vehemently declared that individuals “do not have a fundamental right to consume the foods of their choice,” and essentially reiterated his state’s position that raw milk is simply off limits.

The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF), on behalf of Zinniker Family Farm in Elkhorn, Wi., and several other farms, filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) back on Feb. 25, 2010, asking it to clarify its interpretation of the law in regards to raw milk (…).

Wisconsin is among the most restrictive US states as far as raw milk is concerned. Raw milk sales to consumers are prohibited — but private cow share agreements in which individuals purchase “shares” of their own cows, are exempted. However, due to the onslaught of raids in recent years against raw dairies, private raw milk buying clubs, and even raw milk cow share programs, the plaintiffs simply wanted to clarify Wisconsin’s stance concerning these alternate forms of accessing raw milk.

And they got their answer. According to a recent report byThe Complete Patient, Judge Fiedler believes that no individual has a “fundamental right” to consumeanyfood without government permission. Even though the Ninth Amendment to the US Constitution establishes that the government has no business interfering in the affairs of individuals outside of what has been specifically enumerated to it, which, of course, includes freedom of food choice, Judge Fiedler apparently believes otherwise.

To summarize Judge Fiedler’s response, which was obviously written in an arrogant and condescending tone, individuals have no fundamental right to own or use dairy cows, to consume the milk from their own cows, to board their cows off their own property, or even to produce and consume the foods of their own choice, period.

You can read Judge Fiedler’s entire disturbing response here:…

Groups like FTCLDF will continue to challenge such illegal and unconstitutional restrictions against raw milk, particularly in individual states like Wisconsin where officials have illegally prohibited it. But individuals that value this priceless freedom must also also stand up and resist Big Brother’s concerted assault against food freedom, no matter form it may take.

Learn more:

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India Files Biopiracy Lawsuit against Monsanto

India Files Biopiracy Lawsuit against Monsanto. via orginal post

India files biopiracy lawsuit against Monsanto, says biotech giant is stealing nature for corporate gain

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Representing one of the most agriculturally bio-diverse nations in the world, India has become a primary target for biotechnology companies like Monsanto and Cargill to spread their genetically-modified (GM) crops into new markets. However, a recent France 24 report explains that the Indian government has decided to take an offensive approach against this attempted agricultural takeover by suing Monsanto for “biopiracy,” accusing the company of stealing India’s indigenous plants in order to re-engineer them into patented varieties.

Brinjal, also known in Western nations as eggplant, is a native Indian crop for which there are roughly 2,500 different unique varieties. Millions of Indian farmers grow brinjal, which is used in a variety of Indian food dishes, and the country grows more than a quarter of the world’s overall supply of the vegetable.

And in an attempt to capitalize on this popular crop, Monsanto has repeatedly tried to commercially market its own GM variety of brinjal called Bt brinjal. But massive public outcry against planned commercial approval of Monsanto’s “frankencrop” variety in 2010 led to the government banning it for an indefinite period of time.

But Monsanto is still stealing native crops, including brinjal, and quietly working on GM varieties of them in test fields, which is a clear violation of India’s Biological Diversity Act (BDA). So at the prompting of various farmers and activists in India, the Indian government, representing the first time in history a nation that has taken such action, has decided to sue Monsanto.

“This can send a different message to the big companies for violating the laws of the nation,” said K.S. Sugara, Member Secretary of the Karnataka Biodiversity Board, to France 24 concerning the lawsuit. “It is not acceptable … that the farmers in our communities are robbed of the advantage they should get from the indigenous varieties.”

You can watch the full France 24 video report of India’s lawsuit against Monsanto here:…

Farmers and active members of the public in India have been some of the world’s most outspoken opponents of Monsanto’s attempted GM takeover of agriculture. Besides successfully overturning the attempted approval of Bt brinjal, these freedom fighters have also successfully destroyed several attempted Monsanto GM test fields.

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