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UFO over lake in Sweden, Härlanda Tjärn, seen for second time

uploader by CosmicStarTraveller 31 th August 2011

Comment by uploader:

The debunkers and sceptics are gonna say.. “It is just an airplane” since it looked like that for a brief moment in the end of the video, to the rest of us it will be quite clear that this is not a ordinary craft. It is indeed a shapeshifting craft, please pay attention now.. The craft is seen from its front the whole time in this video. There is now way that a common passenger jet would move around that freaking slow as seen in the video. As clearly seen to everyone this craft was seen completely stationary in the air for several minutes before moving and taking on the form off a man made craft. It is seen flying just above the treetops in the end, those treetops are less than 1312-1641.feet away from me (400-500 meters) and the location where i was standing. The treetops height are at about 50 feet at most, that means that there is no possible way that it could be a passenger jet since it would be flying at a height less than 100 feet and that is illegal for a plane that large.. It is also illegal for a passenger jet to fly below 400 meters (1312.336 feet) when its dark outside and as you can see I filmed this at dusk. Considering how little the craft moved it makes no sense at all that a common passenger jet would be able to do that kind of turn that slowly with that little space being used for the turn. The whole lake is very symmetric and it is about as long as it is wide. Therefor it is illogical that it would be a common aircraft. I could be wrong.. But there are to many factors that makes this a genuine UFO sighting in my own opinion. Do not forget how much it was shinning in the beginning, it had a pulse common airplanes do not have pulse lights. Common aircrafts usually have huge spotlights, they don´t look at all the way this craft was pulsating before taking on the shape of an “aircraft”

Open your eyes.. There are vast reports and sightings of morphings crafts from all over the world, it is not a new phenomena..


Fleets and Airport Shutdowns, Aug. 2011

Fleets and Airport Shutdowns, Aug. 2011. Via SteveBeckow.com

if the video not open double click to open in new window. If they black out it can be the online connection with the post or youtube posting is gone.  Update: Steve Beckow has removed two of the films in his post 2 september after discussing the possibility it were planes. The last option, planes, was the most likely.


UFO during the BBQ in Chili, 1 September 2011

Ben Fulford on Meeting of Finance Ministers

Ben Fulford on Meeting of Finance Ministers. via SteveBeckow.com


Read also the article I have written and posted before on 31 August 2011:

The End of the Federal Reserve Banking and Monetary System is Near


Hundreds of UFOs Seen (Daylight), Denver, Colorado, USA, 30 August 2011.








Comment by

uploader (magnetflipper):

No audio. This was a very strange video clip to record as it shows hundreds of strange UFO’s flying over southeast Denver Colorado, on August 30, 2011, I have filmed and recorded this, using my spotting scope and a high speed video camera …This was recorded in very high speed video format, at 210 frames per second(fps), normal video records at 30 fps. so this is slowed down 700 times the no

rmal speed, otherwise this would be very difficult to actually see what is flying up there, in another word, the person who would see this in the normal video speed would see blurs. Plus, I am using the Sun as the light source to back-light the background in to which I am filming in too. I am filming in to the Sun’s corona and using the roof-line to block the Sun. It’s called the “Sun ablation” method. Like a knife edge effect, it allows only the brightness of the Sun to shine through and yet not to see the Sun. I would suggest this to anyone to experiment with this method as it will show you objects that are otherwise invisible in pain air. I just don’t know what this object(s). are…

This was made by using a Redfield spotting scope and a Casio camera that records in 210 frames per-second .

Forced Vaccinations And The H1N1 Pandemic Vaccine Scam :

Forced Vaccinations And The H1N1 Pandemic Vaccine Scam :. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

The Intel Hub by Avalon

Dale Farm Travellers Lose 31 August 2011- A Shameful Nation

Dale Farm Travellers Lose

via HuffingtonPost.com

My comment:

You have to see what is not mentioned. The lands are owned property of the travellers. Paid for. They didn’t build or resided on lands they just came by in travelling.  But more disturbing is that its only a planning and permit issue. The Council doesn’t want illegal builds on the land is their argument. It is wrong to have people evicted of their own owned lands. It seems to me there are hidden arguments and not out spoken discriminatory issues here at stake. I would say every other case of owned land with illegal builds on would not lead to eviction of the owners of the owned land, but  to junctions, court rulings and fines, till the build was removed. Also the issue of having an own home is here at stake. International human rights are not obeyed with this ruling.  It is a shameful ruling of a nation calling itself a democratic nation if the rights of all are Not looked after equally.

Love and Light,




Suzanne Poulson Spooner : Two New Messages, 30 th and 31 th August 2011

August 30, 2011


Hello Now. Hello Suzy, I am the essence of the Moment of Now. I am the expression that you and so many are receiving into your opening hearts. Give me your heart expressing love and you are expressing me. Imagine your life in eternal bliss and you express me. Live in joy and you express me. Now is the only moment there is. Find your world in chaos and you are not in the Moment of Now. Picture peace when you see chaos. I open the hearts to delight and love and imagination. I give truth to connection to the highest dimension. More than ever humanity is ready for the shift of consciousness that is nearing. Finally the awakening is occurring. Now is the moment that all in all dimensions have waited for. Eliminate your expressions of worry. Exchange them with expressions of joy. Quiet your mind into a deep slumber and you will awaken into your Nirvana on Earth. Now is here for all who are ready. Be centered and work from the heart. Give others your diligent compassion for their journey. Find a new imagination for this way of being. Give your heart the love and support it requests in these changing times. When you open your heart to the Moment of now, you no longer imagine (create, manifest) duality. Now is now. Thank you.

August 31, 2011

God & Now

Hello God & Now. Hello Suzy, we are here to communicate with you and all who read this message about putting a disclosure and ascension timeline out of your mind. Understand that these two events will certainly happen. Given the desire of the planets’ collective consciousness, there can be no other choice. Eliminate the need to place a date or the belief that a prophecy will be followed to the letter. The very nature of your existence is fluidity of spirit. In this belief all is in perfect order. In this expression of being in the Now, you imagine love as your compass. Giving energy to predictions is only allowing your spirit a set point of view. In allowing Now to be your focus you leave all possibilities open. In this dimension, reality shifts with ease. Let your mind and its need to know and control have a long rest. Let your heart desire the basic elements of love, peace and joy and finely tune your new reality of Now. This is the way to movement towards disclosure and ascension. Build this reality with fifth dimensional understandings not third dimensional timelines. Desire your world in harmony & watch your world manifest harmony. It is only love that matters.