UFO over lake in Sweden, Härlanda Tjärn, seen for second time

uploader by CosmicStarTraveller 31 th August 2011

Comment by uploader:

The debunkers and sceptics are gonna say.. “It is just an airplane” since it looked like that for a brief moment in the end of the video, to the rest of us it will be quite clear that this is not a ordinary craft. It is indeed a shapeshifting craft, please pay attention now.. The craft is seen from its front the whole time in this video. There is now way that a common passenger jet would move around that freaking slow as seen in the video. As clearly seen to everyone this craft was seen completely stationary in the air for several minutes before moving and taking on the form off a man made craft. It is seen flying just above the treetops in the end, those treetops are less than 1312-1641.feet away from me (400-500 meters) and the location where i was standing. The treetops height are at about 50 feet at most, that means that there is no possible way that it could be a passenger jet since it would be flying at a height less than 100 feet and that is illegal for a plane that large.. It is also illegal for a passenger jet to fly below 400 meters (1312.336 feet) when its dark outside and as you can see I filmed this at dusk. Considering how little the craft moved it makes no sense at all that a common passenger jet would be able to do that kind of turn that slowly with that little space being used for the turn. The whole lake is very symmetric and it is about as long as it is wide. Therefor it is illogical that it would be a common aircraft. I could be wrong.. But there are to many factors that makes this a genuine UFO sighting in my own opinion. Do not forget how much it was shinning in the beginning, it had a pulse common airplanes do not have pulse lights. Common aircrafts usually have huge spotlights, they don´t look at all the way this craft was pulsating before taking on the shape of an “aircraft”

Open your eyes.. There are vast reports and sightings of morphings crafts from all over the world, it is not a new phenomena..