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RED ALERT: NEW POLITICAL MOVEMENT FOR SOUND MONEY TO BE LAUNCHED IN VIENNA « Case About Bird Flu. by Laura Tyco via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com









I had  a chat with Vienna economics professor Franz Hörmann and economics expert Otmar Pregetter yesterday about their new political movement to reform our money system across the eurozone, and I urge everyone to become involved in this exciting, new movement.

Few people in the eurozone realise that they have to pay interest on every single euro note and coin they use.

They are using private money without knowing it – and using a private service always comes with a price tag.

97% of all the money in the eurozone is created by private banks as an interest bearing loan.

The Eurozone central bank, ECB, supplies the notes and coins – the liquidity – for the day to day transactions of this privatised monetary system.

By supplying notes and coins, the ECB helps to conceal from people the true nature of the money they use. People look at the notes and coins and wrongly assume the money they use is issued by government as a free service made available for economic transations. In reality, the money is private and its use comes with a price tag: everyone has to pay private banks simply for using the privatised, low quality money at all.

A central service of governments — supplying money — has been privatised and it has been done in stealth in the wastern world, in the USA, the UK and the eurozone.

The statutes of the ECB even prohibit the central bank from giving money to governments directly and without charging interest . The ECB is only allowed to give money directly and without charging interest to the eurozone 6,300 private banks.

These private banks use their monopoly on the public money supplied by the ECB to issue loans bearing interest using the fractional reserve banking system. They earn interest on these loans even though they have lent no actual capital.

Almost everyone pays the interest on the eurozone’s private money supply either directly to the banks who issue the loans to them for houses, cars and such like or indirectly in the form of taxes to the government.

Every single time you use a euro or dollar note or coin,  you have to pay interest just for using that note or coin. Only the people do not realise this fact and they use their notes and coins as if they were a free service of their government.

Any government which has switched from public money creation to private money creation must have a steady stream of revenue to pay the inevitable bill on the money it puts into circulation on behalf of private banks. And that is why federal taxes were introduced in the USA at the same time as the Federal Reserve was privatised by stealth in 1913.

The fact that our money is created with interest logically, necessarily and unavoidably leads to a collapse of the financial system after a certain period of time. China is the only major economy right now printing money without charging interest – and that is why China’s economy is booming and there is no end in sight to that boom.

The root cause of the debt smothering the eurozone and the USA is the way our money system has been privatised by stealth. The controlled mainstream media conceals who the real winners from privatising our money supply are from the public. The media also conceals the fact that such a privatised money system is necessarily doomed to collapse.

To pay the interest to private banks on the money  they have created, yet more money has to be created – but this money also has a price tag in the form of interest. This requires yet more money to be printed by private banks which ups the price tag in an infinite circle. Eventually such astonomical sums of money are needed to pay for the interest on the private money in circulation that it results either in hyperinflation or in brutal austerity cuts.

At some point, the system reaches ist mathematical limits and collapses.

We have already experienced such a collapse before in Europe and the USA in 1930s. Only at that time, the true cause of the collapse of the economic and political systems was concealed from the general public. Wars and conflicts were started by the very same elite who profit from our private money system as a diversion from the real cause of the bust. After the second world war ended, the financial systems were rebooted and the whole boom and bust cycle, which a privatised money supply entails, started again.

In 2011, we are again at the end of another boom and bust cycle and are facing another bust. Debt in the USA, UK and eurozone is reaching astronomical levels. The central banks are responding as privately controlled banks could be expected to do. They are giving all the public money to the banks via bailouts, emergency liquidity assistance, monetary stimulus etc

As the banks take more and more, the rest of the people have less and less. The standard of living of everyone in the USA and eurozone has been declining. Pensions have fallen to just 135% of the social welfare, for example, in Germany – and social welfare has also shrunk, according to new figures.

Wages also have declined in Germany in real terms when it comes to purchasing power since Germany joined the eurozone. Never in modern history have there been so many millions of impoverished Germans on benefits or working poor. Never have people had to pay so many taxes, direct and indirect. Only the elite are exempted from taxes. They have used their lobbying groups to obtain tax exemptions on their gigantic sums of money and on their corporations.

And never has the state been so in debt while spending so little on its people. Where is all the money going? To the banking cartel. Only the stealth privatisation of our money system means people are being hoodwinked.

We are facing an historic task. Never before in peace time has a society had to switch over ist money system in such a short time to avert a castrophe. The total collapse of the eurozone and dollar are inevitable. The elite are planning a new SDR/IMF currency, which promises to be even more disastrous.

The time to change over our money system so that we finally have financial democracy is now.

The euro collapse is coming. There is talk of a two speed euro or of countries leaving the eurozone. No change will benefit the people if the new currencies are also introduced as private money with interest bearing loans.

We have to reform our money system root and branch. We have to switch to public money which is free for everyone to use. Money has to be a public service supplied by the government for free again.

It is up to the ordinary people to carry out this change. It is the vast majority of people – 99% — who will gain the most from creating money as a public entity to be used for jobs, employment and education.

It is up to us to carry out this change fast to avoid total impoverishment as the banking cartel with the help of a corrupt political class allow the financial system to implode.

That is why a new political platform has been launched with one central aim: sound, public money and direct democracy.

Too long the true nature of our financial system has been concealed from the general public. The mainstream media, governments and academia has been complicit in concealing from people who it is who really profits from privatising our money supply.

They have concealed from people how using private money with interest instead of public money put in circulation as a government service for free inevitable results in ever growing mountains of debt, which logically can never be paid off.

They have concealed from the people how the interest payments on this debt inevitably result in the destruction over time of the real economy. A bust is inevitable as virtually the entire produce and good of an economy are used to make the interest payments.

They have preferred violence, lies and deceit to faciliate the looting of their people to doing their duty as politicians elected to represent the people. The latest example is the way the German government is pushing the monstrous EFSF facility to shakedown and impoverish the people. Of course, not even the 711 billion euro facility will be enough to pay the interest on the astronomical eurozone, fractional reserve banking debt. The politicians know this, they know the system will collapse but they hope to continue looting until the end, untill they have wrecked the lives of every single person.

There are rumours the German government is thinking of leaving the euro zone. But only after the economy has been utterly wrecked by the corrupt clique of politicians in Berlin. Not before.

Leaving the eurozone is not enough. The money system has to be reformed. There must never again be this stealth privatisation of public money.

People must be able to use euros and dollars and pounds without paying a stealth price tag. Our money has to become a free service supplied by our governments once more.

Thomas Jefferson  issued a dire warning of what would happen if America’s money supply was privatised – and he has been proved to be right. The privatisation of the Federal Reserve is the root cause of the wreckage of the US economy and dollar today.

Today, is the time to organise, print leaflets, inform others, prepare to stand for elected office in your town, city and state on a clearly defined platform of sound money and direct democracy.

We, the people, have to get the legislation through parliaments ourselves –  or face total impoverishment, violence and more lies.

We, the people, have to work together across the eurozone, the USA and UK to save our financial system and our democracies.

Our goal is: money for the people, sound money, financial democracy and direct democracy, a future of dignity, freedom and prosperity for all people.

Join us today in our new political campaign. Make the single most important step you will ever make in your life to ensure you have a prosperous and peaceful future and your children do too. Help reform the money system.

Make sure you are soon using euros and dollars which have no stealth price tag attached.

A new pamphlet explaining how our privatised money system is the root cause of the poverty, unemployment and debt in USA, Europe and the UK is due to be published in the next few days by Franz Hörmann and Otmar Pregetter.

Stay tuned for updates.



Blossom Goodchild- 2 September 2011

Blossom: Hello Everyone and welcome to September.  (via Galacticchannelings.com)

Interesting times we are in!

Firstly may I say, that a ‘very brief’ channell from The Federation of Light has just gone up. ‘Brief’ in that they explained that communications between us would not be happening for another couple of weeks! All a bit odd … allow me to explain.

Three days ago I sat down to channell and did so for an hour and a half. As I went to push the ‘save’ button, that dreaded box appeared saying ‘This programme needs to close ’ … ‘NOOOOOO!’ I inwardly yelled in slow motion, but too late … there was nothing I could do and lost the whole lot. Nowhere was it to be found. (I got over it after a few minutes of disbelief … allowed myself to laugh and got on with my day!) I was proud of myself for that achievement in ‘letting go’. So last night I tried again. Yet after a couple of paragraphs I ‘smelt a rat’! It just didn’t FEEL right and after a second word that didn’t blend with me, I aborted further proceedings! SO … this morning I decided to give it one last try and if that didn’t work I was prepared to leave it for another week … as I felt it would be right to do so and not force it. Here is what I got this morning:

Well, third time lucky as they say*. I know that if you are not here to chat this morning then I am to leave it for a short while. I accept this and understand. If you wish to be heard at this time, please go ahead.

We accept the position in which you find yourself. It Is not that we are ‘leaving’ … it is more to do with factual circumstances that are about to occur … and after discussion we feel at this time that it would be of more generosity of heart to retreat from these ‘often’ communications, for indeed as you say … just a short while.

This is ok, as long as I KNOW that it is not a final Goodbye and that this break … as we have had before …  is just temporary.

Dearest heart … in our world we do not consider it to be a break. We give to you knowledge as we have done for it is compatible with our plans to do so. This ‘break’ as you call it is not the first time, nor shall it be the last. Everything is ‘rushing’ ahead now and we consider that those of you on Earth now have ‘utensils’ to build upon and gauge for yourselves the positioning of your hearts place within all that is to be presented to you.

So, in ‘our time on Earth’ how long a break are we talking here?

 Not long … we propose two to three weeks from now.

Well, we have had two, plus three more … not too long a wait I guess. I really feel a ‘weak’ link and I am not going to push my luck. I Trust in you and I am assuming I will FEEL the nod when you are next ready to have a chat.

There, of course, are many reasons for this interlude. Some of which will become apparent in the time we choose to remain silent with you. KNOW souls of Earth that although this may seem that we are ‘away’ … we are far from it. Ever closer now to all things transpiring in the manner to which we have always stated. Nothing has changed for us … only the level of Love that you are walking back into. This is most agreeable and makes all things much Brighter as we go about that which must be attuned. We would offer a few more explanations in that … you also Blossom … are in need of this time as much is to take place within you and around you also. Energies are at an all time ‘swirling’ for all and it is important that we allow the self to settle within and gain proportion with that which is currently relevant to upliftment.

KNOW WE ARE OF LOVE and through this LOVE we come. Keep watchful … Remain in your DIVINE TRUTH and LIGHT at all times … through all weathers. This is to be your Saving Grace. We give LOVE of vast energy to you during these times … as indeed we have done throughout. For now …  we retract our energy from yours dearest one and we look forward to our next meet up.

Ok … I FEEL as if during this ‘break’ … our hearts will FEEL a strong ‘pull’ towards you … a sort of FEELING as if we can FEEL you much nearer … a KNOWING . Thank you for clarifying what I FEEL I already suspected. I will leave it there and look forward to our reunion in ‘this’ way. In LOVE and thanks and a few thousand xxxxxxxxxxxxxx! May the force be with you … Nanu Nanu … over and out

* I had tried a link up two days ago and although I got through, it was a very weak link. It was an hour and a half and a bit of a struggle to be honest. When I pressed ‘contol S’ to save the work … the ‘error ‘ box came up saying the programme needed to close and I lost the lot. Then again last night I tried and within five minutes I didn’t feel things were right . I had a few words that made me wary and I have learned to close down immediately as I did not FEEL the communication was ‘our mates’ and I am not up for any of that nonsense! So … above is the result of a last attempt for now to see if i could get anything at all. I was surprised I did. Breaks with both White Cloud and The Federation of Light have occurred before. I TRUST their judgement on the matter and of course always look forward to getting back together again. It is KNOWN that in these short breaks … much ‘alteration’ takes place within us on a growth level. Many thanks for your understanding . Blossom.

UFO in the News on UK’s Today Show, 31 August 2011





UFO, New Zealand, with Nightvision Camera Filmed, 31 Augustus 2011

UFO Orb, Vienna, Austria, 30 August 2011





UFO over Aalborg, East, Denmark, 1 september 2011




Exposed: Military contractors hired to create fake Facebook accounts, infiltrate opposing groups

(NaturalNews) A secret campaign to take out groups and organizations that oppose the policies and agendas of the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) and the US government has been outed, thanks to an archive of private emails obtained by Think Progress. According to reports, USCC hired HBGary, Federal and several other defense contractors to create fake accounts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in order to sabotage progressive groups critical of the organization’s platform.

Top secret government efforts to thwart opposition are nothing new, especially as they involve social media sites. Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, for instance, recently told Russia Today that Facebook is “the most appalling spying machine ever invented,” and that it is routinely used by US Intelligence to illegally collect private information on individuals (http://www.naturalnews.com/032373_F…).

But now it has been revealed that some of the same contractors employed by the US government are now selling their information gathering and spying services to the highest private bidders, which in this case includes USCC. Private emails obtained by the infamous “Anonymous” group bring to light plans by HBGary’s executive Aaron Barr to partner with several other organizations, and create fake online identities, mine personal data, and even hack personal computers.

HBGary’s hacking escapades included creating the phony Facebook persona “Holly Weber,” a fictitious 27-year-old woman that was to be used to troll progressive groups critical of USCC. Upon exposure, however, USCC quickly withdrew from its dealings with HBGary, and the account was shut down. Screenshots of the account, though, have been archived (http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2…).

Besides its work with USCC, HBGary has also been exposed for selling its “persona management” services to the US government as well, presumably for the purpose of spying and infiltrating groups that oppose US-instigated wars and foreign occupation, for instance.

According to reports, some of the other firms that had worked with HBGary in such persona management endeavors include Palantir and Berico Technologies.

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Scare tactics begin: UN warns of Asian bird flu resurgence

(NaturalNews) Autumn is upon us, which means flu season and all of its corresponding scare campaigns are once again starting to propagate in full force. New reports from the Associated Press (AP) claim that the H5N1 avian flu virus, which afflicted 63 countries during its peak spread in 2006, is once again on the rise, and officials are warning the public to beware of a rapid resurgence throughout the upcoming winter season.

This year’s H5N1 strain is said to have mutated from the previous strain, which resulted in 331 confirmed human deaths since 2003, and is resistant to currently available vaccines (which, as we have written about many times before, do not work anyway). China and Vietnam are now facing a potential outbreak of the strain, and it is poised to potentially spread to various other countries as well, say officials.

According to a 2008 study published in the journal PLoS Pathogens, however, the H5N1 avian flu virus has already mutated into a form capable of growing in human upper respiratory tracts, and eventually killing them (http://www.naturalnews.com/022787_f…). So if another resurgence of the newly mutated strain takes place in the next few months, it could be even more deadly.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the biggest potential spread of H5N1 is not necessarily just wild birds, either, but also “people’s actions in poultry production and marketing,” an admission that sheds light on the filthy reality of the industrial food system and its tendency to spread disease.

“The general departure from the progressive decline (of H5N1) in 2004 – 2008 could mean that there will be a flare up of H5N1 this fall and winter, with people unexpectedly finding the virus in their backyard,” said FAO’s Juan Lubroth to the AP.

Such warnings may be nothing more than an organized scare campaign to incite fear into the public psyche. But in the event that another major flu outbreak does manifest itself, you can help prepare yourself naturally by maintaining high levels of vitamin D, loading up on antiviral “superfoods” like spirulina and garlic, and drinking plenty of mineral rich, fluoride free water.

Also, be sure to check out the NaturalNews Special Report, The Five Best Anti-Viral Products to Beat Influenza, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and SARS:

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link article 033480_bird_flu_scare_tactics.html via naturalnews.com


US ‘to sue major banks over mortgages’ – Americas – Al Jazeera English

US ‘to sue major banks over mortgages’ – Americas – Al Jazeera English.

Benjamin Fulford – Informs and Asks the Questions




Benjamin Fulford informs about the meeting of the 57 nations and has a question to Angela Merkel and David Cameron.