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Glowing Triangle UFO Over Moscow, Russia, 7 September 2011


Italian Senate Set to Vote on Austerity – NYTimes.com

Italian Senate Set to Vote on Austerity – NYTimes.com. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

EU Bans Genetically Modified-Contaminated Honey from General Sale | Common Dreams

EU Bans Genetically Modified-Contaminated Honey from General Sale | Common Dreams. via 20112IndyInfo.wordpress.com

Waiting for things to happen! – Lucas- 7 September 2011

As I was chatting and answering questions of fellow group members and readers I saw a great anxiety. The feeling of the wanting things to change now and not wanting to wait anymore. As lots of us are already some 20 and more years being awakening and spiritually growing it is indeed a long journey. Most of us are still young and want also things to change fast. And the signs in our surrounding world as in channellings of our trusted ones show that it is near.

In all of that the key is also being confident things are going the right way. Things will come to a conclusion shortly. But we are still thinking in 3 D time. Time isn’t existent in  5 D. We have still to learn patience. Stay in a calm and confident state. And know it will come in time, it will be on time and nothing will stop this. We just struggle still with this no time concept.  See it then like Now is the time. Now you are living and feeling and experiencing the things. There is no tomorrow or yesterday only Now.

But all that is not enough to have the things happening earlier. We also have to remember we are the ones who have to contribute to the coming change. We have still a free will and choice. We need to help with our capabilities to sent love and light to all that needs change. Seeing it in your minds eye change to the new and better is helping. Thus you are creating with positive thoughts and loving intentions and that will help the things to come. Others you can help too. Tell them  the story of your awakening and the things to come or helping them in their personal quest without being judgemental.  It’s a joyous event that will bring the new unseen and unprecedented beauty there is and we longed for.

Our world is going to change and we are, when ascended,  together with our mother Earth the teachers of the new in 5 D. Yes we become from pupils and students teachers. Teaching other worlds the unique experience we have been going trough. The extreme case of duality without boundaries was our assignment. The free will was always there but kept in the dark from us.  We got more and more enslaved and had to waken up to see the real beings that we are.  We have managed to live trough this and now is the time to shed this experience from our light being souls. We will be cleansed and ascended as we wish and was foretold. We unveil the real potential of our self. We are the Light and Love. We will be united with all those whom are waiting for us. We all are one and in oneness and unconditional Love we will return. Then  we live in  harmony of our new-found peace and happiness in a new Universe, Galaxy, World, Earth.

So wait for things to happen soon, but stay in the Now.

With Love and Light,


In Euro Zone, Banking Fear Feeds on Itself

In Euro Zone, Banking Fear Feeds on Itself By LANDON THOMAS Jr. and NELSON D. SCHWARTZ Published: September 6, 2011

via NYTimes.com

Germany backs bailouts – but with conditions | euronews, world news

Germany backs bailouts – but with conditions | euronews, world news. Via EuroNews.net


My comment: The ruling will not help the system to survive. Merkel will have to see that Eurobonds and other measures do not work. The system needs to be replaced. Something that is broke and can’t be ment has to go.

Mike Quinsey -SaLuSa 7 September 2011

We see so many of you creating an atmosphere of calm around you, and that is greatly needed in a time of confusion. You have the advantage of knowing that whatever happens or threatens your peace, a satisfactory outcome as promised will manifest. As you approach the final period of chaos, know that it can only go so far before our influence and authority will take over. We are far more active than any previous time, as we direct our allies into their final positions from which they will launch their take-over from the dark Ones. You may not see us in the early encounters, but be assured we will be there with them.

Our powerful position is instrumental in gaining the co-operation of your leaders, particularly as we bring the answers that can overcome the worldwide problems that are so immense they do not have any answers for them. We have the solutions and backing of the Creator and that represents a powerful means of persuasion. Because we come in peace does not mean that we can be ignored, as in the final reckoning we can be quite firm without resorting to any form of intimidation. We shall soon be announced as the Galactic Federation and our role in your Universe will be fully explained.

As you may realise our role is not to interfere with the karma that is being worked out at this time. Many of you have taken on quite a lot in this lifetime, and it is not our place to alter the course of it. With Ascension in sight those of you that have chosen that path, obviously wish to go forward having cleared any karma that is outstanding. Knowing this should enable you to face it with absolute confidence, as if you handle it badly that will most likely create more karma. Please allow others to handle their own problems unless you are asked to give help or advice, and avoid being pulled into them unnecessarily.

We need you as bearers of the Light more than ever as you can add your voice to those who spread fear, not intentionally but through lack of understanding. Even if you are not clear as to the actual timing of events, you know enough to help pacify those who are confused. The main point is that the old systems are inadequate for the new cycle that is about to fully manifest. So major changes are essential to clear the way for the New Age to begin. That will eventually lead to the Golden Age which is beyond your present imagination. We could liken it to the Cavemen trying to comprehend your present lives for the first time. The wonders and beauty are barely touched upon on Earth, and the energies that abound everywhere are exciting and constantly uplifting. By then the your consciousness levels will also have been lifted up to heights that would be termed as Galactic. You are to awaken to the truth and nothing will be held from you, unlike now when so few of you have even glimpsed it.

You are emotional Beings that have moods that change in a flash, and are part of your experiences that you are learning to control. This aspect of your lives has led to so much sorrow and regret, but it is increasing your level of awareness. The answer is to always live in your Light where possible, and if you can maintain it you will find that Love can overcome all problems. When you understand who you really are and the purpose of life, it becomes somewhat easier to cope with the challenges of life. You are in unsettling times but we know that you can be equal to them if you stay calm. The next few months offer the opportunity for long reaching changes to be made, and you need to be alert and ready to live as one leading the way. You have the Light on your side, so there is nothing to fear.

The energies continue to rise up on Earth and it helps to lessen the impact of the physical changes that must of necessity take place. One day you will look back at this period in your lives and marvel at your courage in having taken on duality. Yet you will also be pleased that you did, as it will have increased your consciousness levels by leaps and bounds. Life wherever you go in the Universe, is all about gaining experience, but the fastest way is to be at levels that really challenge you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light  via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

New update- Wanderer of the Skies- 7 September 2011

Greetings from the Federation:


As matters are now progressing more rapidly than even we had hoped for, we felt it necessary for you to have this next update now. Two important matters have come to a head in your societies. The first is that the banking concerns have made the necessary exchanges to shift the monetary system into the new order. A group of countries have taken on the Illuminati in this respect and forced a concession sooner than we had anticipated. Second, the military rogue factions of several of your countries seem to be in compliance with the most recent agreements, thereby paving the way for a safer attempt at Disclosure than we have seen in the recent past.We wish to emphasize that there have been many times when circumstances have changed in the past, just when we thought all was in order to go forward, thereby delaying further the inevitable. We cannot say with certainty whether these new developments will warrant the Disclosure we have been anticipating. We can only say another window of opportunity presents itself for your leaders to take advantage of and move this process forward.

While there will be many still woefully unprepared for what is to come, we believe that you have enough knowledge and determination to see these individuals through the worst of these upheavals. By this, we mean upheavals in thought, psyche, and mental/emotional health as you deal with the “new” knowledge of your larger Galactic Family.

Trust that as matters develop all has been planned from our side with the help of great spiritual beings who have your welfare as their utmost concern. Do not play into the fear of those who would otherwise distract you from your goals. Each of you has a specific role to play, and while you may not know what that is with any detail, or perhaps not at all, do not let this discourage you. The feelings you have always had, of knowing something “big” was to occur in your lifetime and that you were to be part of it, are genuine feelings that cannot be dismissed. Do not even accept what we say about this. Simply look inside and discern this truth for yourselves. Let that be your guidance even though you cannot “put your finger on” the exact plan of which you are to be part.

Your efforts to date have so tremendously helped this whole process forward more than you can ever know. Your dedication to the Truth and to the Light are wonderful inspirations for us, here, as we work to bring us closer to our inevitable union. Love is the key. It is time to open the door.

Be at peace.

Channeler: Wanderer of the Skies via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult [The first link from Poof.]

article link by: Mike Lofgren, Truthout | News Analysis published saturday 3 september 2011

My Comment: This politcal article gives new insights in the change of American Governance. Its a difficult read but is worth the time.

Italian, Spanish Unions Mobilize Against ‘Austerity’ Plans | Common Dreams

Italian, Spanish Unions Mobilize Against ‘Austerity’ Plans | Common Dreams. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com by Laura Tyco 6th september 2011.