Will the IMF stand up to Europe? – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

Will the IMF stand up to Europe? – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.

If the IMF does not push for dramatic reforms in the eurozone, its future and Europe’s will be at stake. By Kenneth Rogoff published 10 september 2011

My Comment: More and more are  pointing to each other and don’t know what to do.      The banks in not trusting to loan because of the US government law suit about mortgages, the ECB European Central Bank-  has clearly a divided opinion (Stark left yesterday) as the leaders of the Eurozone do in how to get this debt and austerity crisis into grips and the IMF International Monetary Fund-  also gets criticism about how they handle things.

We see clearly the desperate struggle of the last resistance of the dark cabal to ones and for all break with the old system and comply to the new truly people’s  system that isn’t  about capitalism and greed or power and control but of the free will and choice of the people.The distribution of wealth and having enough for every living soul on this planet. They have to comply with the universal law and divine laws and know their time is run out.

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