SaLuSa on the New Paradigm | The 2012 Scenario

SaLuSa on the New Paradigm | The 2012 Scenario. via by Steve Beckow

For those who are missing SaLuSa while Mike is on vacation, here is a generous serving to help tide you over and to further develop the theme of the new paradigm.

Originally posted to Galactic Roundtable discussion group (now Share11) on March 11, 2009.

This is the third time I’ve felt inspired by something SaLuSa wrote. This is not a campaign to promote SaLuSa. I just find his points thought-provoking.

In one lucid paragraph in his latest message, SaLuSa lays out the “New Paradigm.”

He prefaces his comments by saying that “it is written that you shall bring into manifestation the new paradigm, and it shall be vastly different from the old one.” What is the “new paradigm”?

Here is SaLuSa’s statement of it:

“With the understanding of Oneness, and your recognition of the Creator Source, there shall be the breaking down of those barriers that have kept you apart. Instead of playing on your differences, a new approach will look for all that is common to Man. In a great unification of souls, they will acknowledge that there is only the One God of consuming Love and Light. You need not seek outside of yourself as all answers are within, and each of you is more than mere physical bodies. You are souls of Infinite love and everlasting life, from the higher realms.” (1)

“With the understanding of Oneness,” SaLuSa begins. With the understanding that the many are One and only our ignorance keeps in place the perception of the many.

“And your recognition of the Creator Source.” And with the arrival of our deep-seated recognition and acknowledgement of the existence and omnipotence of a Source from which creation, maintenance, and transformation has come.

“There shall be the breaking down of those barriers that have kept you apart.” All differentiation will be seen to be based on superficial, impermanent distinctions in the mind. All artificial obstacles in the way of seeing the Law and Existence of One will fall.

“Instead of playing on your differences.” Instead of creating lords and vassals, “betters” and inferiors, supermen and vermin, discrimination and persecution, wars and genocide.

“A new approach will look for all that is common to Man.” A new way of viewing the world will arise in which what is shared by humanity is seen and superficial differences fall away in insignificance.

“In a great unification of souls.” In the rise of a feeling of global connectedness and relatedness, acknowledged at a soul level.

“They will acknowledge that there is only the One God of consuming Love and Light.” All people will realize that they sought the same and only God, whose eternal nature is unfailing Light and Love that consumes all hatred and division. They will acknowledge that God before each other, ridding the world of sects and other divisions.

“You need not seek outside of yourself as all answers are within.” The fount of wisdom is within every individual. It does not lie outside and cannot be found there. The Kingdom of Heaven is within and is seen in a moment of inner illumination (ascension, emergence).

“And each of you is more than mere physical bodies.” We never were what we thought we were. We never were these rented shells in which we pass a human lifetime.

“You are souls of Infinite love and everlasting life.” We are spiritual beings whose ability to love is infinite and whose immortality is already and always was a pre-existing fact.

“From the higher realms.” We came from God, in the highest realms, and we are returning to God – with one thing added which we lacked before — Self-Consciousness. We are withdrawing from duality and taking one step back towards God. We are climbing Jacob’s Ladder. We are ascending what the Persian poet Hafiz called “the stairway of existence.” (2)

Having laid out for us the “new paradigm,” SaLuSa goes on to remind us of the purpose of life: “Now is the time to reach within and discover your true self.” To discover who we are, to allow God to meet God through us, in a moment of illumination, is the purpose for which we were created. Enlightenment is the purpose of life.

That whole journey of life Rumi has laid out in a single paragraph and I’ll end with that:

I died as mineral and became a plant.
I died as plant and rose to animal.
I died as animal and I was man.
Yet once more I shall die as man, to soar
With angels blest; but even from angelhood
I must pass on: all except God doth perish.
When I have sacrificed my angel soul,
I shall become what no mind e’er conceived.
Oh, let me not exist! For Non-existence
Proclaims in organ tones, ‘To Him we shall return.’ (3)

Rumi points to the length of the voyage, infinitely well past the ascension we will experience before or during 2012. Our lives are only beginning as we leave duality, not ending. A huge door is opening, but only one door among many.

I don’t want to underestimate what galactics like SaLuSa are telling me week after week. Their wisdom aligns with the highest truth I’ve heard on Earth.

There is no disconnect between them and the great terrestrial masters. I believe their 2012 scenario; I also bow before their spiritual understanding.


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(3) Anne and Christopher Fremantle, In Love with Love. 100 of the Greatest Mystical Poems. New York, etc.: Paulist Press, 1978, p.

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