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The flow of intentions – a way creating a flow of abundance for all – Lucas

Working though the videos and channelings and discussions I was struck by the singularity in messages that I had  read.  One group was searching for the best intention to form in their minds to create the things they wanted  for themselves. The other ones did look for ways to find the right intentions to create help for others.  It is like in the book The Secret. The teachings of the way to see that abundance and all you can and need to have is available for you from the source. You just need to create the surrounding mindset and confidence that this is also  true for u.

I know out of experience that we as humans tend to have self-doubt and are willing to break up the flow by thinking for example things can’t be changed or having to many conflicting wishes that never can lead to create anything and just obstruct your flow. So the living in the now and knowing things are right as they are now is important to see. From that positive starting point you can create your flow of intentions to make things happen for you and others.

In the 5D world and our spiritual journey towards it, it is a beautiful thing  to create from unconditional love and light. Your create thus intentions for the world to give it the flow needed to transmutate the dark into light. This way we are forming our intentions the way true lightbeings in the making would do.

It is for me now more important to create a positive flow that isn’t about  ego and materialism. Even if we do need our bills paid and food on the table we have to give attention to the flow of positive intentions that is for all on this world and our mother earth.

So clear your mindsets and give your confidence in creating a flow  of positive intentions towards all a boost.  It will help our fellow humans that are still awakening as well as those who are still in the dark.

Love and Light,









U.S. Stock Futures Drop on Signs Global Financial-System Risks Are Growing

U.S. Stock Futures Drop on Signs Global Financial-System Risks Are Growing By Kana Nishizawa and Shani Raja – Sep 22, 2011 via bloomberg.com

I-Team: Former Intelligence Officer Speaks of UFO’s

I-Team: Former Intelligence Officer Speaks of UFO’s. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com by RZ Riger.

I-Team: Former Intelligence Officer Speaks of UFO’s

By George Knapp, Chief Investigative Reporter and Matt Adams, Chief Photojournalist, 8NewsNow, Sept. 2, 2011

http://www.8newsnow.com/story/15387087/i-team-former-intelligence-officer-speaks-of-ufos video also via this link to orginial article.

LAS VEGAS — It’s been more than 20 years since a Las Vegan made a splash in the strange world of UFO’s. Back in the late 80′s, a man named Bob Lazar told wild stories about weird craft being tested at Area 51, and his story is still reverberating around the world.

Now, another local man has caused a furor among those who follow the UFO subject. He’s a former Army intelligence officer, well known to 8 News NOW viewers, who used his contacts in government to track down saucer rumors.

“They are very real phenomena. I think we need to understand this will lead to a different understanding of how the universe is built,” said Dr. John Alexander.

Dr. Alexander is skeptical by nature, but not about UFO’s. After many years of stalking the topic through the corridors of power in Washington and the far-flung nooks and crannies of the military industrial complex, the former military intelligence officer is convinced that some of the objects seen in the skies are alien in origin and deserve to be studied.

“UFO’s are real and I’m talking about physical reality. There are craft that are seen, balls of light flitting around, to craft — some of them a mile and a half across. They show up on radar and are really here,” he said.

But despite his acceptance of the basic UFO story, Alexander is viewed with suspicion and scorn by the pro-UFO crowd, “a real life man in black” someone called him. His frequent trips to UFO conferences are often met with overt hostility and tough questions.

“The true believers are even more hostile than the skeptics. If you don’t believe their particular brand, whatever that is, you become the enemy. You’ve got to buy every bit of it otherwise you are part of the cover up, and blah, blah, blah,” he said.

Alexander’s blasphemy is that he doubts there is an active cover up by the government. In his new book, UFO’s: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities, he describes his lengthy search for the keepers of the secrets.

While still on active duty with the Army, Colonel Alexander got the green light to create the military’s only UFO working group, tasked with finding where the reports all go and who might be holding material from crashed saucers. He met with the CIA, DIA, NSA, Pentagon, as well as civilian heavyweights like Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb, and Ben Rich of Lockheed’s Skunkwords.

“Our supposition was there’s got to be a back program someplace, someone minding the store, and over time, a series of meetings, everyone was interested but no one said they were doing it. It was always someone else,” said Alexander. “I talked to the head or deputy of all the lettered agencies you know, some that you don’t, and it was consistent across the board.”

Contrary to the government’s public position, Alexander says he found broad interest in UFO’s within intelligence agencies and the military, including many top officials who have had their own experiences. But if there’s a warehouse filled with UFO secrets, he never found it, and his conclusion that there is no active cover up has led to accusations that he is part of the conspiracy.

“My premise is we’re not even to the point of asking the right questions. But the UFO community has decided what the answers should be,” he said.

To extend his blasphemy even further, Alexander thinks UFO’s are not necessarily extraterrestrial. The ultimate truth, he says, could be much more complicated. At a minimum, Alexander argues, people should be allowed to study this without fear of ridicule.

“We need to make it permissible for a look at the very real phenomena, but to do so without risking your career or livelihood. This is a tar baby, if you get associated with it, and I can show you the scars,” he said.

Alexander will be speaking at the Clark County Library on east Flamingo Road on Thursday, September 8. George Knapp will be the moderator. We have a link to more information on our website.

What’s Basic Here?

What’s Basic Here?. via SteveBeckow.com by Steve Beckow

The Storm

We were told by SaLuSa on Sept. 12 that “once we can get started, you will find yourselves on a bit of a roller-coaster ride.” (1) We seem to be already on that roller-coaster ride.

Spaceships are circling the planet. Economies are falling. A new economy is waiting to be born. Conflict is breaking out around the world.  Nations and armies are standing up to their erstwhile masters. Arrests are said to be occurring.  No one knows if an attack these days is the elite attacking or being attacked. In every area of light work, new initiatives are beginning, new coalitions forming, new knowledge coming to light. All is a whirlwind of activity.

At times like this, to ground my being, I ask myself: What is basic? What never changes? What is this all about?

While Ascension itself is basic, any one Ascension is not. There are always more Ascensions.  When I asked AA Michael what my next assignment was, on the private part of the tape I made with him, he told me of another Ascension, a higher Ascension, happening after this one. On another occasion he had this to say about an even grander Ascension than that:

“There are many levels and stages of Ascension. …

“Ultimately, we will experience the universal Ascension process together. This phase of Ascension will take place in the far-distant future; however, we in the higher realms of existence have had glimpses of this prodigious cosmic event and, we assure you, it is so magnificently complex and awe-inspiring that it is beyond your present comprehension.” (2)

Ascension is basic because it is one mechanism of a return to God and a return to God is basic. Regarding ever more enlightenments,  each more basic, Franklin Merrell-Woolf once testified.

“A certain Sage…, speaking of unfolded Consciousness above the level of the highest human Adepts, said: ‘We attain glimpses of Consciousness so Transcendent, rising level upon level, that the senses fairly reel before the awe-inspiring Grandeur.’”

“Here, certainly, is space for evolution far beyond the highest possibility of man as man.” (3)

“Truly, within the Infinite there are Mysteries within Mysteries, Deeps beyond Deeps, Grandeurs beyond Grandeurs. …

“Mystery of Mysteries, reaching inward and outward, but ever Beyond! And from that Beyond ever there come new whisperings of other imponderable Glories. Ah! How little is this world at the beginning of the Trail, barely a point in a Space of unlimited dimensions!” (4)

When Alfred Lord Tennyson was enlightened by a Seraph on the shores of Africa, Tennyson fell on his face and the angel picked him up. What the angel said is instructive.

“With ministering hand [the seraph] rais’d me up:
Then with a mournful and ineffable smile,
Which but to look on for a moment fill’d
My eyes with irresistible sweet tears…

“‘There is no mightier Spirit than I to sway
The heart of man: and teach him to attain
By shadowing forth the Unattainable….’” (5)

The One is so far above us, the way to It is so long, that we may as well consider It “the Unattainable.”  Implicit in this statement is that, for even this mighty being who stands in the face of God, there are yet more Ascensions.

Knowing our own true nature is more basic than anything that is happening at this moment or will happen tomorrow, or tomorrow, with the exception of Ascension.

God and the knowing of God are basic. The rest of this, as grand and exciting as it may be, is just a passing show, whether it be war or peace, loss or salvation, the pit of despair or the heights of elation.

We are here to know the One. We are here to know ourselves. We and the One are the same. And all of this show is simply here to reveal to us our own true nature, That.

When things get as busy as they are now, because people are awakening, rising up, refusing and embracing, I remind myself that, as glorious as it is, it serves only my own personal awakening, and your own personal awakening, and the awakening of us all. Not an awakening to 2012, not even an awakening to only one particular Ascension, as if it were the end-all and be-all, but a full and complete awakening to our own true Self. There is nothing else that’s happening here but a sleep and an awakening.

So don’t be swept away by the busy-ness of the moment. Don’t lose your grip on things. The rush and roar is not what’s happening here. It’s as much a passing show as a storm of a half-day’s duration. There’s something more basic happening here, and that’s your own deepest awakening. Hold fast to that.

See that as what’s happening. Sink down deeply into that. Let all of this, as chaotic and insane as it may seem, serve that.


(1) SaLuSa, Sept. 12, 2011, athttp://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/Channeled_Messages_by_Mike_Quinsey.htm

(2) Archangel Michael, “Passport to Ascension,” May 2009, through Ronna Herman, athttp://www.ronnastar.com/latest.html

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David Wilcock Update: Air Pressure, not Nukes, Destroyed Bases



David Wilcock Update: Air Pressure, not Nukes, Destroyed Bases. via SteveBeckow.com by Pat Donworth

9/21/2011 | Divine Cosmos  http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/975-undergroundbases


Nineteen years ago today, I stopped using all intoxicating substances… and never went back. In much the same way, it would appear that a worldwide “addiction” is finally breaking.

The negative elite have hit bottom. What happens from here is anyone’s guess, but let us all hope for a quick surrender so that more lives are not lost.

Unfortunately, their tendency has been NOT to surrender, and we cannot expect they will. Additional destruction may be required.


I am happy to report that the highest-level intelligence sources we have on this subject have now informed us that NO radioactivity was detected in either of the destroyed areas.

What they DID find is now considered a baffling mystery. It appears both bases were destroyed by an instantaneous twenty-fold increase in air pressure.

Let me spell it out for you in plain terms. There is nothing left in either of these areas. Everything in them has been crushed to tiny particles of rubble. There is no point in ever trying to access them again or redevelop. The damage is total.

No one knows how such an event is even possible. There is no record of any attack like this ever having been done before within the insider world.

Fulford’s sources seem very clear about who did this and why it was done. Nonetheless, this attack does not resemble any known terrestrial classified technology.


Therefore, this may have been an ET-assisted attack — consistent with the China’s October Surprise series I’ve been documenting here.

It may be that a massive quantity of air was “portaled” into either base. Portal technology does exist, in various capacities, but certainly has never before been used like this.

It is also possible that some unknown technology was used to expand the size of the air molecules within the bases by a factor of twenty.

Russian “scalar” technology can make things get much hotter or much colder, and can create destructive impulses, but there is no record of anything like this ever having been done.

If ETs were responsible, and used advanced portal technology, it may also be that at least some, if not all of the personnel in these facilities were moved to a safe area before the attack was conducted.

If this is the case, none of them have been able to or allowed to make contact as of yet.