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Benjamin Fulford, August 2, 2011 – What replacing the government of the planet means

Benjamin Fulford, August 2, 2011 – What replacing the government of the planet means by Reena via www.reenagagneja.com

Power is an elusive thing. It is ultimately a fine balance of mass psychology built up through the momentum of the past. Changing the very top of the world power structure involves a shift in the psychology of the people who rule the planet. That change is then followed by a change in public announcements and actions. People watching the collapse of the current world regime are getting impatient because it seems to be taking so much time. They need to understand that changing a system that has existed for thousands of years needs to be handled with great care in order to avoid chaos, starvation and war. Nonetheless, the signs of global regime change are everywhere.

Let us look at some of the signs in both the corporate propaganda media and behind the scenes. The case of Dominique Strauss-Khan, the former head of the IMF, is one. On the surface, he was arrested and deposed for allegedly raping a maid. Under the surface, DSK has been released because he has begun to cooperate with the White Dragon Society and reveal the secrets of the criminal cabal that illegally seized control of global finance.

Another case is Rupert Murdoch. On the surface, Murdoch is under attack for a scandal involving listening in on mobile phone calls. This is simply a pretext because such mobile listening scandals have emerged in the past and never had such repercussions. The truth is that Murdoch is breaking away from the five person cabal that controlled the corporate media information flow. He is threatening to reveal a lot more if he continues to be persecuted. The White Dragon Society offers him protection if he is willing to start using his media empire to report the unvarnished truth about things like 911 without worrying about any power group, including the WDS.

The other big split that is obvious is that between the British and Roman empires. When George Bush Jr. and Tony Blair went to the Vatican offering to convert to Catholicism, they were seeking the protection of a Roman Godfather. This did not stop the British powers from revealing Blair was complicit in agreeing to the criminal invasion of Iraq and the mass murder of its citizens. Retaliation came a while later with wide publicity in such propaganda organs as the Association Press about the alleged murder of Princess Diana by the British Royal family.

There will be many more revelations as the old power cabal continues to unravel and competing factions begin to reveal each other’s scandals.

A lot of people were paying close attention to the fake debate over the US budget but those with inside knowledge ignored this annual farce because they knew it was irrelevant. The fact of the matter is the US corporation needs to borrow close to $2 trillion every year from foreigners to keep going and they are not getting it. They are only getting to kick the can down the road a bit longer while the new system gets ready.

Last week a group linked to Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger and fellow cabalists tried to cash some megabonds through the White Dragon society. They were told no. They issued threats, they received counter-threats.

Their flunkies in Japan, meanwhile, are in deep trouble. Former Prime Minister and Bush slave Junichiro Koizumi has gone into hiding in North Korea for the past month. The Inagawa crime syndicate, which displays a picture of their boss meeting Bush Senior at their headquarters, has finally realized they were being fooled and used.

Some police officials who work for the Washington criminal cabal are still trying to make mischief but they have lost any public pretense of being on the side of justice and their days are numbered.

Former Prime Minister Nakasone has begun to keep a low profile. The Rockefeller crime syndicate is no longer welcome in Japan.

Despite all of these changes under the surface, the fact remains the public news being given to the brainwashed Western world is still mostly cabal propaganda. A visit to Canada revealed that brainwashed intellectuals were confused about contradictions in the official propaganda line about places like Afghanistan and Libya but they were still far from understanding the truth about the criminal nature of their government.

In the news was that, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon was given a new term as head of the UN despite the fact that the people of the planet did not choose him for the job. As a result the general theme and direction of the planet remains one of unrestrained corporate profiteering, huge income gaps between the rich and the poor, endless criminal wars and a daily deluge of corporate lies being fed to the people.

When will the White Dragion Society take action? many continue to ask. The answer to this remains that painful though the situation is; some secret negotiations are still needed to prevent a nuclear holocaust. In specific, the Israeli government and its 200 or so nukes needs to be dealt with. The Jewish people need to renounce the gangsters who have seized power in Israel. The criminal cabal in Washington D.C. also needs to understand the inevitable. Big changes on these fronts are expected this autumn.

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UFOs sighting California Coast, USA 19 September 2011

UFO SIGHTINGS Massive Fleet UFOs Caught on Tape September 19 2011 California Coast Multiple ufos zoom across the sky at amazing speeds

UFO sighting Quito, Ecuador, 22 September 2011

Faster Than The Speed Of Light: New Particles Challenge Einstein Theory

Faster Than The Speed Of Light: New Particles Challenge Einstein Theory via Huffingtonpost.co.uk 23th september 2011 Press Association

My Comment: Didn’t we know that already. What do they next discover and already have known and kept from us.

Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: Staying Centered in Your Ocean of Emotion

Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: Staying Centered in Your Ocean of Emotion. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: “Staying Centered in your Ocean of Emotion”

Channeled by Wes Annac, Sept. 23, 2011


Many events are soon to come to fruition that will see you all Living  the majestic and free Lives you all so dearly deserve. Every last one  of you is bringing these manifestations into being, and the effort that  has already been put in by you all has been nothing short of miraculous.  Humanity is entering an advanced stage in it’s awareness, so much so  that those enlightened are beginning to manifest miracles every day. We  have told you before of some of the miracles you are manifesting, and  this is only the beginning.

Dearest souls of planet Earth, we wish you  to know that you are to be perceiving us so very soon. You have for so  long wondered what we are like, how our energy will feel, and how we  will communicate to you once we arrive. We can say that you will  instantly feel our energy upon seeing us, and our nature is of such  uplifment that you will have no doubt that we are of a peaceful intent.  Indeed the dark hath played upon your deepest fears of ‘evil alien invaders’ but we can promise you that we are not such invaders. Such darker  entites were allowed in your governments when we were not, and for the  most part the influence of the ‘evil aliens’ has seeped down into your  mainstream culture.

Indeed, most any soul from another world would come to Earth and be  very confused. While many of you have had fear of ‘alien planets’, Earth  can be considered one of the most ‘alien’ planets of them all. Such is  the way with temporarily underdeveloped worlds, and it has been  wonderful to see so many of you shake this influence off of your being  and once again rejoin the Light. Dear souls, now is a time of staying  calm, or releasing resistance to the Divine. Many events are to manifest  in your Lives that will have you trying to feel a certain way, we say  to you now do not let any outside source dictate your emotions and  feelings. Only let you, the Divine Creator, decide what your reaction to  events will be. The darker entities who have fed off of your energy for  so long are harder at work than ever trying to force you to give your  energy away to them, do not let it be so.

Indeed many sensitive Lightworkers have felt the intense dark  energies hitting them like a ton of bricks at nearly every step of the  way, and for some it may seem as if the dark has gotten stronger. We can  say to you now that it is absolutely not so. The dark, and by this we  mean not just the dark cabal on your world but the numerous dark  entities that wish to feed off of your energy, is finding itself with  little power, little influence over anyone. As a result, it is a now  acting as a dangerous angry animal trapped in a corner. It is always the  darkest before dawn dear souls, and the dark is trying to show an  exponential force of negativity, of anger that has been bombarding many  of the most sensitive Lightworkers. We ask you now, instead of letting  yourselves feel the negative emotions that give the dark their power,  forgive them for all they have done and work on bringing yourself back  to center.

Dear souls, staying in one’s center in these difficult times will see  you more benefit than you may realize. We would liken it to swimming in  the ocean, and staying where your feet touch the sand can be likened to  staying centered. If you keep yourself in balance with the Higher  energies and with Mother Earth, you find you are able to stand strong  and the waves of emotion that come at you do not influence you one bit.  However, if you push yourself away from the ‘beach’ into the ocean of  emotion where your feet cant touch, you will find yourself swept up by  the oceanic tide. Are we making sense dear souls? Are the words and  analogies we are giving you resonating? Much temptation will continue to  surface for you to feed the dark, and this temptation will come about  through your experiencing situations you would label as stressful or  frustrating. We ask you now, do not give your power away as your Divine  energies are greatly needed at this time.

Greetings to all! I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. It  has come to our attention that many of you remember very little about  the spacecraft we daily use for our ventures across your solar system  and universe. When we do finally land on Earth and show ourselves to  you, naturally we will be coming to you in our starships and  motherships. We have many different models for these ships, and each  soul personalizes their craft to make it unique to them. It is such an  individual and Heavenly process, and you will soon find that creativity  is essential to many of the actions we perform.

Our technology is powered by consciousness, so much so that it itself  is consciousness. We endow our Christed Consciousness into our  techonology as we created it with Mind and Heart. Needless to say much  training will be required for you on Earth who will have your own craft  when the time comes. You will find that we will be sharing much  technology with you, oh dear souls the technological wonders that await  you are at present unfathomable to you. You will very soon be seeing and  receiving this technology however.

You can think of our motherships as  great big Living spaces that we travel the universe in; dear souls these  motherships are so unfathomably big and roomy compared to what you are  used to. I exaggerate not when I tell you that we could fit one of your  small cities in our motherships if we wished to. This is how big they  are dear souls. Many of us have Lived aboard these motherships for  countless ‘years’ of your time, countless Lives, ect. Of course we are  given the option to go back to our Home planets to visit whenever we  wish to, but especially now with Earth’s ascension in full swing we have  stayed right here on our Divine motherships.

The dark would have you fear our motherships as well as our methods  of boarding these ships. Many have undoubtedly seen your movies and  television shows displaying a heinous looking giant space ship that  ‘abducts’ people by shining a Light out of the bottom that forces the  person on board. Dear souls we wish you to know that that is not how our  technology works. Yes some darker entities have deveopled technology  that, against one’s freewill, force one aboard their ship but those  souls are not even allowed in your atmosphere anymore.*

Only souls with  the highest intent towards humanity are ever allowed in your atmosphere  these days, as with your ascension so well underway we cannot risk  another Atlantean-style disaster before you ascend. The technology we  use upon our motherships and starships is that of Love, of a Loving  consciousness. The popular rays of Light that shine down on a soul are  of more of an uplifing, Divine nature. Needless to say when seeing and  feeling that higher dimensional Love many souls are naturally drawn to  our ships like moths to a Light. It is not some clever way of getting  you on board our ships, as we always respect freewill and would not even  appear before a soul unless they were truly ready to see us, as many of  you now are.

I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and together with the  Pleiadian High Council wish you all to know that you have become the  change you have for so long wished to see. You have embodied the higher  consciousness of Love and Light, and your actions in helping others have  reflected this greatly. Many of the actions on the part of humanity we  wished to see occur before our arrival, have indeed come to fruition.  You are literally fulfilling your own prophecies, and we mean not the  prophecies of doom and gloom but the prophecies of you working together  to find the Love and the Light, of you all ascending together as one  enormously powerful social memory complex. We will be seeing all of you  so very soon.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council, the Pleiadian Council of Nine and SanJAsKa.

*The darker ET entities that have been allowed into our government  came here before the quarantine was effectively put in to place, which  is why those darker entities are hear even though no more are allowed on  Earth.

Update: The Hope Chest, aka The Lightworker’s Fund, New Email: thehopechest44@hotmail.com

Update: The Hope Chest, aka The Lightworker’s Fund, New Email: thehopechest44@hotmail.com. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

by Dave Schmidt

 Once again, thank you to all who have contributed.  You have made a big difference to those whom we have helped.

WE HAVE A NEW EMAIL FOR PAYPAL DONATIONS:    thehopechest44@hotmail.com

As of now no longer send donations to Steve’s unity22 paypal account.

So, what’s happening.  We’ve received close to $4000 and made three disbursement totalling $700.

When Steve had his recent reading with Archangel Michael, we remember the specific comments from AAM.  I   don’t know about you, but I take direct comments from an Archangel pretty seriously.  In other words, it’s a good idea to follow an Archangel’s suggestions if you want to see blessings flow in our giving.  I don’t have to think twice that AAM has much better perspective on this giving stuff than I do.

So, once again what did AAM say; here’s part of the conversation:

Steve: Ah hah. OK, well, are there any instructions you want to give to me and Dave Schmidt on how this should run, be organized or what it should do.

AAM: It is to support those in need. It is to support those who have been true to their calling, to the role that they have fulfilled and are fulfilling, and most of these, as you well know, are unpaid jobs, and that is very, very difficult in your reality, so it is to help those who are in need. So, yes, there has need to be discerning about who needs what, when, but David will do that. And what you will be surprised at is how much money will come forward in support of those people. …

In another area it talked about helping those who might be falling betweenthe cracks.

So, what have we done.  All three of the recipients are individuals who have given of themselves not only to light work, but they have given of themselves to the ongoing work of the 2012 Scenario postings.  All three wrote that they were on the verge of being evicted from their homes or something similar.  They are the givers who have received little in return and now find themselves in desperate need.

Have we taken total care of all of their financial needs.  No, we do not have those funds at this time.  But we have taken a step in making a difference where they did not fall between the cracks and they we able to make it through another day or another week.

All three have expressed their thanks and gratitude for making their life better for the next moments and days in their lives.

I can see how the name “The Hope Chest,” is beginning to develop in these cases.  For each one we gave them hope for another period of time in their lives.  The cracks that seemed to be coming their way were momentarily closed.

All donations or correspondence sent to the new email; thehopechest@hotmail.com will be directed to me first.  I then forward all messages onto Steve as appropriate.  My intention is to release Steve of any time, concerns or issues regarding this fund.

Like you, I so appreciate the work and effort Steve puts into helping us stay informed on what’s going on in the ‘world of ascension issues.’

Until next time, thank you once again  for all of your support and donations.  Believe me, the receipients appreciate all of your help and contributions.  Anywhere from $10 to $1000; it is what you can do to help others that counts.

Thanks again and blessing to all!

Dave Schmidt