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Irelands Tara Hill: A Huge Temple found under Hill

Huge temple found under Hill of Tara via MythicalIreland.com

A HUGE temple, once surrounded by about 300 huge posts made from an entire oak forest, has been discovered directly beneath the Hill of Tara in Co Meath. Conor Newman, an archaeology lecturer at NUI Galway, said the discovery at the ancient site made sense of the positioning of other graves and monuments in the area.

The huge temple at Tara - click for larger viewMr Newman, who has been working on the Hill of Tara under the State-funded Discovery Programme since 1992, was delighted by the find. “It fills a very important place in the jigsaw because it allows us to make sense of the distribution of other monuments all around it.”

The Discovery Programme, set up under the auspices of the Heritage Council, carried out a survey of the Hill of Tara between 1992 and 1996 when Mr Newman was director.

When Mr Newman moved to Galway he continued to be involved in the project Using sophisticated technology, he and his team of experts mapped what was underground. The work was slow and tedious because it yielded such a huge amount of information.

What they uncovered eventually at the crown of the hill was a huge, oval-shaped monument measuring about 170 metres at its widest point. Around it are 300 post holes measuring two metres wide, indicating a massive human effort involved in the construction.

“We think it probably dates from 2500 to 2300BC and still had a big physical presence even after the posts were taken out or rotted,” Mr Newman said.

While the monument is located just below the ground’s surface, there are no plans yet to dig it out.

“There was a time when excavation was the first step in archaeological research. That’s not the case now because it really is the systematic destruction of a monument. When you are dealing with something as important as the Hill of Tara, you don’t do something like that lightly.”

Mr Newman reckons they will be able to learn more about the site from the data before the ground itself is finally excavated. “What we have is the clearest underground image I have ever seen. This one jumps off the page.”

Mr Newman is concerned about a planned extension of the N3 motorway from Clonee to just north of Kells. One of the sections from Dunshaughlin to Navan runs along the east side of the Hill of Tara.

“I have absolutely no doubt that they will be destroying dozens of monuments connected to Tara.” See more about the motorway threat to Tara.

100 new monuments discovered at Hill of Tara

At least 100 new monuments have been discovered on the Hill of Tara, thanks to the deployment of non-invasive exploratory techniques. Geophyscial survey allows archaeologists to record the magnetic properties or electrical resistance of the soil, which is permanently altered by human activity, therefore proving that people once inhabited the area. For example, a bonfire or a burial will permanently enhance the magnetism of the soil around it. Similarly, a buried wall will act as a barrier to the movement of electric current passed through the soil and therefore significantly increases its electrical resistance.

An aerial view of TaraMr Conor Newman and Mr Joe Fenwick of the Department of Archaeology at NUI, Galway and the Discovery Programme, which is funded by the Heritage Council, have been researching Tara since 1992. The earliest monuments at Tara date from around 4000 BC. Close to 30 monuments had been recorded prior to the deployment of geophysical survey, which has greatly aided the research process and facilitated the discovery of approximately 100 additional monuments.

In three field seasons since 1999, the team at Galway has increased the geophysical survey area on the Hill of Tara by more than 13 hectares, making this by far the most extensive geophysical survey ever undertaken in Ireland. Plans are in place to survey the rest of the state-owned part of Tara in the next few years.

A host of new and interesting features have been revealed in the work so far. One of the most spectacular finds is a huge oval enclosure, equivalent to the size of Croke Park (170m North to South), which is believed to date from around 2500 BC. Referred to as a henge (see illustration), it comprises a 4m wide ditch, possibly up to 3m deep, on either side of which are great 2m wide pits. These pits probably held around 300 wooden poles between them. This oval enclosure encircles Ráith na Senad or Rath of the Synods and takes in the whole of the present day churchyard. It also includes a passage tomb known as the mound of the hostages. Like most of the monuments on Tara this is a temple or sacred compound of some sort.

A full report on this monument and others found in the course of the survey has just been published in the 6th volume of the Discovery Programme Reports and is available from the Discovery Programme and the Royal Irish Academy. The Discovery Programme has produced a detailed map of all of the monuments on the Hill of Tara using a combination of the geophysical survey finds and topography.

The topography map is in digital format, which means it is fully interactive. It can be interrogated and manipulated in order to reveal features that are otherwise barely visible. These techniques have confirmed that many of the monuments built on the Hill of Tara incorporated older monuments into their fabric. This allowed some of the ritual and historical importance associated with the older monument to be included in the new structure.

The Hill of Tara from the Air“Every new monument discovered at Tara adds to our understanding of the development of the complex,” said Mr Newman. “For the most part, the monument builders of each generation observed, preserved and accommodated all of the older ones in a way that contributed positively and sensitively to the developing authority of Tara as a place apart,” he added.

Close to half of the State-owned land on the Hill of Tara has been examined using geophysical survey so far and plans are in place to continue with this research and to survey the rest of the hill. However, much concern has arisen lately about the proposed route of the M3 motorway,which if approved, will pass right along the eastern foot of the Hill of Tara, crossing an area intimately connected with the great royal complex. This area also boasts an impressive concentration of archaeological monuments. “It is a reckless dereliction of our role as guardians of our common cultural heritage to drive a motorway through it,” said Mr Newman. “If you disassociate a society from its past, it becomes rootless. Tara is a national treasure and a massive tourist attraction for Co. Meath. It should be managed not simply as a hilltop site but rather as a cultural landscape, just has been the case with places like the Boyne Valley,” he added.




Is Ascension only for Lightworkers or can Darkworkers get a bit of the action too?

53-is-acension-only-for-lightworkers-or-can-darkworkers-get-a-bit-of-the-action-too.html via Ascension101.com by Inelia Benz


Ascension is the expansion of awareness to the state of Oneness.  Oneness encompasses all, everything, light, dark, male, female, night, day, all the polarities we have here on Earth are integrated, included in Oneness, and it doesn’t really matter what path the person has taken to get there, we are all included.

 Sometimes, the person who finds ascension the hardest will be the Lightworker, as opposed to someone on their soul journey who hasn’t taken sides. This is because the lightworker, by definition, has taken sides.  The person who does everything for the greater good, who goes out of their way to help others, no matter what this might cause to their own welfare, and who judges those who choose a path of destruction and fear as “evil”, will find it extremely difficult to integrate their own darkness, acknowledge it, accept it, and let it expand with the rest of their Self. And darkness they do have.

A lightworker can be so set on his or her side of the fence, so set to save the world, so set to survive and “ascend” through 2012 that of course he or she are getting nowhere fast.  They are very much attached to their healing, or lightworker, modality and seeing past it is near impossible for them.  They think that to Ascend, they have to be “good”.  They think that “love heals all”, and that heaven is a place where animals don’t eat each other and that’s where they are going to ascend to with the rest of their lightworker friends. I’ve heard it say that, “they are going to ascend to the new Earth with the other pure hearted and chosen people of Earth.”  See “the chosen” is highly hierarchical. Hierarchies are not inclusive, they are not Oneness.

Is there an opposite to the Lightworker? Of course, otherwise neither would exist.  There is an erroneous belief that the Darkworker is someone who is dedicated to their own welfare, and only their own welfare. However, this is not the case. A Darkworker also groups, and works for the greater good of the group, or their master.  This includes keeping people as slaves of fear and ignorance so as to have “power” over them, and feed off them whether by feeling powerful, or being able to inflict pain, suffering and other manipulations over their slave population.  It’s a power trip.  They “take” from others, whether it is life force, energy, hope, happiness or money, it doesn’t matter, they take it. And what do they want for 2012? For everything to stay the same of course.  Can they do ascension work?  Yes. They can ascend to Oneness but their path is as difficult to the one the Lightworker has chosen.  And the reason is that they too are polarized an find it extremely difficult to integrate their “light” side. They think that if they do, they will become vulnerable and loose power.

Both the lightworker and the darkwoker function within hierarchies.  Both have a very high sense of righteousness.  Both will go to war defending their own side of the fence.  And both think the other one is inferior and should be destroyed through their take on salvation.

The truth is, the greatest battle will always be fought inside ourselves. Both the lightworker and darkworker have each other inside themselves and, even if they are outwardly polarized, this only comes about by suppressing their opposite side inside of their self.

Some believe that a person cannot get anywhere unless they do polarize, this is erroneous. The fastest and most powerful ascension is when the person integrates both sides fully. That is when the person becomes truly powerful.

Oneness can only be achieved by the inclusion, integration and acceptance of all sides of oneself and others without judgment or fear.

And FEAR is the key.

Each side is AFRAID of the other. And Fear is the one thing that can stop anyone from achieving Ascension into oneness.

Makes one wonder really, after all, just about everything that we see on tv, hear on the radio or read on the internet, causes fear inside us. Worry. We fear for our future, for our lifestyle, for our children, for our jobs, we fear… fear… fear.  It looks like someone is trying to stop our personal ascension work, don’t you think?

Anyone who tries to sell you fear as the way to heaven is working for the dark side.  And that’s ok. That side will get you to Oneness eventually too.

The thing about the darkworker is that once they have feared, taken, and done all they can to destroy others, the persons realizes it is as ineffective path as the work their opposite is doing, saving, giving and nurturing all and everything around them.   Once each realizes the futility of the polarization, they are no longer afraid of the other side, and can integrate it into themselves, becoming whole and complete.