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Montague Keen – 25 September, 2011

Veronica, my dear, there is a cry going out all over your world for truth and justice. Unfortunately, people do not always want to accept the real truth as it does not fit with what they believe to be true. Firstly, it must be understood that your history does not give a true picture, not even remotely, and so it causes great confusion in the minds of many. The truth is there if you care to look for it. I did so in the last years of my last life. I did find the truth. I realised that all that I had accepted as fact was pure fiction, whose only goal was to enslave mankind. All you needed was common sense to see that what was being forced on you was total fabrication. You could understand primitive man accepting some of it; but now, when research has been made easy, there is no excuse for accepting it at all. Yes, I know my dear, they savagely attack those who question their “truth”. The only truth you need to follow is that INFINITE LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUTH, EVERYTHING ELSE IS ILLUSION.

It is good to know that even in ‘death’, my words serve to open minds. You were pleasantly surprised to see, blazoned across the screen at Dave Patrick’s lecture on Francis Bacon, “Nothing is as it seems”. Montague Keen, our work does not go unnoticed !

As you awaken from the control system you feel the love that each day is becoming more powerful. First, you must learn to love and accept yourself. Do not punish yourself for not living up to what others expect of you. Look in the mirror, open up to the Being of Light that you see there. Love and accept them and you will see a new you blossom before your eyes. Others will respond with love to this Being of Light that you project to the world. It is only when you see the love and light in others, that you will see clearly that war is always wrong. You cannot hurt those you love and respect. Know that they, too, are struggling to care for those they love. It is not easy learning the lessons you are on Earth to learn. Darling, you know only too well, how I was made to suffer for my beliefs. I never wavered or apologised, for in my soul I knew that I was right in the beliefs that I held. Look to your higher self, you have all the answers deep within your soul. The memories of all past lives are there, ready to be tapped into, whenever you need to understand why you are asked to carry out certain projects. You are not just the person that you are in this life. You are much more than that.

Try to refrain from criticising others who do not see eye to eye with you. They may hold different views. It does not make them wrong. People see things in the way that is most comfortable to them. There are many different views as to how The Shift will affect people. It will differ in different parts of the world. But one thing is absolutely clear: that it will affect everyone. The most important thing to remember is – do not be fearful – this is what the Dark Cabal wants. Trust that each of you will welcome the love and light it will bring to you, and know that for you to enter the fifth dimension, this is the doorway through which each of you must go.

You see in your Press that they are now reluctantly accepting that the banking system is finished. Few of you fully understand the extent of the corruption in banking alone. They have destroyed whole countries. They created poverty and suffering whenever and wherever they chose to do so. But their hideaways have been demolished. They will face the consequences of their actions. They will face their karma. They were given several opportunities to redeem themselves, but they refused.

The curtain will lift, all will be revealed. Love, harmony and peace will become the norm. Everything that controlled you will go. The energy of love will alter everything. Money will never, ever again, be able to destroy lives. There will be plenty for all. It amazes you how all the right people are coming forward. I told you that you did not need to look for them, they would come to you. The universe knows what is needed. We enjoy guiding you and C, to look at, and when necessary, to energise certain objects. Then you see firsthand as the doors open and the truth flows out from all directions. Try to see the love in everyone and everything around you. Let all that you do, be done in the name of love. When you have real love in your life you have everything.

The destruction of the control system is well under way. You do not have long to wait now. The animal kingdom will respond to The Shift better than humans. Animals retain their connection to the pulse of Mother Earth. You just have to look at how they know when to move to higher ground whenever a tsunami is about to happen. No one has to tell them, they know instinctively. The human link to Mother Earth was deliberately cut for control purposes; but worry not, it will be restored. You will also reconnect with your fellow beings from other planets. You will enjoy the great reunion that is planned. You are living through interesting times. Relax and enjoy coming out of the darkness that was imposed on you. Enter a future only experienced in dreams.

My dear, you have much to prepare. I will be at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

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Massive UFO Adelaide, Australia, 25 September 2011

Self-Servingness and the Time of Separation | The 2012 Scenario

Self-Servingness and the Time of Separation | The 2012 Scenario. via SteveBeckow.com by Steve Beckow 25 th september 2011.

God takes no sides

What’s the difference between “us against them” self-servingness and this Time of Separation? Surely it’s polarity and duality to conceive of “our side” pulling away and “their side” being left behind. Surely implicit in this view is the hidden, unspoken sentiment that God is on our side and not on theirs.

No, not by any means. God takes no sides. God is on all sides. There is no blame or insult that attaches to the decision not to ascend.

We are not the elect, the chosen of God, or anything of the sort. All are on the return journey to God and the speed with which one returns is inconsequential.

But there is – apparently – what the Bible represents as a winnowing, a harvesting.

There is a choice point here and the choice made does depend to some extent on certain qualities. However those who make Choice A and those who make Choice B are not loved more or less by God.

There is a choice to ascend with Earth to the Fifth Dimension. Call it Choice A if you like. There is also a choice to remain, not on Earth because it’ll fly, apparently, but in the Third Dimension in a similar venue to Earth. Or for some people not a similar venue. The really dark individuals, according to Matthew Ward and others, will drop back and visit 1D and 2D to start afresh. (1)

The choice made depends on qualities such as loving or hating, accepting or rejecting, cooperating or harming, etc. Let me take a very extreme example which accounts for a small percentage of people not ascending. I take an extreme example for the purposes of instant clarity. Those individuals who rape and pillage, torture and murder will probably be among people who would not welcome the light, not feel comfortable in it, and not ascend. We can all understand immediately why they would not.

Others may choose not to ascend because they feel uncomfortable religiously or spiritually. Extraterrestrials may show up for them like demons. Spirits may seem to them to be servants of the devil. I’m only guessing. There are many reasons, I would think, why people would choose not to ascend and their free will will be respected.

My understanding is that they will be treated with all loving compassion so it isn’t a case of one group being disrespected and regarded as inferior. It isn’t a case of self-servingly raising one group up and lowering another in anyone’s estimation. It also isn’t the case that some won’t make a return; eventually all will (with just a very, very few exceptions).

But there is a separation gradually taking place regardless. At this point I would imagine that the separation is merely people drifting apart from one another, the Choice A people finding fellow-feeling among other Choice A people and vice versa. But at some point, whenever Ascension occurs, there will actually be a “physical” choice made and we’ll no longer exist in the same dimension.

The Third is the only dimension in which people of all evolutionary stations exist together. Even on the Astral Planes, which I regard as the Fourth, people are sorted out into residents of the Dark Planes, the Lower Summerlands, and the Higher Summerlands. Only here on Earth does a saint rub shoulders with a bank robber. That’s one reason that makes this place one where discernment is learned so quickly and so deeply.

So, yes, there will be a separation but, no, it isn’t the dualistic case that God is on “our” side and not on “theirs.”


(1) Matthew Ward describes the destination of the truly evil. His descriptions of the life-review, descent to the Dark Planes, and then reincarnation in a separate world all conform to the descriptions of postmortem life to be found in New Maps of Heaven. http://www.angelfire.com/space2/light11/nmh/nmh-index1.html

“The souls whose lifetime energy registration was of the basest density—what some would call pure evil—automatically will be drawn to the only part of Nirvana that is separate from the flexible layers, the tiny orb near your moon where the density is so great that it holds those souls captive. They are aware of where they are and what they did that led them to that densest part of Earth’s spirit world because it is there that they review their entire past lifetime moment by moment and feel their every emotion along with the emotions of everyone whose lives they touched in any way. This review process is the hell of some religious concepts.


Light is constantly beamed to those souls, and if they choose to accept the light, they will embody in a first density placement in primitive forms that have no memories or intelligence, but only an instinctive existence. This allows those souls to start with a clean slate, unencumbered by memories of the dark behavior that led them to that densest of placements in your part of this universe.

Persons whose lifetime energy was of very low density—those who ignored their soul contracts and whose deliberately ruthless actions prevented others from fulfilling their own contracts, but were not as tyrannical or diabolical as the souls consigned to that tiny orb—automatically are drawn to a first density world and start over from scratch.

“When they accept the light that is beamed continuously into the placement, they can incarnate in a second density world where they will have no memory of other lifetimes but do gain a conscience, a capacity for reasoning, and free will choices. With this greater degree of innate abilities comes the option to act within the light or the darkness, thus they can have many lifetimes in second density, relapse into first, or progress into a third density world.

As for the veil of forgetting falling on residents of a third density world—how many of you remember why you are where you are?! “(Matthew’s Message, March 29, 2010.)

Jumproom To Mars – David Wilcock – Project Camelot








Tunnels To At Least 13 Underground Bases Being Sealed Off

Tunnels to at Least 13 underground bases being sealed off via angelbabe43.wordpress.com  from beforeitsnews.com