Radio Ann – Council of Twelve – Here’s your diploma

Council of Twelve: channeled by Radio Ann 29th September 2011

Hello. We are here. We are the Ascended Masters on the Council of Twelve, come to greet you, meet you, and see you through to the next phase of your development, namely, ascension, and a return to your own well-deserved status as an ascended master. We see that you have some resistance to this appellation. It’s not that far-fetched. It sounds grand, elevated, fancy, even snooty, perhaps? Well, it’s not as special as you might think. Once you get used to the concept and realize how many others are on the path, you’ll relax into the ordinariness of the experience.

You’re in good company. Many, many souls are advancing toward this goal. And then you’ll advance toward the next goal. Are you surprised that you’re no longer in kindergarten? Of course not. You lived, you did the work, and now you have various pieces of paper, diplomas, that signify your accomplishment and progress. Would you like a diploma to certify your advancement to the next level? Would that make you more confident of your rightful place among the lightworkers, angels, guides, masters, and galactic beings who watch your efforts with pride? All right then. Here it is.

We hereby decree by the power invested in us by the Creator that you, [your name here], are well on your way to the next level of consciousness, also known as ascension. We certify that you have completed the requirements and assigned tasks that qualify you for happiness! You are  hereby recognized as a child of God and a full member of the star families that comprise your universe. Congratulations!

All right. Now that we’ve handled that bit of business, let’s continue with today’s topic: Learning to live lightly and without pressure, stress, and all the psychological baggage that holds you back from moving even faster. Breathe. That’s all there is to it. Use your senses, which you may have noticed, are becoming ever more acute and attuned to the physical and non-physical worlds. Have you noticed that leaves are greener, the air is full of scents, the light is exquisite? It’s not just the turning of the seasons, although autumn does have its special charm, but you are becoming a finely tuned instrument that is capable of perceiving more and more stimuli.

So take in the beauty, filter out the ugly. Use discernment in all things: people, food, places, entertainment, information, friends, family, politicians, co-workers. Turn off the chatter, the judgement, and simply perceive. Then let your heart lead the way. Fool-proof method for maximizing your day. Helpful to the process of planetary ascension. It’s about as difficult as baking a cake. Seriously. You wouldn’t put motor oil in the batter, so don’t put garbage in your head. Surround yourself with light, and you’ll be able to filter out what doesn’t work for you. Energetically, that is.

Do you see that we are counseling detachment? Relax, breathe, watch the 3-D movie that’s your daily life. Be the calm actor at the center of it all, as the world swirls around you and the craziness ensues. Be bemused. Let it go. Feel your own energy field as it surrounds you with love and protection – the love and protection that you generate from the ground of your own being. The radiance of that practice will affect your immediate environment and the entire universe. Enjoy your day, star light.

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