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CNN Reports: Occupying Wall Street, Demanding Accountability

CNN Reports: Occupying Wall Street, Demanding Accountability. via SteveBeckow.com by Pat Donworth

Demonstrators with “Occupy Wall Street” participate in a march dressed as “corporate zombies” in New York on Monday

Occupying Wall Street, demanding accountability

original By Alan Silverleib,  first published CNN, 10-3-11


(CNN) — Hero Vincent has a dream: to see the titans of Wall Street trade their palatial office suites for a row of dank prison cells.

The crime? Theft. Stealing billion-dollar, taxpayer-funded bailouts. Getting rich on your dime while you struggle to make ends meet.

And if you’re tired of standing by while the rich get richer and the middle class crumbles, he has a suggestion: Take it to the streets.

Vincent, 21 and unemployed, has suddenly become one of several unofficial spokesmen for Occupy Wall Street, a leaderless protest movement made largely of twenty-somethings upset with the state of the economy, the state of the war in Afghanistan, the state of the environment, and the state of America and the world in general.

If that sounds vague, it’s meant to be. In less than three weeks, the movement has become a magnet for countless disaffected Americans. And at a time when an overwhelming majority of Americans say the country’s on the wrong track, there’s no shortage of new potential recruits.

On Saturday, more than 700 protesters were arrested for blocking the Brooklyn Bridge. A splinter group called Occupy Chicago touted a “huge afternoon march.” In Boston, 34 groups — unions and other organizations focused on everything from foreclosure prevention to climate change — marched for “an economy that works for all of us,” according to one website.

Over on the West Coast, Occupy Los Angeles kicked off with a march to City Hall. In Seattle, demonstrators touted “a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors (and) genders.”

On Monday, a live video feed from Occupy Wall Street was featured at the start of a three-day conference of progressive leaders in Washington.

What does it all mean?

“We’re here for different reasons,” said Vincent, whose father is also unemployed and recently went through a home foreclosure. “But at the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing, and that’s accountability. We want accountability for the connection between Wall Street and the politicians.”

“Something has to change,” he told CNN. “We’re out here because we’re tired of what’s been going on.”

Giles Clarke, a 46-year-old freelance photographer and father of two, echoes Vincent’s call for greater accountability.

“People have simply had enough,” Clarke said. “We’re living in an age where the inequality between high-end Wall Street and the (rest of us) is simply a gap that has become too big. Millions of people have lost their jobs. Millions of people have lost their homes.”

There’s been, Clarke said, “way too much cloak-and-dagger activity within the corridors of Wall Street” in recent years. “This is about raising awareness and a change of political discourse.”

The average person, according to Vincent, “is just fed up because there’s no more middle class. The margin between us and the employers is so great now. Where will we be in a couple of years?”

Does he actually want to occupy Wall Street and shut it down?

“We want to educate people,” Vincent said. But “if Wall Street actually shuts down, we’ll be happy about it.”

The movement “feels like something that will ultimately spread like the Arab spring,” said Egberto Willies, a CNN iReporter in Washington. “I call it the American autumn.”

Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots have clear strains of liberal economic populism — a powerful force in U.S. history during various times characterized by growing economic stress. That said, it could be a mistake to label or tie the movement to a specific agenda, said Susan Olzak, a Stanford University sociology professor.

“It’s difficult to classify a social protest movement early on in its history,” Olzak told CNN. “Clearer goals could eventually emerge, but there’s no guarantee.”

“Many movements fizzle out. Others become more organized,” she said. But “I think we run a risk (by) taking a snapshot at any one point in time, and trying to categorize the movement in any one way based on that snapshot. The only way to study these protest movements is to follow them over time.”

If Vincent, Willies and Clarke have their way, there will be plenty of time for this movement to continue to grow and evolve. Some observers question if it could become a liberal counterweight to the conservative populism of the tea party.

For his part, Clarke predicts the movement will go international in the next few months.

“Let’s get talking,” he urged. “Let’s have some of these issues looked at.”

CNN’s Greg Botelho and Maggie Lake contributed to this report.


Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension – Part 3/3

Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension – Part 3/3. via  SteveBeckow.com by Steve Beckow

Continued from Part 2. In this part AAM answers readers questions about Ascension and denies that there will be any catastrophe for Earth that will require us to abandon the surface and go to ships or travel to the Inner Earth.

SB: [Laugh] Uh-huh. All right. I have a great number of questions, but I think what I’m going to do is to arrange another talk with you to cover some of the others. But there were a couple that I think I probably should cover, because some people will want to know and have asked me about it.

There are parents who are worried that they will ascend against their will and leave their children or spouse behind when they don’t want to. Is it possible to ascend against one’s will?

AAM: It is absolutely impossible.

SB: So that, so the simple thing then is just to say, I don’t wish to ascend at this point?

AAM: You see, this is the power of no.

SB: [Laughter] Right.

AAM: No, because part of the ascension process is the act of will. It is the alignment of your heart, your mind, your spirit with your will, not just the will of all, but with your will. We are not going to override that.

SB: Okay, so that’s the brake.

AAM: That’s the brake.

SB: Right, all right. Well, I’m sure that will reassure them. Two questions on children. I’m under the impression that children below a certain age are regarded as innocent and will automatically ascend with their parents. Is that a true statement?

AAM: Yes. Most children are of pure heart. They are of love. And that is particularly true of the children that have come in in the last 20 years. That is why so many of them are completely disillusioned and feel disenfranchised. They don’t understand what on earth they are doing here and how they got here. Because they still have that core of innocence and of love. There may be some confusion, but they are still in that state of innocence. They are like little cherubs.

SB: All right. Another –

AAM: So, under eleven.

SB: Under eleven. Okay. Will children who appear not to understand ascension or issues dealing with ascension still ascend?

AAM: Yes. The issue isn’t intellectual. It is a heart decision. It is a heart knowing. Each of you on Earth have had situations where your guide or guardian angel has nudged you and you say, I’d better get out of here, this doesn’t feel right. And so you leave a place where, perhaps, danger is lurking. That is the sensation many of the children will have: “I don’t think I’m going to stay here; I think I’m going to go.” And it will be that simple.

SB: All right. Okay. Well, that’s reassuring. Now, I’ve turned the page and found I have two more questions. I’ll be very quick with that. Has a parent who chooses to remain behind when ascension occurs for the sake of a spouse or a child forfeited their chance to ascend for the next 26,000 years, or will they ascend upon the death of the physical body?

AAM: Of course they will ascend on the death of the body.

SB: All right. So it’s not the case that there’s a window that briefly opens and then shuts and these people have lost out altogether?

AAM: Why would we ever punish? We are not in the punishing business. And we would certainly never punish for love. When one stays because their love and their caring is so intense, their commitment is so intense — that is always taken into account. They will have their chance.

SB: That’s very reassuring. And my final question is, we seem to have a difference of opinion here. Some people say that the surface of the Earth before ascension will become uninhabitable and people will either go to space ships or down into the inner Earth and ascend there, and other people say no, the surface of the Earth will not become uninhabitable, people will remain on the surface of the Earth and ascend from the surface of the Earth. Is there one that’s incorrect and one that’s correct?

AAM: Yes. And we want to tell you, and we have told you, and we remind you yet again, gladly, this is also about the union with Gaia, the union with the Earth, and her transcendence, her ascension. She is not shrugging you off and telling you to go play elsewhere for a while while she is busy. You will be on the surface of the Earth.

Now, if you wish to be or happen to be on a ship during that time, that is not a problem. If you want to be in the bowels of the Earth, that is not a problem. But that is not the plan. The plan is for all the creatures together with her to travel together, to go up that spiral together.

SB: All right. So, so then it’s correct to believe or think that there will not be some kind of planetary cataclysm of destruction or catastrophe that necessitates our leaving Earth? I’m repeating this, Lord, to be absolutely certain, to leave no room for doubt on this question.

AAM: You know that years ago there was a very clear scenario, and you, as the Earth and her inhabitants, were headed for very much of a cataclysm. But do not forget also that your brothers and sisters held Earth in a bubble of pink to steady the axis for well over 50 years. Then, the light workers and light holders began to send healing to Gaia.

Now, you have felt her shrugging. You have felt her adjustments just the same way that many of you have had heart palpitations, digestive issues, skin issues, exhaustion. So you have seen the earthquakes, the volcanoes, the floods. It is very similar adjustments, just on a very different kind of scale.

The polar axes have been shifting for some time now, but there will not be a radical shift in that way. That has been addressed and taken care of. There will not be a massive cataclysm. And do not forget, your star brothers and sisters are in attendance. They are helping more than anybody knows, even those in your secret governments who think they know. [Laughter] They are helping to assist and to avoid what you think of as cataclysm.

Now, will there be shiftings? Yes. You’ve already witnessed that. And there are soul groups that have already committed and decided that they leave together, as a group. But what you are thinking of is far too close, my friend, to Armageddon, and that is not the plan.

SB: All right. Well, I think that is fairly conclusive for me. So I feel that the question that I had has been answered. Thank you.

AAM: You are welcome.

SB: I think what I should do, Lord, is return in a couple of weeks and ask the other questions that I have, and leave off for now. With my thanks.

AAM: And my thanks. I bless you and I give you my love.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Thank you very much.

AAM: I am proud of you, my friend. I thank you for helping me.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

David Wilcock: Cabal Planning to Flee

David Wilcock: Cabal Planning to Flee. Via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com by Laura Tyco.

David Wilcock has responded to Ben Fulford’s recent column, the most interesting point of which is the speculation that the old guard in Washington is preparing to flee en masse to South America, a point we’ve heard raised on occasion in the past. He also alleges that the cabal has wired many bridges and airstrips to explode.

If this is the case, I imagine it wouldn’t be a hard thing for the galactics to foil the plan. The comment is interesting to those who like to connect dots, but I wouldn’t let it alarm you. We’re in good hands. But if what David says is true, then it’s the news we’re waiting for. Thanks to Roth.

Comment by dwilcock on October 4, 2011 @ 4:08 am


I can confirm from my own contacts that very few, if any lives were lost in the destruction of the underground bases. Ben is right. This is another good proof that we’re both hearing the same things.

Apparently for 24 hours before there was an explosion in either case, audio recordings that have now been recovered from the bases have the sounds of massive amounts of furniture sliding across the floor and people yelling. It appears that portals were opened up in the bases and they just pulled everything out — personnel, equipment and everything in between. There is no “stuff” left in what remains. All the supplies are gone.

However, where my sources disagree with Ben is that they are saying there is no radioactivity. Nukes were NOT used. Instead, it was a 20-fold spontaneous increase in air pressure, after everything had been pulled out for this 24-hour period.

Many of the personnel working in these bases were brought in during the 1970s, and are forbidden to ever walk the surface of the Earth again. This is all part of the update I’m working on for my website, Divine Cosmos, right now.

Ben has people who are closer to the actual negotiations than I’m able to hear from right now, but I do agree with him that it seems we are very close.

The biggest part he’s NOT seeing, apparently though, is that most of the old guard in Washington DC and thereabouts is planning on fleeing, en masse, to South America once this all happens. They’ve been using so many military aircraft to do this in the last three and a half weeks that it is delaying the return of soldiers discharged from Afghanistan. Then, as a good-bye present, they are planning on detonating charges planted in bridges and airstrips all over the country. The governors of each state have the sole control of the detonators — so I am told.

They are hoping that this will weaken society enough to create hunger, riots and chaos. I have revealed these plans at my own risk because I believe they can be stopped. The charges were put in place by workers who drilled into the concrete to test its strength, and put “detectors” in there to check on the integrity, the water vapor, et cetera. The “detectors” were then cemented in place. These “detectors” are actually charges that can be detonated remotely, but the workers never knew that.

Apparently, other charges were installed from the beginning of the Eisenhower Interstate System. Small cubbyholes were put in, ostensibly to give a view of the interior, but in reality they were made for these charges to be installed. The plan has been around for a long time — and remember, Eisenhower was also made aware of the ET presence, and warned of the rise of the military-industrial complex in his closing speech. At that point he probably already knew about the bridge charges, and that was one of his concerns.

I hope Ben and the people he is working with can anticipate this move and deactivate many, if not all of them, so the rest of the world can merely laugh at me and say I’m full of shit, which is much better than the alternative.

– David Wilcock


Comment by dwilcock on October 4, 2011 @ 4:11 am

Whoops… I wasn’t clear in saying that the old guard are using military aircraft to move the last of their belongings, even including most of their clothing, at this point. They are not actually moving yet, but plan on doing so once the critical moment is reached. It will be a coordinated effort of them fleeing and the bridges and airstrips being set off.

I described this in updates to the interview with Ben I posted on my website, which I highly recommend you read for context.

Radio Ann – The Council of Twelve – “May we offer you a bathrobe? A cup of coffee?”

Hello, lightworkers and all beings of light and good will. Today is another marker in the path to ascension. There is much transpiring on the inner planes in support of efforts to change your world for the better. You have initiated the changes. Be clear about that. The planet is moving forward owing to the fullness of the aura we see around it. This is a direct consequence of the increase in loving thoughts that have been produced by humanity as a whole.
We are here in support of the changes that humanity has chosen as a collective. We do not interfere or direct movement on our own. We respond to the will of the whole. Majority rules, as it were. We are your servants, not the other way around. We have many, many tasks to perform, and there are many worlds to oversee, but it is the demand placed upon us by you and Gaia that commands our attention currently.Please realize that it is your own desire and intention that attracts the notice of beings from many realms. We penetrate your world. We are beside you as you work. We look over you from a distance. We are within the very fabric of your daily existence. We are masters of disguise!

You have magnetized us to you. We are here in loving service to assist you in your masterful choices. We are here to assist you in your less masterful choices. Your intentions are so powerful. If you could see the rockets of thought that shoot out of your crown chakras, you would be amazed at the light show that every one of you produces on a daily basis. If you could see the physical manifestation of your thought, you would control your thought process much more easily. A cloud of dust is not the same as a sparkler. Negativity is not the same as love. Believe us, if you could see what we see, you’d be the master of your minds in an instant. Why don’t you pretend that you can see your thoughts? Try that as an exercise. See where it gets you. Visualize your crown chakra and the area above it as you think your thoughts. Are you spewing like an old car or sending sparks of light?

It won’t take long for you to take total responsibility for what you produce. And responsibility is the key. We’re not coming to save you. We’re here to help you save yourselves. And by save we mean awaken. It’s as if the alarm clock has rung, you’re sitting up in bed, but haven’t quite come to yet. Can we offer you a bathrobe, a cup of coffee? What do you need to rise and be fully awake? You know better than we do. Just ask us. We’re the world’s greatest valets! At your service, Madames et Messieurs. We respect you. We love you. We look at you in awe. Take this day and make it your own. You’re in charge. We’re here to help. Your loving servants, the Council of Twelve.

Benjamin Fulford: The Pole Shift in Global Financial Power Is Almost Complete

door Steve Beckow op dinsdag 4 oktober 2011 om 1:12 

Benjamin Fulford 10-3-11: The pole-shift in global financial power is almost complete

Benjamin Fulford | 10/3/2011

The process of removing the cabal that has controlled most of the world for the past 300 years is almost complete, according to sources directly involved in the takedown. The takedown is being done by the world’s military, police and intelligence agencies. The group being taken down is the Thule Society, Skull&Bones Nazi conglomerate headed by George Bush Senior.

This group was trying to start world war 3 in order to reduce the world’s population by 85% and start a fascist world government. Instead, they will be bankrupted and put in jail. Evidence of the takedown is now becoming visible for all to see.

For example the IMF, supposedly the world’s lender of last resort, is saying they have no money to help the Euro. This is publicly available evidence that the post war power structure is ending. The best way to understand what is happening is to take a look at this map:


Cumulative_Current_Account_Balance, Source: Wikipedia

This is a map of the real global economic situation. It shows the cumulative current account surpluses and deficits of the world’s countries. The countries that appear green on the map are the countries that have lent money to the countries that appear red. This is money based on actual physical trade so it is backed by reality unlike the trillions and quadrillions sitting on bank books that were created through fraud.

What has happened is that the green countries that have real money stopped lending to countries still controlled by the fascists (the G6: Germany, the United States, England, France, Italy and their small group of slave states) starting in the fall of 2008. That is the real reason for the so-called Lehman shock.

Looking back, the titanic struggle for control of the global financial system and hence global power has been dramatic.

The fascists countered the initial green attack by using fiat money to ramp up global oil prices. They also tried to create a starvation crisis by paying Western farmers with fiat money to grow “eco-fuel,” instead of food. These efforts failed because the fascists no longer had a lock grip on the world’s oil and food supplies.

The fascists also tried to renege on their debts by issuing a new currency they wanted to call the Amero. This was rejected because the green countries rightfully said they did not want their hard-earned dollars to be devalued. Instead the green countries acted to preserve the value of their hard earned dollars by refusing to accept all dollars created inside the US after 2008. Evidence for this can be found in trade numbers showing such things as a year on year 77% drop in US imports of Japanese cars or in the 90% drop in the Baltic Dry Index (the price of shipping).

This explains why the US dollar has not collapsed despite the announced printing of countless trillions by the US branch of the Federal Reserve Board. These dollars are simply not entering the international financial system although they are goosing the Dow Jones Index.

The fascists won a year’ respite when they promised “change” under Obama. That ended in 2009 after Obama showed through his actions that he was part of the fascist continuum.

Since then the fascists have been acting like unemployed junkies, selling off anything they can and writing false checks to pay their dealer. For example, they melted down and sold giant silver machines used for the Manhattan project. They have also resorted to outright theft.

If you look at the green countries on the map you can see their targets. They attacked Japan with a nuclear tsunami weapon and an engineered nuclear crisis in order to try to extort (unfortunately with some success) money from Japan.

They also overthrew a few dictators like Mubarak in Egypt to steal their money (they got Mubarak’s $70 billion slush fund). Then they invaded Libya to steal that country’s oil and over $100 billion in assets. They also killed the members of the youth division of Norway’s ruling party in order to try to extort that countries $1.5 trillion rainy day fund.

Since they are bullies who are too scared to attack countries that can defend themselves (Russia and China), the next targets of these extortionist thugs would appear to be weaker green countries like Saudi Arabi, Algeria and Venezuela.

These moves have bought the fascists some time. However, that time is quickly running out. Recent illegal maneuvers to push down precious metals prices will not help.

The fascists also tried to carry out a coup against the US patriots in the Pentagon and the agencies by setting off nuclear bombs in New York and Washington. Instead these bombs were taken by patriotic forces and used to blow up the warehouse facilities of the underground bases the fascists were hoping to hide in after they started World War 3.

The bombs were set off in in a manner designed to prevent human casualties. Reports of 30,000 dead are false.

Sources in the KGB, the Pentagon and MI6 all confirm that the nuclear warhead used to trigger the tsunami in Japan and the two blown up underground in the US were part of four warheads that were stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk. That means one more rogue nuclear weapon is still in their hands and probably located in Europe.

It is hard to know when the final take down of the cabal will proceed but the situation is now down to a few technical legal details. This is because the authorities that are taking down the cabal want to do everything legally and constitutionally.

However, the take-down has already begun. In addition to thousands of bankers who have already been arrested, some big fish are being targeted. Public legal proceedings have already begun, for example, against Tony Blair, Nikolas Sarkozy and IMF head Christine Lagarde. Putin, for his part, recently fired his long term finance minister Alexei Kudrin because he had been compromised by the fascists. The Chairman of UBS was also removed because of his cabal connections.

The fascists have also been trying to negotiate their way out of this situation. George Bush Senior has contacted a senior US White Dragon Society member and offered “all the money in the world,” in exchange for “being left alone.” Unfortunately for the Nazis, many of them have tried to cling to power too long and are no longer in a position to negotiate immunity for themselves. White Dragon sources in the US agencies say top cabalists like the last four US presidents will go to jail.