Dualities case of being outgrown your counterparts – Lucas

Being aware of who I am and who you are is very important in awakening. Not only knowing with the head, your mind that things told have been to keep us fools and dumb and easy to be controlled. Knowing is more. It is knowing with the heart.  Knowing that you ones was also that lightbeing in the dark searching in fear and ignorance the experience we came for on this earth.

From the heart feeling is feeling the truth and your higher self telling you that you are that great divine being that can create his own creation and that is what you always did. Creating your own fiction of the duality matrix in which you created to be caught.

You felt that something in your still to you unknown divine being was lifted up as the light energies kept growing. You came to feel by your heart the first tickling of infinite unconditional love. You knew and felt intuitive something was wrong in your world. That is what most of you as awakened have been going trough. Still now in the growing of your knowledge of the mind and knowledge of the heart your still have duality in some way or the other in your being.

Don’t see your counterparts that have not been awakened and are still in the dark and often also work for the dark ones as not being lightbeings. Yes, they are the same but not awakened. They are still playing their role. They didn’t see their own creation of the dark matrix and  forgot what they are. Fear and deprivation of their own free will choice keeps them still in that state of heart and mind.

We need to be compassionate with  all. Not judging what we ones also have been is needed. In the dark we have been. Playing the game of duality in its most extreme form. We have outgrown our counterparts and are now learning to love unconditional that what is and shine upon all our eternal light. Nothing including the dark will escape that great love and that light.

We will by understanding with our heart now our first steps towards becoming the great lightbeings we always have been. We will ascend with our own consent. Yes, we will see heaven soon on this new Earth. Not as an illusion or promise but as a fact.

Be now, Be joy, Be love, Be light. Dualities case is near to its conclusion. The gavel falling down and marking the end of this journey for all.

Love and Light,





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