One Apple a day makes the doctor go away! – A rotten Apple – Lucas

Hearing wonderful things said about Steve Jobs dead, as the former CEO of Apple, made me decide to look at the real Apple and it’s consequences for mankind. I was confronted in mainstream news with a free Apple history campaign and how good Steve Jobs was. Praised even by President Obama and others. I was thinking I am going insane taken that all in.

What about the news of the I-Pad slave labor camps in China?  What about the incredible profits made with Apple’s products?! What about those who cannot profit from the new information products?!

Just a couple of questions that came into my mind when seeing hyped  news and out of proportion going adoration for a man who led a powerful company.  This is sick. Are we sick. Sick to leave a real Apple on the table, preferably not GMO and not being exposed to GAMMA Rays, for a product called Apple. Can’t we see reality for this fake appearance of so-called achievements of mankind.  For me is the reality seeing  hunger, slave labor, debt, homelessness and sickness all over the world and conditions worsening.

I can’t say that Apple for me is more than just a product name that lots of people have been seeing making money. But making money at what costs.  I believe people should remember what and who they are. We are no puppets or donkeys following every step of his controller without asking questions. You are a being with an own free will and choice.

Just buy your biological apple to eat from you nearest biological farmer and think about the things in perspective. Mourning in an Apple store is that real or is that the proverbial rotten apple in the basket. Yes, a man died. But millions die  because of capitalistic greed. Those humans should really be mourned.  Let us sent light and love to those who are blinded by the mainstream media and their own mindsets. Let them awaken.

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