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Occupy Wall Street turns violent with mass arrests, police beatings

Occupy Wall Street turns violent with mass arrests, police beatings. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

Friday, October 07, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/033805_Occupy_Wall_Street_police_beatings.html#ixzz1a85GUyAP

(NaturalNews) As predicted, it was only a matter of time before protesters at Occupy Wall Street (OWS) began experiencing the wrath of the new American police state which, as we wrote about previously, happened to receive a special cash infusion recently from Wall Street icon JPMorgan Chase (http://www.naturalnews.com/033779_J…).

A series of videos uploaded to YouTube show officers from the New York Police Department (NYPD) storming the streets, assaulting protesters, beating them with night sticks, and even bragging and laughing about the fact that they are getting to use their weapons against citizens. In one incident, reporters from My FOX New York were even assaulted with pepper spray and beaten with batons (http://www.myfoxny.com/dpp/news/occ…).

In the first, shorter clip posted at the following link, you will see a high-ranking NYPD officer standing in the middle of a crowd swinging his baton at protesters that were apparently trying to cross a barrier. In the second, longer clip taken from a different angle, you see the same officer swatting his baton, as well as numerous other officers assaulting other protesters:http://gothamist.com/2011/10/05/vid…

In this clip, you will see an officer laughing and telling a fellow officer that “[his] little nightstick’s going to get a workout tonight,” referencing, of course, the confrontations with protesters that would soon follow:

Though disturbing, the state’s hostile response to these OWS protests is still relatively mild, especially compared to what took place at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York, for instance. At that event, cops stormed the streets in full riot gear, pushed back crowds with eery, NAZI-like street marches, trampled protesters with horses, blasted them with pepper spray and smoke bombs, and even fired long range acoustic device (LRAD) sound weapons at people on the streets (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f144…).

And again in 2009, riot police and military personnel stormed the streets of Pittsburgh, Penn., during the G20 Summit. An InfoWars video shows a group of about 1,200 police state troops attacking over 300 Americans at one time, many of whom were not even part of the protests and had no idea that they was even taking place (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFYo…).

Americans must stop standing idly by while the police state takes full control

The police brutality exhibited at all these events is disturbing, and it is likely going to get worse in response to the ongoing OWS protests. But what is even more disturbing is the relative complacency of outside observers during almost every police state incident, many of whom can be seen watching police state thugs terrorizing their fellow man, but doing nothing.

If tyranny against free speech, the right to freely assemble, and all the other constitutional protections that are routinely violated is ever to cease, Americans are going to have to step forward and begin actively resist it. This includes developing a little more willingness and courage to help protect others from police attacks, especially when it is occurring right before their eyes.

Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/033805_Occupy_Wall_Street_police_beatings.html#ixzz1a859qPS8

David Wilcock: Personnel and Materials Mysteriously Removed from More Bases

Via SteveBeckow.com published 6 October 2011 by Pat Donworth

Personnel and Materials Mysteriously Removed from More Bases

David Wilcock, 10-6-11, Divine Cosmos


NOTE THURSDAY 10/6:  MASSIVE NEW DEVELOPMENTS: This week, there have been MASSIVE new developments to this story that have forced another round of serious consultations with our key insiders. Part II is mostly finished, but the story is changing faster than we can write it.

I am not permitted to go into specifics, but I can now comfortably say that in addition to the first 8, MANY additional bases have now had all personnel and materials mysteriously removed. It happened within the last week. In this case, the rooms are still there, but they are now empty — except for some broken pieces of furniture.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but this is the situation. Apparently no one has died from any of these incidents. Audio recordings reveal the sounds of furniture sliding all over the place and people yelling for up to 24 hours before it stops.

I also had one of my most trusted sources independently confirm that the Monaco Accords did take place. When I asked why this was never mentioned before, I was told that until I asked the right questions, revealing that I already knew the answers, nothing could be said.

I must admit that since the sources who revealed this latest development to me have demonstrated profound trustworthiness, I was so overwhelmed about the news of the sheer number of bases that have now been affected by this campaign that I burst into tears.

I don’t know how long it will take for the results of all this to be public for everyone, but it most definitely appears that the Old World Order are being forced to surrender by the same ETs that have systematically protected us from nuclear holocaust.

[NOTE: To read David’s full blog post, to which he has been adding these notes and updates, click here.]

Ben Fulford Calls Iraqi Dinars a Scam

By Steve Beckow via SteveBeckow.com

I have mixed feelings about posting this comment from Ben Fulford but I know a lot of people have invested in dinars and so I post it in the hopes that what Ben says here is accurate. But I can’t vouch for its accuracy. I have no additional information on the Iraqi dinar investment than what Ben says here.

Certainly the allegation that the “White hats,” if that term means the Earth allies, are “run by Bush operatives” cannot be true. But Ben may mean something that I don’t know about by his use of the term “White hats.” Whatever the case, do use discernment. Thanks to Krystael.


From: Fulford Benjamin

To: bellringerfourwinds10.com

Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2011 9:07 PM

Subject: RE: Fulford

Hi Casper,My sources MI6 confirm the White hats are run by Bush operatives. Cotrell and Hodges were behind Christopher story and I believe we may be able to reach some sort of deal with them. My source is not allowed to name Mr. T at present pending approval from an agency source but I can say he is an ex-marine CIA guy working directly for Bush Senior. He is pushing the Dinar scam. Please tell everybody to stay away from the Dinar. The Bushes bought up all the Dinars at pennies for the dollar after they invaded and destroyed that country murdering close to 2 million innocent people.They are pushing it in order to con people out of their money. Mr. T also said he calls the Japanese Emperor twice a week and that the Emperor has never heard of me. That is BS, I have had messages hand delivered to him. The imperial family here is split into two factions, one supporting the old and one the new. There will be a showdown soon to settle things here.As far as the dollar being accepted goes, my understanding is that there are several locations where US dollars are printed including Japan, Shenzen Province in China and Indonesia. The dollars being printed in the US by the Fed are only being accepted inside cabal controlled countries of the G5 and their 30 or so client states. It is a shell game with them constantly trying to launder their dollars elsewhere.However, I have directly confirmed cases of some dollars being refused by banks here in Japan because they had the wrong serial numbers. We have a guy in the BIS Bank of International Settlements who they have tried to kill twice once it was a Vincenzo Massaro of the Italian P2 lodge and a commander of the Teutonic knights was caught near his house with a sophisticated lock picking device and a gun who says they will shut down all the trading platforms in November to try to purge the bad guys from the system once and for all.We all want to get these scum out of the financial system ASAP.Please feel free to publish this.Benjamin Fulford

via Ben Fulford Calls Iraqi Dinars a Scam.

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 7 October 2011

If you did not know by now that the final days of the dark Ones are here you will very soon, as some of our activities to curtail their attempts to escape justice are likely to become general knowledge. Be assured that we have total control in these matters, and they will not go anywhere without our approval. It is not that they have to ask us, it is simply that we know their intentions and where they are at anytime, and that way we can make certain that they cannot get up to mischief. As you might guess, when the beast is cornered it lashes out with total disregard for the consequences. There may be minor incidents but our main concern is to stop any action aimed at you.

Each joint project that we are involved in is at a point of being ready to go ahead, and we will make sure that once we get the signal to proceed the whole mechanism will swing into place. Much of the groundwork has been completed by our allies, and we are present to oversee it. There is really so much that goes on in secret, but sometimes the size of the operations is such that it is difficult to conceal everything that happens. That means you discover some details and may have a good idea as to its significance. You have your own reliable sources that are trusted, and will know who you can believe. However, once things get started there will be no mistaking what they are about, as you have waited for so long you do know by now what to expect.

What is encouraging for us is that more people talk about us without feeling embarrassed, as the days when you would be ridiculed for doing so are far and few between. Intelligent discussions are now possible, as so much information is available about us. Indeed, we will hardly need any introduction when the time comes for disclosure. We so look forward when we can be with you, and it will be a time of great celebration. After all, we will meet many souls who already know us but have forgotten their links with us. Many are from our Galactic Federation families and are in reality Space Beings serving on Earth.

Ascension is not some casual event that just happens to come along. It has been foreseen and planned for eons of time and will bring an end to duality as you have experienced it. It is of such magnificence that the whole Universe looks on at your little Earth. They see an expression of the Light through the presence of you dear souls who have found your true selves, in spite of the tremendous difficulties you have experienced stepping out of the darkness. You can stand tall and allow us to congratulate you on your wonderful achievements. We say that not to feed your egos but make you aware of how grand you all are, and we even include those who still struggle against the odds. None of you are failures, and each will be thrown a life line to haul you up once again. We love you dearly, and will do all we can to ensure a happy and joyous ending to your time in the lower dimensions.

The financial position in your world continues to rapidly deteriorate, and although we do not wish you hardships the fact is that it will take a collapse to force the implementation of a new secure system. As you will know, we have long anticipated this occurrence and everything is ready to put into place. It will be a new approach to an old problem that has beset you many times before. The old ways that allowed greed for excessive profit to flourish, have had their day and the wealth of the world is to be re-distributed. The extremes you have experienced have served to illustrate the rampant disease of excess in money matters, that has brought massive wealth to the few controlling banking families. That will all permanently change, and never again will there be opportunities for the plundering of the people’s money. Furthermore, since total world peace will come with the changes, the excessive waste in connection with wars will also cease.

Your Divine Rights entitle you to a peaceful life that is fulfilling, and allows for plenty of opportunities to use your skills and talents in ways that are for the benefit of all. Most importantly you will have the time to follow your pursuits. You were not meant to be slaves to your work, and that will become unnecessary as advanced technologies take the place of manual workers, and supercomputers handle all other work. The City of Light of Sedona that is soon due to appear will be such an example of what can be achieved by New Age methods.

Dream your dreams of Utopia and throw in the unexpected because you will be amazed at the enormous progress that will take place, once the Illuminati and their supporters have been removed from any position that allowed them authority over you. Do not concern yourselves about any aspect of your present lives, the intent is to lift them up so that you want for absolutely nothing at all. Believe us Dear Ones, the Creator desires that you are quickly prepared for a new life that will soon enable you to put your present experiences behind you. We are waking you up to perceive the picture that is being painted by the many details we give you, as do other channels. Hold such visions in your minds eye and start to live them, and you will soon grasp the nature of the immense changes that are already manifesting.

Now you are so near to the year of all years that is 2012, know that it must start off with a positive sign that shows where it is heading. By then the consciousness levels will have risen yet again, and the lower vibrations will have less and less effect upon you. You will be strong enough to walk in your Light and ignore them, as they cannot touch you when you are self-protected. As a civilization you have done the hard part, and created your path of Light directly to Ascension. Day by day it is being strengthened by the colossal input of Light, that comes to you from all quarters of the Universe. So you will soon enter the New Year fully prepared for the final preparations, that will see you successfully reach Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel that our mission over many years of contact with you has proved very successful. We are not solely responsible for your awakening, but nevertheless are proud of being associated with your success.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

Via Galacticchannelings.com