Radio Ann – High Council of Twelve – on Occupy Wall Street report CNN

I read the Occupy Wall Street report on and was dismayed by the quality of the reporting, which was, frankly, crap. The comment section was full of hate and negativity. So I asked the Council of Twelve for encouragement/commentary, and this was our conversation (My words in brackets):
[Hi, Council. Me again.] Hello, Ann, dear. What is on your mind? [I’m disturbed by the negativity in the general population. On Facebook, I interact with mostly positive people. If I look at comment sections on say, CNN, which is doing a bad job of reporting the protests, I get bummed by all the weird, misinformed and hateful comments. Your comments and advice would be most appreciated.]
We see the overall condition of humanity and the planet herself, and we can assure you that the light grows every day. You would do well to eschew the mainstream media altogether. It largely purveys darkness. Not healthy for man nor beast! Stay with your friends of light. They’ll keep you afloat. Don’t allow yourself to succumb to the illusion of divisiveness. We are one! Salamat jarin! [Thank you!]You are so very welcome. We want you to be happy and enjoy your life.

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