The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

My friends, we are at a tipping point in humanities history. As our society seems to whither and break down in many areas, the clear demise of what used to be seen as normal and acceptable is giving way to a new way of Living, of BEing and understanding. There are plenty of people on our world who are stuck in a sort of mental box; they would never choose to believe there is anything past the dense physical world they have grown used to, and they may think that others who believe that something, anything, lies beyond this Life are either wishful thinkers or just bonkers. There are plenty of people who have refused to accept what the majority have seen as normal, such as the physical plane being the only plane of existence. I would like you to consider the concept of other worlds, of other realities that are very much within our grasp. I would like you to consider that these higher planes of reality not only exist, but create the physical reality that we perceive. I would like you to consider that through these higher realities, we are all connected.

The implications of this are huge. I would like you to consider that there are higher dimensional beings that reside in these mostly unkown planes of existence, and that they are perceiving us and assisting us with our difficult ventures on Earth. I would like you to consider that many souls here on Earth are able to be in communication with these higher beings, and that for the most part everybody on Earth is able to receive this contact, but many are too stuck on the belief that such occurences are impossible. Finally, I would like you to consider that we are heading back to the heavenly realms that create our reality. The ‘unseens’ as they can be called are with us at all times and are assisting us and our planet in reaching the heavenly realms we were existing in when we created this universe. We are the Creators of the planes of Living we find ourselves in, and our third dimensional realities are merging with the higher realms of Living we used to reside in.

These concepts are the basis of this and many other blogs and websites. So very many souls are preparing for our Golden Age of Aquarius, preparing to take on an ascended Light-body form. Love is the guiding force of our Ascension, and it is with Love that I thank you for your constant selfless service to humanity as Lightworkers. Every one of you who read this is a Lightworker, I say now unlock your full potential!!! :)

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