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Sheldan Nidle – Update – The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Sheldan Nidle –  11 October 2011 via Paoweb.com

7 Kan, 17 Tzotz, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Your world is moving swiftly to a resolution of the struggle between our Earth allies and the dark cabal. At present, the Agarthans are assisting a number of your nations’ military divisions to dismantle the vast global network of underground tunnels and bases occupied by the dark cabal since the early 1950s. It is from these bases that the dark had intended to launch the final assaults that were to turn your precious home into a horrendous prison planet presided over by the upper echelons of this cabal. We are pleased to report that this heinous goal has been torpedoed by these joint operations. What remains is to complete a few more sorties and a great many more arrests, leaving only the final acts of this triumphant enterprise to the secret, sacred societies that operate under the supervision of your Ascended Masters, and those nations and other groups that have joined in formal agreements with our Earth allies. These final acts are the legal investitures of many new caretaker governments as well as the disbursement of the prosperity programs.

The new financial system is in place and awaiting the formal surrender of this cabal. This will happen once the military and diplomatic maneuvers of our Earth allies are completed. All the while, the dark continues to search frantically for a way to escape its rapidly encroaching downfall. Its prime base of operations remains the U.S. Corporation, headquartered in Washington D.C., and we are in negotiations with several groups that wish to join us in taking down this illegal regime. Strategies are being applied, as we speak, to achieve this goal. Meanwhile, the old financial system continues to implode across the globe. Our heavenly advisors are presently reviewing a series of options that will allow us to increase our degree of intervention in your world affairs, thus enabling a swifter resolution to the goals described above. With the dark cabal still on the loose, we are ever mindful of possible harm coming to you. Every one of you is precious and cannot be interfered with unless your heavenly guardians approve such changes in your life contract.

As we await our new instructions, we watch our Agarthan cousins set the stage for disclosure. Every day, new groups of nations join the movement to defeat the US Federal Reserve and its ally, the dark secret government. Together, these two organizations have run roughshod over your world for the past few decades. This is now to cease, and the takedown of the Federal Reserve is imminent. The recent deterioration of the global economy is due in large part to the actions of the Federal Reserve and its myriad financial allies; a rebellion, both public and private, is squeezing the last resources available to it. As this institution wanes in influence, a new financial system starts to come online. This new system has already charged most banks to adopt the so-called Basel III rules on transparency and is beginning to redirect the way funds are transferred from bank to bank. The next step is to remove the Federal Reserve dollar from its pre-eminent position.

On another front, pressure is being applied to the US Corporate state and its closest allies to resign from power. New governments founded on basic constitutional and common-law principles are ready to take over. This is an ongoing process that will ensure a far-ranging series of regime changes by forcing mass resignations of all those who have been long-term participants in the many illegal governments of your world. As part of this, the regime in America is under enormous pressure to resign and hand over the reins to a new group committed to restoring the many constitutional rights that it and its predecessors so treasonously ‘papered over.’ The time has also come to return America to its common-law and people-oriented roots and to end the epoch of illegal military and diplomatic adventurism. The new governance is primed to restore diplomatic and international cooperation and allow a universal prosperity to spread around your globe.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! The realm you inhabit is built upon a swamp of fear! Your new one is founded on divine Love! Look into your heart, dear Ones, and feel the growing Love that is being sent to you by the continuing decrees of Heaven. The dark sees the increasing levels of Love and reacts by stoking the hate and strife and separation that has powered this reality until recently. We call upon you all to use your Love and your growing intuitive discernment to see through the dark’s latest mischief making and to empower the divine Love that is transforming your world. Together we can use this sacred energy to help Heaven in creating your new reality. Never forget, dear Ones, that you are co-creators of this new reality. Empower yourselves and manifest with Heaven the glorious new realm that is now taking shape. You are grand magicians and your conjoined abilities can fashion a most heavenly world!

The Agarthans and our secret, sacred societies have increased the rate of destruction of the labyrinthine underground network of tunnels and bases. The dark ones intended to use this network to carry out a series of massive attacks upon your societies with the aim of creating a prison world that they could rule with an iron fist. This scheme is now history. In its stead is a fast-growing movement that is sweeping away the dark and its twisted thinking. As the dark’s grip loosens its hold, the still-controlled mainstream media continues to belittle the upwelling of the people. Many events will happen shortly and we are busy clearing up the raft of small details prior to our well-earned victory. Despite the increasing numbers of arrests, the dark persists in fruitless scheming that can only work against them in the end. It is best to put these viperous ones out of commission before the last steps are taken.

Our associates are now preparing to launch the new governance. The first step is the mass worldwide deliveries of St. Germaine’s prosperity funds. The content of the first announcements has been completed, and we are preparing to announce and institute the new financial system. All is ready to go. What remains is the final mop-up operation to ensure the demise of the dark cabal. Disclosure will be a major item on these new governments’ busy schedules, but remember that all of this is simply a step, albeit a big one, on the highway to ascension. Heaven is deeply committed to your success and the return of Gaia to her former pristine state. This is all to be accomplished swiftly once you are relocated to your safe havens, either aboard ships or in the crystal cities of Inner Earth. Everything is geared toward your Ascension!

Today, we discussed how your world is being prepared for Ascension. Since your trek into limited consciousness, your Ascended Masters have shepherded you surely toward these present times. Now you are to learn that you are not alone, and that a vast and loving spiritual and space family are here to guide and mentor you back to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Benjamin Fulford Update 10-11-11

Benjamin Fulford Update 10-11-11. by PatDonworth via SteveBeckow.com

As always, read with discretion.

Benjamin Fulford Update 10-11-11

Benjamin Fulford, 10-11-11


When the Asians decided to wage financial war against the criminal cabal that has taken over the West and was plotting unprecedented genocide, the cabalists were warned that it would just be a matter of time before they faced lynch mobs in their own countries. That time is fast approaching. The non-stop protests against the cabalists in the US and the impending doom of the Euro are just the visible part of a global movement to remove these parasitic scum from the body politic of the West. The invisible part involves control of codes and high tech “black screens,” that are used to manage the international financial system. Here multiple sources say that bank accounts meant for the use of humanity as a whole but taken over by private interests will be seized. As a part of this move, the control of the US dollar will be taken away from the privately owned Washington D.C. Corporation and moved to Switzerland. There it will be managed by the nations of the earth. Given these circumstances, the United States would be well advised to create a new greenback for their own use.

The latest twist in this financial war is the news that David Eisenhower, the son of president Eisenhower, has been a key front man for the cabal within the Bank of International Settlements.

Eisenhower has illegally placed 10 Kennedy bonds he does not own into something known as a “trading program.” “Trading programs” are an esoteric financial scam set up by Henry Kissinger. They basically are fake “mirror accounts” of real funds that are used to recycle public money into private hands. The private individuals accessing money this way have no legal right to it. Thus Eisenhower is using bonds issued in the name of the US government for private purposes even though he has no legal right to do so. Another word for such activity is fraud.

Through these “programs,” money that was meant to be used for humanity as a whole was thus instead hijacked by private interests such as the Rothschilds, the Bushes etc.

The people in on this scam include the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas, Alan Greenspan and the other usual suspects.

The nations of the world have now been notified about this scam. One consequence of this is that the government of Ireland has been asking bankers who are trying to force the Irish to pay huge amounts of “debt,” to prove the bankers had the legal right to create this debt in the first place. They do not.

Greece is now contemplating a similar move. This same legal maneuver would eliminate much of the US private and public debt as well.

Legal action against these high level fraudsters may begin late this week or early next week. At stake in one lawsuit is control of funds worth $371 trillion. This money was pooled after World War 2 by the non-aligned nations and meant to be spent on the development of Africa and Asia but was instead hijacked by the above-mentioned gangsters.

The Rothschilds have already contacted the White Dragon Society and are suing for peace. A WDS representative has been repeatedly invited to Geneva to meet with Rothschild family leaders to work out a deal. So far, no meeting has been agreed to.
Japanese power brokers under Rockefeller/Bush proxy former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone have also contacted the WDS and are trying to make a deal via the head of one of Japan’s public security agencies.

The White Dragon Society is no longer in a position to make a deal with these people. The situation is now being handled by various national police and security agencies. That means a lot of people who might have earlier been able to get away with appearing before a South African style truth and reconciliation committee will instead end up in jail. That is unless the mobs get them first.

The exposure of this high level financial crime will fundamentally change how the planet is run. The flow of money will used for the development of the planet instead of the enrichment of oligarchs.
The IMF no longer has money because they no longer have permission to access the pooled funds of the nations of the world. In fact, any treaty rights they had expired in 1994 and were not renewed.

Since the IMF no longer has access to most of the world’s pooled money, they will no longer be able to subject nations to their brutal and destructive “structural adjustment programs.”

Instead, existing global agencies like the IMF, the UN, the World Bank, the BIS etc. will either be abolished or revamped. Some new agencies may also appear.

A Russian contact has told the WDS they now support their proposal for an international economic planning agency. The US agency and pentagon patriots have also given qualified support to this proposal. So have the Japanese and other national authorities.

This yet to be created agency is now expected to get initial funding of $11 trillion to use to finance a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. It will be meritocratically staffed and open to full media scrutiny.

Victory for humanity is close at hand.As always, read with discretion.

Saul’s Way of Being with an Upset

Saul’s Way of Being with an Upset. via Steve Beckow.com by Steve Beckow

I’d like to draw attention to Saul’s most recent column (Oct. 9, 2011) to make the point that many of our sources are often talking about what Saul addresses here because these themes are so important to us right now.

I might mention in passing that I asked AAM in the private part of my last reading if Saul was indeed St. Paul.  He said that the statement was partly correct, but that it was more accurate to say that St. Paul was a part of the soul called Saul. I did mention this to John Smallman.

So Saul begins by saying that “many of you are finding life very trying at present as various issues that need your attention rumble around just below your level of conscious awareness, stirring up your emotions and making you feel sad, depressed, irritable, and plain angry.” My belief is that various issues are rumbling around just below consciousness because the energies are rising and making it more difficult for us to have our issues remain well below awareness.The rising energies can be said to be raising these issues to awareness.

So this is one reason why we may be feeling sad, depressed, irritable, and angry right now: because the energies are shaking loose the vasanas or sleeping volcanoes from earlier traumatic issues which carry with them the energies of sadness, depression, etc.

He continues: “Maybe you have tried sitting with those feelings in an attempt to identify their underlying cause, and then release them.  And it is quite likely that you have had difficulty making any progress because the feelings, the inner discomforts, remain, even though you cannot identify any issues that might be causing them.”

If we struggle with trying to identify the causes of issues, if we consciously try to identify the causes by thinking about them (in the sense of applying ourselves to thought), we’ll be unsuccessful because this is not the way the mind works. It will not identify the causes of issues if we struggle at it. We can ask it to identify the original incident that traumatic issues are attached to but we then have to sit back and allow the mind to work without exerting effort. Effort only overrules the natural working of the mind and defeats it.

Instead he recomends that we “just relax as best you can and accept the moods as they flow through you, and intend to release them.” Krishnamurti called this “choiceless awareness.” I’ve called it “being with and observing.” Just relaxing with whatever mood is there and watching the thoughts pass by if you wish. If you actually do see the thought which is the truth of the issue, seeing it may release you from it.  The truth may set you free. So it is fruitful to watch, but it is not fruitful to struggle with it. What you resist, by struggling, persists.

” They may last a day or two but they will pass, and when they do, you will feel lighter and more buoyant.” All moods do have a beginning, a middle, and an end. If they are unresisted they do pass. And, if they are unresisted, when they have reached their natural term and do pass, the chances are that you have completed the experience that lies under the issue and so contributed to its disappearance from your repertoire of issues.

“All feelings, all moods, all emotions pass; they are only temporary, although they may be repetitive.” They are only repetitive if we resist them each time they arise. If we relax with them and allow ourselves to experience them completely, they will become weaker and weaker and finally disappear.

“The more you can relax and accept them in the moment – without acting on them but acknowledging them and intending to release them – the more effective will be your intent to let them go.” Absolutely. Do you see that so many of our sources are saying the same thing?

The more we can relax with and accept our moods, without acting on them but simply acknowledging them, the more successful we’ll be in letting them go. That is not the way we usually be with sadness, depression, etc. We usually get quite upset at feeling that way and ask for a consult or a prescription.  We don’t usually just be with and observe moods like sadness and depression, etc.

If we learned in school the way of being with an upset that Saul describes here, our lives might have been substantially different than they have been. We’d have found that the amount of time spent in being upset would be drastically reduced and we would not be bothered with stuffed-down and temporally-persistent upsets. We would heave been clearing them in the moment rather than condemning ourselves to repeatedly feeling and resisting them. Less work for psychiatrists, less need for prescription drugs, mental hospitals, etc.

Saul goes on to show how we engage with our thoughts and, in doing so, create our reality – or rather the illusion.  But thoughts and feelings are just part of the illusion’s energy flow. Perhaps I’ll leave that part of his talk for another time. But what he has described above is what I’ve called the upset clearing process and I did want to demonstrate that so many masters and others describe this process.

Why? Because God Him/Her/Itself is stillness, acceptance, relaxation, no resistance. If we be with our upsets as God is, they, being impermanent creations of the mind, do disappear. All except God is impermanence. Let me repeat that: God is the only permanent thing there is. Anything material appears, persists for a while and then disappears, including our thoughts, feelings, and moods.

We’ve been given the power to make things be relatively permanent by our free choice. All we have to do is resist their leaving and they’ll be given a measure of permanence. But if we be with them as God is (acceptance, no resistance), they disappear like the impermanent creations they are, leaving only that which is permanent, which is God or the divine substrate.

The rest of Saul’s column is very good too. I just don’t want to make this column overly long. Saul, as he does so often, goes over the complete case for a free and full consciousness. That seems to be the special task that he has agreed to fulfill. A free and full consciousness would have us feel again as children, innocent and easily able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which in our immediate case would be to ascend.

Of course the Kingdom of Heaven has levels and there are countless levels above the Fifth Dimension, but compared to the physical plane or Third Dimension, the Fifth Dimension can be said to be “Heaven.”  (1)


(1) And in fact the Fifth Dimension, or Mental Plane as it is called on the astral side, is indeed referred to as “Heaven,” as St. Paul does when he says he met a man from the ‘Third Heaven.” This statement is the same as saying that he met a man from the third subplane of the Mental Plane.