Archangel Michael on Preparing for Ascension

Archangel Michael on Preparing for Ascension. by Steve Beckow via Steve

As a birthday gift, Archangel Michael gave me a reading through Linda Dillon, which must be the best birthday gift I’ve ever received in my life.

What we discussed was what sounds to me like a quite adequate view of what preparation for Ascension would look like.

To summarize, I would say that the cultivation of unity, love, acceptance and trust, what Matthew Ward called “living in godly ways,” epitomizes what Archangel Michael says here. Another possible epitomization would be to say that we must become again as children (that is, trusting, open and innocent) if we wish to ascend smoothly and effortlessly; i.e., enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

He actually answered many questions that I had had since forever. According to him, one of the questions I brought into this lifetime was: How is it that, when we descend into Third Dimensionality, we forget our origins? What is the mechanism that has us forget. A fair amount of his talk was on that subject.

I’m not going to wait for a transcription but get this audiofile up now.

On the second tape, I asked him if President Obama was born in the United States and he said he was. He was born in Hawaii. So that’s it for me on that question.

I also asked him if George Bush Sr. was born in Germany and he said he was. George Bush Jr. was born in Texas.

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