Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 12 October 2011

There is no doubt that your creative powers are opening up paths to  Ascension that are extremely powerful, and that is speeding up the changes. It  is happening on more than one level, and bringing forth the first of many  preliminary changes that will set things up for the more important ones to go  ahead. All is proceeding well and the dark Ones have got the message, that we  are no longer prepared to wait for them to move aside. We will remove any person  obstructing our efforts, to move the people of Earth into positions where they  can start the whole process of Ascension. Much has already been done to lay down  the foundation to success, and we are now building upon it.

Every  individual can also help at this time, by concentrating upon the Light and all  that is positive. You may not know exactly what is going to happen, but you do  know sufficient to be able to project whatever you visualize that will bring the  Golden Age into being. See the happiness created by your release from the bonds  that have held you back, and your return to Sovereign Beings. Feel the new  freedom and removal of anything that has hitherto restricted your movements.  Know that in time you will be able to travel anywhere in the world, by a new  technology that makes distance of no consequence. Speed will be of the essence,  and achieved by using free energy that abounds in the Universe.

Somewhere along the way, there will be periods of uncertainty as the old is  replaced by the new, and that is because some matters such as the financial  changes cannot be implemented overnight. Similarly there may be some  distribution problems where the supply of foodstuffs are concerned, and  shortages could occur in some areas. However, do not panic as we will be using  our facilities to overcome them, so that things return to normal as soon as  possible. If you live in isolated or distant areas you may be more prone to the  problems, but you will intuitively know when you should prepare yourselves for  them. We mention such possibilities so that you give some thought to them well  in advance.

Naturally when we have free access to the media we  will ensure you are well informed of what is happening around you. At present we  are hoping to have assisted you to make the first changes before the year is  out. However, it must be already evident to many of you, that we must get things  underway soon as there is much to do in an ever shorter period of time. We can  cope, but we think of the impact upon you, as so many people are still unaware  as to what is about to enter their lives. It will be wonderful news, but  nevertheless is something of a shock to find your life suddenly turned upside  down. This is where the Lightworkers can be of great help by explaining what is  taking place. It is important that people understand that the cycle has to end,  but that it is the means of moving onto another path that lifts you up into the  higher dimensions.

Dear Ones, we really are so proud of your  efforts to work with us, and together we have achieved great strides in spite of  the resistance. We know even more of you are anxious to offer your services to  us and Mother Earth, and your chance will eventually come. Be assured that all  along the plan has been to enlist you in our projects, and in fact we have  always encouraged you to do so. Our role was never intended to be such that we  did all of the work ourselves, and we could put it to you that it is your Earth  and your responsibility to make all things good once more. However, we were  always going to assist because the task is beyond your present capabilities.

We could almost take time out and allow you to enjoy the coming  weeks, when it will become apparent that matters are undeniably moving towards  some form of announcement. Those of you that have reliable sources of  information such as David Wilcock on the Internet just to mention one of a  number, can follow developments virtually as they take place. However, you must  exercise your own discretion as to what you accept, as disinformation is still  mingled amongst the truthful reports. Either way you are on the verge of  exciting times and the fulfillment of your expectations. The year 2012 speedily  approaches and we would venture to suggest it will go off with a flurry of  events, that will clearly see the beginning of the end of duality, and the  beginning of another era dedicated to the Light.

This is the time  to enjoy what is happening by seeing beyond the immediate changes to the  expected outcome. You know that the “clearing out” is vitally necessary to make  way for the new to take its place. Of course the experience will have unpleasant  consequences for some people, who are going to be unavoidably involved. For some  it will be for karmic reasons and if you believe that to be the case, accept  that there must be a lesson to be learnt from it. It is often nothing directly  to do with your present life, but carried forward from an earlier one. There is  a tendency to question what it is you have done to deserve it, but do not look  at it as some kind of punishment. All life is a continual experience and  remember that there is “good” karma that is also attracted to you by your  thoughts and actions.

Never lose your perspective about what is  going on around you, as you are not necessarily aware of the reasons. However,  understanding the process of Ascension you will be able to allow for the  necessary changes, that will herald the coming of all that is going to lift you  up. Whilst you cannot “see” the levels of consciousness growing, you can sense  the higher levels of energy around you. With the coming of 11.11.11. an even  greater shift will be felt, and you will truly know that a great leap forward  has taken place.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and our activities  around Earth are increasing with our intent to bring the dark Ones under our  control. There abilities to cause trouble are being curtailed, and they are  learning that we do not intend to tolerate any more nonsense from them. They are  in shock, because they thought they were invincible, and their arrogance has led  them into a dead-end. The Light is supreme and continues to spread across the  Earth. We have won the battle and look to help you establish a new governance  across the world, one based on Light and Love for all Beings.

Thank  you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.


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