Suzanne Spooner – Angel David and Rabios – 12 Oct 2012

October 12, 2011 Angel David

via Suzanne Spooner – 12 Oct 2012.

October 12, 2011 Angel David & RabiosSuzanne Poulson Spooner


Hello David & Rabios. Hi Suzy, before we continue on with the prayer, we would like to share with you an update. [Please do.] Likely in a few days you will invite the idea of releasing your connection to your third dimensional self. This will be felt as a lightening of your density. You could notice an innate ability to experience Nirvana. The gift of ascension is prepared for you now. Universally you will know this has occurred by your feeling of peace that surrounds you. The Now Moment is your reality. Never worry because all is in divine order. [We have discussed this before, but will I ascend with my current body intact?] Yes, all who ascend will keep the vessel they currently reside in unless they chose to shed it. Cosmically you are form of matter. Various densities form a human body. When your density shifts, your form will remain but your density lightens. You will imagine (create, manifest) a new way of life that will support your lightness. In this new way of light you will help others to imagine their ascension. When you notice this shift, you will experience a change in appetite. You will need less food and you will require less sleep. [Ha! Pippa the puppy must be assisting me with this aspect, she hasn’t been sleeping very well at night!] Yes, she is a pup of light and has sent herself to you to be your guardian. [ Lovely. ] No longer will you feel a sense of worry on any subject. You will know that all is well and will only send loving energy to any situation.


Now, let’s proceed to the prayer for the Akashic class.


Channeled by Suzanne Spooner

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