We are the Lightworkers

We are the Lightworkers. via 2012INdyInfos.wordpress.com by Wes Annac

We are working to help heal this world and all of the darkness that has been present for so long. We are the Lightworkers, the healers of this planetary sphere. Some of us do not realize or remember fully our origins, but we still go about our daily lives while learning more about spirituality. Many of us will browse channeled messages to feel the connection of our ascended brethren; a connection that is very warm and familiar to us. Little do we know it, but our mere presence on this world is anchoring the Divine Christed Love and Light we originally incarnated on this world with.

Many of us do not yet realize, but at the core of our being we are Divine souls, who have come to help this world in exponential ways. Though we have yet to fully come into our true identities, we recognize the Divine gifts we are being imparted with and we use what spiritual tools we have to the advantage of the Light. Even a nice hello to a stranger, or helping somebody we do not know, every action big and small of ours is an action for the Light. We are of the Light. At heart many of us are Archangels, ascended extraterrestrial spirits and so much more, and we incarnate here to ground and anchor our Divine presence unto this world, as just by existing here we are anchoring vast amounts of Christed Love to Gaia’s grid of Light, a grid that is now flourishing beautifully thanks to our efforts and the efforts of our ascended allies.

We are the Lightworkers. 

We have willingly entered the lower sphere of this world, and experienced the lower dimensional hardships that have been aiding this world for centuries. Many of us have been here a long time; some of us are newer to Earth’s lower dimensional ways. Some of us have ascended on this very world, and come back yet again to assist the rest of the riders of the coming ascension wave. We are able to see past the clear deception taking place on this world by those who would call themselves authorities, and again our presence on Earth has anchored the Love that has eveloped and inspired all of the souls who are now protesting against injustice as they were in the 60′s. In fact many of us are those protesters, whether we realize it or not.

We are the Lightworkers.

All that we do, we do it for a higher cause. We work dilligently every step of the way to clear both ourselves of the darkness we have accumulated on our earthly ventures, and to clear humanity of it’s collective accumulated darkness and help the majority of them ascend as well. With us are many Ascended Masters and Angels who themselves are bent on liberating humanity from the darkness that we have seen as normal for centuries. We have brought with us this Divine assistance as these souls are both our allies and our Guardians for our earthly venture. Many of us are able to be in direct communication with these souls, and for the most part all of humanity is supposed to have these abilities, but the pineal gland has been calcified in so many due to the unhealthy foods humanity tends to consume. Even still, we see past the lower influences that face us daily to the best of our abilities, and we know the despite the difficult adventure that is Earth, we are ending this cycle with an indescribably wonderful ascension, and we are so very ready to be back home.

We are the Lightworkers.


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