Archangel Michael: This is a Time of Healing and Re-Integration – Part 1/2

Archangel Michael: This is a Time of Healing and Re-Integration – Part 1/2.

Unknown to me, Ellen began transcribing the tape as soon as the audiofile went up. Many thanks, Ellen. That means we have Part 1 ready for posting and Part 2 probably tomorrow.

In Part 1 Archangel Michael tells us what happens when we descend into Third Dimensionality that causes us to forget our higher origins.  He talks about the “integrated self” that experiences and acts.  He contrasts the life of this integrated self with the life of the mind, with its worries, hopes, and fears, and with its world constructed of illusion. And he tells us that this is a time of re-integration, of coming together, and of unifying.

He reveals that the veil of illusion and separation disintegrated years ago but we recoil in fear and anxiety, comfortable with the illusion of separation, and refuse to get that it has already distintegrated.

Archangel Michael, speaking through Linda Dillon, October 11, 2011

(prayer omitted)

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of peace. Welcome, dear heart. And I bring you greetings from the Company of Heaven. Celebration, marking of occasion, of passage — and sometimes, yes, arrival through that passage — is important. It is not frivolous, for it marks the honoring of the individual and the uniqueness of your journey. And it is a demonstration of love. So it is our pleasure to talk to you this day, and to remind the human beings to celebrate themselves.

It is not casual or unimportant to be alive. And that is true in any life, in any incarnation, in any reality. But it is a particularly exciting time, in terms of human experience, to be alive at this juncture and to be part of this great transformation, this restoration, this unfoldment of the universal divine mother’s plan.

So we wish to honor you this day. We wish to tell you not only how deeply we love you and regard you, but we wish to also take that time to tell you that you are doing well, that this journey and that this unfoldment is not only in accordance with the universal plan, but in accordance with your plan as well.

When you have been out of form, when you have been on this side, you would often say to me, “Michael, how can it be that human beings forget, that they forget so fully and completely, that they do not remember or feel, always, the connection and the unity to us?”

That has been a big part of your journey, your own personal soul exploration. It has been that journey to try and figure out, how do people forget? Why is it they do not cherish and remember the unions that they have throughout the universe?

Often, you have thought of yourself as an information hound, but that is not exactly so. Because behind the yearning or the enquiry has been this underlying question in your quest. And so it is our joy, and, yes, part of our agreement, that we assist in this understanding and that we help the collective not only to remember but to reach a place of evolution where that density simply does not tend to occur and occur and reoccur.

There are many things that we can and may speak of this day, but, dear friend, brother of my heart, I wish for this to be your time as well. So what do you wish to speak of?

Steve: I’d like to follow up on what you’re saying¸ Lord, because I’m very much aware that that is something I’ve been looking at since as far back as I can remember. I recall having an out-of-body experience and suddenly seeing the lightness of the density of the spirit body compared with the physical body, and that lesson stayed with me for, well, since then. Is it primarily the density of the physical body that is the mechanism by which forgetfulness occurs?

AAM: It is almost what you can think of as a density in every — every body. It is triggered by the entrance or the anchoring not just into the physical body, but into the density of the field of what the humans have created on Earth.

You notice that when, very often, you see a small baby, they are communicating volumes. They are looking around, they are seeing their friends and allies, and they have not forgotten. But as that anchoring into the physical body has taken place, what occurs is the simultaneous anchoring of all the other bodies into the density.

So it is literally the adjustment into the body, but it allows for the density of the other bodies — of the mental, of the emotional, even the spiritual — to become heavy, to become burdened. This belief, that somehow when you have entered into a body — and it is a belief system that is pervasive in most of your cultures — that somehow you have to work your way back to God, it is not only not true, it is bizarre. But it is such a strong belief that it has become embedded in the very air that you breathe. So, as the child breathes that air, as the child feels the energy of the collective around them, that density falls upon them.

For years now we have been saying that the veil had been lifted. And from our perspective the veil has disintegrated years ago. And yet there are still many — most — upon the earth that still say, with anxiousness and exhilaration and excitement, “Oh, the veil is dissolving!” — The veil is gone.

So it is allowing that density to dissolve, and it is allowing the person to decide that they are free to participate with the greater union in ways that they choose, in ways that they wish. That is the partnership. That is the co-creation.

But very often, as the individual goes forward, they become again like a frightened child who has run into a neighborhood they don’t quite recognize. And then they become fearful, because what is familiar to them is disappearing. But it is what is familiar has no substance.

The only thing that has substance is the relationships, is the love, is the bonding, is the human union. And there is such a strong belief in this myth of separation that it frightens people. And yet when they are declared free, and free to go, so often we are witnessing a withdrawal from that area, a return to what is the known.

Now, we are not suggesting — well, we probably are! — that people do not need to go out of their comfort zones. But that comfort zone, what they believe to be their comfort zone, is exactly what keeps them in that place of discomfort and bondage. So when we ask and invite [you] to stretch that comfort zone a little wider so that you can actually breathe, it is an invitation to freedom. Yes, of course, we want the union between all realms to be clearer and closer, but it is also our desire for each of you to be in joy.

And that is a very different place than just being happy. Because when you are in the joy, you are able to accept, or work with, or overcome, or transmute obstacles, or what can be perceived in human terms as hurdles or difficulties, because you have that inner knowing, of connection. So you are not just operating from a place of being solitary.

Whether it would be the third dimension, the fourth, the fifth, the seventh, the eleventh, it is this knowing of connection and of union, of love, that is our greatest desire. It is the freeing from that bondage.

This channel has asked me repeatedly why this sense of union, of love, of joy could not be achieved in the third dimension, why it is the plan to transfer or elevate to the fifth or the seventh. But what I have explained to her, and what I share with you, my brother, is that you transmute into the fifth because you have reached that place of accepting joy, of anchoring joy, of releasing the illusions into the third.

When you are anchored in your heart and in your love, then you have completed that cycle, and you are free to continue onward. That is what your human collective is doing in all kinds of ways — in your societies, in your institutions, but mostly in yourselves. You are saying, I choose to be in my heart and in love; I choose connectedness; I choose interconnection; I choose union.

This is the significant breakthrough. That is the destroying of the illusions. That is the tearing down of the veil. It is taking off the blinkers and actually seeing and choosing what is available to you.

That is what you, my beloved friend, have been doing for many years. And you have persisted. Yes, even when it hurt your heart, you have held on to my blue flame of truth, and you have demanded it and commanded it. And that is what you are doing in your platform. You are sharing this, this truth, with many. And in so doing, it is breaking down that density.

And we thank you for that.

S: Thank you, Lord. May I ask a question?

AAM: Yes.

S: All through your discussion, you’ve used the word “you.” Who is this “you” that is acting?

AAM: How do you mean?

S: Well, you’ve said that we humans create our collective illusion, and inhabit it, and we can choose to not be choosing separateness, but to live in the heart. Who is this “you” that acts? Is it my third-dimensional self? Is it my higher dimensional self? Who, who is breaking me loose?

AAM: It is your integrated self.

S: Can you talk about that a bit more, that integrated self? I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything said about it. Not in those terms.

AAM: Yes, we would be glad to. And this has been part of the separation, and it has been a way for the human beings to get at this problem, this illusion of separation. So this formulation of the different parts of your being — your physical being, the being that we now know in this incarnation, in your beautiful form; your emotional being, your mental being, your higher self, and then what we would say is your highest self, the part that you always, what many would call an oversoul that would remain in the source energy — there has been this fragmentation of the parts of your being in order to understand that you are more than simply this physical manifestation at a dot, at certain time and place.

And it is not that that physical manifestation is not marvelous; it is miraculous. But just as there is coming to a point where you do not wish to have the feeling of separation from all, you also do not wish to have that sense of fragmentation of thee, of you. And yes, when I say you I mean the individual.

Because now you are at a place — and when I am saying this I am saying you, beloved Steve — are at a place of integration. And when we say the integrated self, we mean all the pieces — your soul design, all your aspects, your oversoul; your highest self, your inter-dimensional self; all beings that have exhibited elsewhere, shall we say, your mental, your emotional, your psychic, your etheric and your physical; your ego, your personality; everything you can think of that has been and is a part of thee, is all of you.

They are not separated. They are bigger — you are bigger — than you imagine. But when it comes to this place of integration, it is working harmoniously as one unified being. So it is not that the choice of your higher self would be different than the desires or actions of your human current self or the parts of you that you have called back to yourself, that have been from other realities or dimensions.

So that is what we mean by an integrated self.

S: May I ask a further question?

AAM: Yes.

S: All right. What is the impact of big, unresolved issues, traumatic memories, frightening thoughts? What is the impact of those on my integrated self?

AAM: The impact is the bringing those memories, those traumas, and when you say pains, hurts, fears, terrors, you bring them within your expanded being, and you love them, realizing that it has brought you to this place. There is — the event can be remembered, or not, without the impact of a trauma, without the impact of feeling that you have been damaged, hurt, compromised. It is a piece of information that has been brought within you, and not even what you would think of as healed, but held, the same way you would hold a child, until the feeling or the experience of the charge, of the trauma, is gone.

It is the same for situations that have been wondrous, that have been loving, that have been warm. And there are times in (and we are talking long evolution and short evolution) those experiences — the experience of deep love, of being part of a loving, nurturing, caring family, of being in a soul relationship, of being in a place where you knew that your work was worthwhile and made a difference — those experiences also are held within.

Very often the reference point back is to the trauma, or to the injury, or to creating an injury, but it is not just that, it is both. And there are situations where the memory of being in that loving, nurturing relationship, that place of union, it creates a knowing that, yes, this is possible, but there [have] also been situations — and we are not talking specifically about you — but there are situations where it also creates a longing and an anger that that is not present at the moment, a feeling of rejection or abandonment.

So that is why those feelings, also those experiences, that history is also brought in and simply held until it is part of the integrated self. So what it is doing is it is letting go of what you think of as the charge of judgment: this was horrid, this was sublime.

What we are seeing in many corners of the human collective is that there is an anxiousness, an excitement and an openness to going forward. And it is the, particularly, light-workers, light-holders, who are saying, “Now is my time and I shall ascend.”

But there is also this other side that you are seeing, as well, and that is why we speak of it this day. That they are also saying, “But, but, but, but: can I wait a while? Do I have to give up this or that? Do I — can I bring my family?” These are the traumas that are being integrated, both the difficult and the beautiful.

So there is this push and pull that is going on right now in the hearts of many. Now, this does not concern us as insofar as we know it is part of the process of that integration. But it is something for each being simply to look at and be aware of.

(Continued in Part 2.)

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