“I am not Going There Anymore”…And That’s Okay…

“I am not Going There Anymore”…And That’s Okay…/


by Kauilapele posted 12 October

This blog, yes indeed, has a number posts from a number of channels (Mike Quinsey (SaLuSa), Wanderer, Suzy Ward (Matthew), et al.). Just like the television or radio, we have lots of choices, which channels to listen to, which to pay our attention to, which to avoid.

There’s also plenty of folks who get the “readings”. Psychic readings, readings from this person or that person, this being or that being.

One of my first introductions to the “psychic” realm was my friend, Bill. I was in graduate school, and at one point or another, he started reading for me. He knew we had a close connection, and he never charged me for any reading. He was usually spot on accurate, and I grew to love our relationship. And his readings.

After a point it was something that I let become a working part of my life. Any decision I wanted to make, or if I had any question about something, I’d call Bill, and he would give me what he “got”. And usually I’d follow what he said. And many times his message was what I would call, “Right on”. And then there were many times when I found his message was not, “Right on”. Or so I thought. When I was into the “finding the perfect person for a relationship” phase, he sometimes said there would be this person, or that person, or he’d say, “This person is really interested in you, so go out with them. It’s up to you, of course.”

But eventually, I took a clairvoyant class, here in Hawaii. And of all the things I got from it, the most important for me was that I was made aware of the “psychic within”. I learned to become my own “psychic”. In other words, my answers could come from within me, via me, and that I could actually “get” or “read” stuff for myself, via my Self (Higher Self).

So I began calling Bill less and less. And “getting things” more and more on my own. Shortly after that, at some stage, Bill passed over (to the other side). It was if he had played his role here, and now wanted to work on a different plane of life. Sometimes I feel his presence, like right now, but this is more as a brother, rather than as “my own personal psychic.

So here’s the rest of that deal. The clairvoyant class always taught to “find the answerswithin“. Well, eventually those teachings actually came to pass, for me. I reached a point where I knew that those classes (costing $150/month, every month) were no longer for me (or my bank account). At one stage it was so absolutely clear I had to get out of there, and that it was my time to move on, I told them about it. I was leaving.

And, of course, they “absolutely embraced my decision and congratulated me for making that decision.”


Actually, the teachers I spoke to all seemed rather shocked that I would leave. Didn’t I realize I had to keep going for at least seven years? You should reconsider, so sign this paper saying you are leaving and remember you are always welcome to come back (and pay us the $150/month again so we can pay our rent… (all right, the part in this parentheses is my own words)).

But I did move on. And I began more and more to rely on my own Inner Senses, rather than everyone else’s. This is not to say that on occasion today I ask selected individuals what they “get” about a situation. But today I most often “look at it” from my own side first, before asking them. And the “them” is much fewer in number these days.

Today, I “get” what needs to be done, by me, and through me (an example is the last mission). And yes, I know that this is not just about “me”, but it’s all about the Higher Me, listening to that “Higher Me”, that actually lives within every “me” there is on this planet.

There are stages. Some are ready, some are learning, to release dependence upon outer “selfs”, and the ego “self” (small “s”), and embrace the wisdom that only comes from within. From that “Higher Me”. “Higher Self.”

So the others that advertize their “psychic-ness”, and some, their “High-ness” (because, certainly, “They know more than you do, what with all their extensive training and experience and whatever; so for God’s sake don’t listen to your own Self, you must go to them that chargeth the grand amounts of money; because, as the saying goes, ‘The more ye pay, the more truth they’ll say.’”), are not for me anymore. I am not Going There Anymore.

The messengers I revere today include the sky, the clouds, the ocean, the wind, the birds, the fish, the grass, even the toads (we have many here on the Big Island), and often, very often, the Golden Kitties. All of these are bringing the messages to me which I get within, and from, my Higher Self.

Enough of this talk. Let’s jump in the ocean!!

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