Radio Ann – Council of Twelve – 13 October 2011

Channeler: Radio Ann
We are the Council of Twelve, and we are here in support of your path to ascension and spiritual growth. Please take time today to feel the energies that are flowing in a beautiful stream to the hearts of all humanity. Many will be aware of this, many more will not. We are here to tell you that despite the evident turmoil on the surface of your world, there is much afoot behind the scenes. There is much that cannot be measured by your physical instruments, which leads many to the erroneous conclusion that the world consists of that which can be perceived by so-called normal means.
The world is heaven on Earth for those who have the capacity to love. The world is hell on Earth for those who do not. The world is a mixed bag for those on the cusp. There are as many versions of Earth as there are beings upon and around it. Reality is fluid, which makes it hard to grasp, quantify, wrangle, come to terms with, etc. etc. Your reality shifts moment to moment. Good news brings you heaven, bad news plunges you into hell. This is the reality for those who think their happiness depends upon external circumstances. For those who take responsibility for their own happiness, the world is a playground. Okay, sometimes you may fall and scrape a knee, but you’re still on the playground. So play! We want you to enjoy yourselves.

We know you have problems. Problems are your gifts, even though you may want to exchange them! Problems make you strong. Problems make you compassionate. Problems are a game if you’re courageous enough to see them that way. You can solve every problem you face, we guarantee it. Ask for our help. We will give you ideas, nudge you to the right place at the right time, introduce you to a person who has what you need.

Ask us! Council, I have a problem, please help. And we will. A bright idea, a strange coincidence, a lucky break – that’s us in action. Those things are your angels, helpers, counselors, control room crew. We are here for you today and every day. We love you so much. Don’t let your worries block us out. Clear your minds and breathe us in. You’ll hear us in your mind’s ear, and if you think you came up with a bright idea, that’s fine with us. We just want you to solve your problems, knock them down like bowling pins, and gain confidence every day in  your ability to handle life.

World peace consists of every one of you gaining confidence in your own ability to create happiness, confront and solve problems, and be big enough to lend a hand to others. Sometimes we send YOU to be someone’s angel. But if you’re low and depressed, you’re not available for assistance. We need our ground crew. That’s you, dear ones. Let’s create a loop of helpful energy. We’ll help you, you can help others. Deal? Love and smooches, the Council.

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