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Communication, Perspectives and Misunderstanding – Lucas

Wonderful lessons are being brought to us in al kinds of ways. Speaking of how easy things can be misunderstood, misinterpreted in communication. It is more difficult to let people know what you think then you imagine.

In a post where I made a comment on my perspective on the title and  the subject of a video a bom exploded in my face.  There was nothing wrong with the video or the author or the man who posted it and I also mentioned that. From my perspective the group of lightworkers have no need to  go into the themes that were handled in the video. It was from my perspective just distraction from that  what lightworkers in my opinion needed to be doing. Staying in the light and not manifesting things with even the best of intentions.

Then I got a lot of harsh words about what I said was nasty, discrediting a friend who was filmed speaking on the video, etc.      What was happening?  They had some other perspectives on it. So it  became instead of discussing it  being personal, not understanding what I had said from my perspective.  So what is then the way to  just get a simple message not being taken the wrong way or misinterpreted.

Is it the word choice, or the way of saying what I said, was it timing?  All those things are maybe the triggers for people. But there is more. Do people know you can see things from other perspectives and therefore seeing things in other ways without having questioned the intentions or mentioned words in the message of the other. You respected that message. That’s deep.  No, it’s just like seeing parallel dimensions at the same time. You see things in two worlds that are different but also the same in their origin.

Would it be better in the future for us to see that things always may have more sides than one and still be the same One.  This was for me the lesson I have learned. So even if you have an opinion or being judging or commenting, for your truth is only one perspective on the matter and that matter has more truths to it then only one. But still al is One.

So we must not  battle or get personal or even say nasty things to each other because in the end we are all one in the same matter and we all are having our truths. This is also true for the different perspectives on for example Ascension. Are they wrong having an other perspective?  No, they are also right from their perspective. Are we then separate of those who think from an other perspective?No, we still are One with All even if you have a different perspective on things.

I hope my lessons are maybe or maybe not a mirror for my readers. Nevertheless, keep on posting things, even from other perspectives. Don’t mind if people have an other truth as yours.  Don’t attack them personal or say bad things. See it  for what it is and still  be friends. We are all one and in the light even if we have our little misfits and differences.

Love and Light,


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Radio Ann- The Council of Twelve – On Money- 14 October 2011

The Council of Twelve by Radio Ann
We are trying to assist the lightworkers in understanding that they can have the life they wish to have. Money is not difficult to manifest. The belief that money is difficult to manifest is a much more intractable problem. What you believe, you receive. It’s as simple as that.

We are aware that there is a false equivalence between poverty and righteousness. Monetary wealth and spiritual wealth are by no means mutually exclusive. A correct alignment with money is what manifests money.

So what is money? Money is energy. Money is energy that must flow and circulate. Picture money flowing to you and outward, creating a whirlwind of endless flow. It comes in, it goes out. But if you wish, picture a little less flowing out, then you begin to see an accumulation of funds that used properly, will be of benefit to all.

You don’t really own money. You don’t really own anything. Not even your own body, as you will discover one fine day. But energy exists in abundance and you can use all you wish, all that you are capable of handling. With regard to debt and lack, we say this: It’s all under your control. You create your conditions; mentally, emotionally, spiritually. If you don’t like what you see, if you need more than you have, then make adjustments. Need less, get more.

Whatever the case may be, you have the creative ability to find solutions to every problem you have. If you did not, you would not be human. You would not be a lightworker. If you are a lightworker, if you are human, then you have all you need, ipso facto. You may not be manifesting in the way you would like, but that’s not because you don’t have the capacity. It’s because you have not realized your capacity.

In any case, start small if you need to. Isn’t there one small thing you can do today to wrangle the energy of money more efficiently? Some small debt to repay? Some small change to invest or save? A piggy bank? Something! Sit quietly and reflect on money. Do you secretly distrust it? Or distrust people who have it? Do you think you don’t deserve it, way down deep? If there’s any belief in between you and money, you can eliminate the obstacle. Ask for our help with this. Council, please remove the obstacles between me and money. And then bless every bit of it you have, may have, will have, will spend. See yourselves as facilitators of the flow. That’s what money is, a flow of energy. Breathe in the idea, breathe it out. Make friends with money. Used properly, it’s a blessed thing and creating a good relationship with it is your right. Namaste. The Council.

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 14 October 2011

You may wonder at times why different sources of channeling sometimes come up with their own dates for expected events, and yet do not dispute those that are given by others that are different to theirs. Although there is generally a reluctance to give dates anyway, occasionally circumstances dictate that a firm date can be acknowledged, say such as one that has been divinely given. The reason for this is that there are different time lines that exist for most events, meaning that more than one outcome is possible, so the ultimate “correct” date for you is partly dependent upon your choice. Therefore we would be reluctant to deny someone else’s choice, as we could affect the outcome by doing so and that would be deemed interference. So as many dates are being given for almost all important events, we would suggest you focus on the one that satisfies your understanding.

Financial happenings still fill the headlines, and at each turn it seems that matters get worse rather than better. We cannot say that we are surprised, as efforts are directed at keeping the old systems going, rather than approaching the problems from a completely new direction. The underlying reason for the meltdown is understood by some people, but they are not necessarily in a position to influence what happens. The sweeping changes that are required will only happen when it is acknowledged that the old ways are no longer workable. That is something we are assisting our allies to bring about as soon as possible. The amount of co-operation we are getting in the different countries is encouraging, and it will reach a point when there will be a vast majority that will support the necessary changes, and then they will go ahead.

The dark Ones are no longer in any doubt that we mean business, and their defeat is simply a matter of time. The Lighted Ones are patient, and realize that providing the right time is chosen to apply the coup de grace there will be a relatively smooth transition from the old to the new. With the energy and consciousness levels on Earth continually growing, there can be no doubt that the changes are imminent. We could talk of weeks rather than months, and that shows our own confidence in the future. However, we would rather you used your own intuition, as you would be surprised how often it is able to pick up the truth. In some ways the exact dates are not so important, as when an event is close to manifesting you will be aware of it anyway.

At present we busy ourselves in keeping a constant eye on earthly occurrences, whether man-made or natural to ensure nothing gets out of hand. We are in your skies for various reasons, and regularly attend to clearing the Chem.-Trails, and balancing your weather patterns so as to maintain the seasons. In the longer term they will moderate and become more temperate, and once ascended will no longer be a necessary factor for food production. The dimensional changes will eventually be so far reaching that conditions will remain constant. Indeed, in your finer body you will not be subject to the ravages of time, illnesses or any disabling factor. Ascension as you now understand it, is ongoing and is only just beginning with the closing of the cycle of Duality.

As much as we try to convey what the future holds for you, words really fail us at times. To understand the beauty, harmony and balance of the higher dimensions you have to be there, and how can one really describe the way in which the energy caresses you and makes you feel so wonderful. Tiredness is something that you experience on Earth as your physical body becomes drained of its energy, yet in the higher dimensions that never occurs as you are continually drawing from the energies around you. All those earthly problems connected with having a physical body do not exist at all. However, we jump ahead, but all of these changes await you in due course.

For the older people amongst you that are ascending it will mean much more, because as happens when you pass on from death into the Astral Levels, you will quickly be able to “think” yourself into a younger body free of the effect of old age. You can gradually put together a picture of what it will be like to ascend, and perhaps the most useful gain is the ability to “talk” with anyone by telepathy regardless of distance. It is experienced by you at times without your realization, when it seems like your own voice talking to you. Another gadget that will make life so much easier will be a voice translator, enabling you to listen to any language as though it was in your own. Some of our technology is so advanced it is considered by you as only a possibility, because you do not have the knowledge yet to do it for yourself. That is where we will enable you to make a quantum leap forward, and will introduce you to our level of existence.

We keep talking about the exciting times ahead, and considering they will release you from your bondage that has to be so. However, it is not just that as you are replacing one life experience with another that is far superior. It is one that you left behind you eons of time ago, to experience time and space in Duality. You have truly earnt the right to move out of it, and as a civilization have at last succeeded in overcoming the pull of the lower energies. It has taken you a long time, but all that will be forgotten quite quickly as you put it behind you and enjoy your new life.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and would mention that some of our smaller Mothercraft are being positioned a bit closer to Earth, allowing us to reach you with our scout craft more speedily. The need to track your dark Ones and their activities is vital in these closing stages leading to their removal. This way we can prevent them from attempting a major incident to delay the end of their time. We believe that they are sufficiently disempowered to prevent one, but remain vigilant and focused on our responsibilities to you. We have guided you and protected you for many, many years and it is greatly satisfying for us to know that we have helped you reach your goal. We have looked upon you as our family, and never been far away at any time. Soon we will be even closer, until First Contact when we shall truly be amongst you. I leave you with the thought that if you have chosen to ascend, it matters not whether you are on Earth to experience it, you will still do so. Every soul has the choice to make, and before very long all will fully understand its significance.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey.

via http://www.galacticchannelings.com

Dollar bill could be ditched- RT.com News

Dollar coins could become the norm in Americaby rt.com first published 13 october 2011

Dollar coins could become the norm in America

Pants pockets could be getting a lot heavier from coast-to-coast if Congress approves a plan to ditch the dollar bill in favor of a coin currency.

Lawmakers in Washington introduced a legislation last week that would aim to tackle the massive American deficit by eliminating the paper bill featuring George Washington’s mug and replacing it with a metal coin that would last for ages longer.

Bill backer Rep. David Schweikert of Arizona says that once the transition from bill-to-coin is complete, the US could save “billions of dollars.”

The current dollar bill denomination only has a lifespan of 18 to 40 months. A coin could, however, stand the test of time for up to 30 years. First, though, the treasury would have to transition around $600 million worth of dollar coins to replace the paper bill, something that Schweikert says would take around four years.

“At a time when we are staring down a record-breaking $1.3 trillion deficit, any common-sense measure that cuts billions needs to be given serious consideration,” Rep. Schweikert said before the House of Representatives. Specifically, he said that his plan could save the federal government around $5.5 billion over the course of three decades.

Some lawmakers, however, say that the plan would only put America deeper in debt. “The $1 coin is misleading because it costs taxpayers so much more,” Republican Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts responded. Along with fellow Mass resident and Democratic rep John Kerry, Brown has proposed a contradictory bill to keep the coin from coming to fruition.

That isn’t to say that Schweikert doesn’t have his supports, though. The Dollar Coin Alliance has formed in support of his legislation, and he has also received backing from Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), who is also a member of Congress’ super committee pegged with tackling the debt dilemma.

Schweikert has dubbed his plan the Currency Optimization, Innovation and National Savings project, or COINS.

Berlusconi Tests His Political Survival in Confidence Vote as Yields Surge – Bloomberg.com

by Chiara Vasarri – 14 October 2011 link orginal article: Berlusconi Tests His Political Survival in Confidence Vote as Yields Surge

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi faces a parliamentary confidence vote today to determine whether he still has enough support to continue governing Italy through Europe’s deepening debt crisis.

“The government asks for a confirmation of confidence because it is profoundly aware of the risks facing the nation,” the premier said in a 15-minute address yesterday to the lower house of Parliament, which will begin debate on the confidence motion at 11 a.m. and start voting at around 12:30 p.m. in Rome.

The confidence vote, the second Berlusconi has faced in the past month, was called after the premier failed to muster a majority in the Chamber of Deputies this week to rubberstamp last year’s budget report. President Giorgio Napolitano urged Berlusconi after the vote to clarify “questions and concerns” about his ability to govern the euro area’s third-biggest economy.

“What worries me most is that Italian politics at the moment is basically disconnected from anything besides itself,” Alberto Mingardi, an economist and director general of the Bruno Leoni Institute, a research center in Turin, said in an e-mail. “The markets may take a change of power” in Italy “as good news, even if it’s clear to no one what would come after Berlusconi and even if Italy’s problems would remain the same.”

Bonds Slide

Pressure is mounting on Berlusconi as investors continue to dump Italian debt even after theEuropean Central Bank began buying it on Aug. 8 to stem surging borrowing costs. The yield on the nation’s 10-year bond rose for a fifth day to reach 5.86 percent yesterday, the highest since Aug. 5, when the premier unveiled 54 billion euros ($73 billion) in austerity measures that convinced the ECB to backstop Italy.

Berlusconi, who faces calls by the opposition and business leaders to resign, is struggling to convince investors that he can cut Europe’s second-biggest debt load after the country was downgraded by the three main rating companies in the last month. He’s also a defendant in four criminal trials, including one for paying a minor for sex. The premier denies any wrongdoing.

While opposition leaders vowed to oppose the government in today’s vote, Berlusconi is likely to survive the motion, said Pier Luigi Bersani, leader of the main opposition party, Ansa newswire reported. “It’s all about survival, not governing the country,” Bersani was cited as saying yesterday.

Allied Threat

Former Industry Minister Claudio Scajola said he will back Berlusconi in the vote, Ansa reported yesterday. A member of the premier’s party, Scajola and 15 allies in Parliament were ready to topple the government, affaritaliani.it website reported on Oct. 12.

Berlusconi called for the confidence motion after key allies failed to turn up on Oct. 11 for a routine vote on the 2010 budget report. Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti and Umberto Bossi, who heads the Northern League that’s part of the ruling majority, were both absent from the ballot, raising doubts about their commitment to the government, whose term ends in 2013.

Tremonti, who has clashed with Berlusconi recently on issues including Mario Draghi’s successor as Bank of Italy governor, was working on economic legislation during the lower- house vote and there was no “political reason of any kind” for his absence, the minister said in a statement.

Draghi, who takes over as ECB president on Nov. 1, piled more pressure on Berlusconi, telling the government this week that its austerity measures won’t be enough to save the country from an “ungovernable” debt spiral unless it quickly passes measures to boost economic growth.

“If protracted, the high borrowing costs seen in the last three months could largely offset” the effects of the austerity measures, “with a further negative impact on the cost of debt, in a spiral that may end up being ungovernable,” Draghi said in a speech in Rome on Oct. 12.

Italian growth has lagged behind the euro-region average for the last decade, making it harder to cut debt of about 120 percent of output, the second largest in Europe after Greece. Berlusconi told legislators yesterday that austerity measures may slow growth and promised tax, constitutional and judicial reforms to boost the economy.

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S&P downgrades Spain by one notch | euronews, world news

S&P downgrades Spain by one notch | euronews, world news.

My comment: who is next!