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Reclaiming Your 12 Strand DNA | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database

Reclaiming Your 12 Strand DNA | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database.  first published at www.in5d.com by Julianne Everett

A Yuga is a East Indian term for a 26,000 year cycle of time. Each Yuga is divided into 2000 year dispenstations that are given to Avatars for bringing humanity into higher and higher levels of God12 strand dna upgradeConsciousness. Our present dispensation was activated nearly two thousand years ago by the Beloved Lord Jesus the Christ, also known to some as Sananda. His cycle has been centered at impulsing the Christ Flame within every heart that is receptive to the love, the wisdom and the power of God.

As we enter the last decade of this century, we are completing the thirteenth dispensation of this present 26,000 year Yuga. The Diamond Ray is the 13th Ray, the highest sacred fire essence of the Cosmic Christ. For the last 1995 years we have been growing towards becoming physically, emotionally, mentally and ehterically able to respond to the power of this universal Diamond frequency. The power of this Ray is most intense in the northern countries of the globe. The Elohim who work directly with the Godhead as the builders of creation filter this powerful Light trough what is to become the new magnetic north. This is accomplished under the co-direction of the Councils of the Cosmic Christ who are sustaining this new apex using a 24-faceted Diamond Ascension Merkabah. A Merkabah is a vehicle of living light used by the Spriritual Hierarchy for disseminating information and healing energies to their embodied servers. It also assists Lightworkers in aligning with the perfected energy fields of the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. The Diamond Merkabah is presently around the Earth so that Cosmic Christ consciousness, or Unity Consciousness, can be disseminated through the grid systems that sustain the spiritual forcefields encompassing this planet. Continue reading

Two Channelings from Angels

Two Channelings from Angels. via SteveBeckow.com  by Steve Beckow

A number of people have had readings with the Boss (or their guides) and have allowed me either to post their readings, as Susan has done with the audiofile below, or else have allowed me to take portions of their transcripts and post them here. Each one contributes a little more to our knowledge of what is transpiring or the nature of the wider reality. I will have portions of a reading with a second Susan perhaps tomorrow.

Here is Susan’s channeling with AA Michael through Linda. Susan was the person with whom I traded my Oct. 1 reading. She agreed to ask some questions of the Boss for us and these are his answers. Continue reading

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET WINS! Bloomberg backs down, protestors stay in park – YouTube

#OCCUPYWALLSTREET WINS! Bloomberg backs down, protestors stay in park – YouTube. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com   by Laura Tyco

My Comment: This is what WE the PEOPLE can do and accomplish for our own world.

Vitamins are deadly? Media hoax exposed, part two

Vitamins are deadly? Media hoax exposed, part two. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com by Laura Tyco

(NaturalNews) Yesterday, we published a groundbreaking article exposing the total media hoax that has been running in the mainstream media over the past week or so. The hoax involved a fraudulent studyusingaltered datawhich claimed to show that “vitamins are deadly!” But the actual data from the study didn’t reach that conclusion at all, and the mainstream media reporting on this was little more thana collection of outright lies and willfully engineered disinformation.

Read that report here:

Today we continue with part two of exposing this malicious media hoax, which was designed (of course) to scare people away from taking vitamins while at the same time feeding them propaganda stories that encourage everyone to get their vaccine shots, eat their GMOs, and take their chemotherapy. According to the mainstream media, you see,poisons are good for you, but nutrition is deadly.

Minerals, they claim, might kill you. But being injected with a vaccine using aluminum adjuvants and mercury preservatives is actually GOOD for you, they insist! Continue reading

Humans and Animals One in Spirit

Humans and Animals One in Spirit. via Galacticchannelings.com

Here are two touching little stories about animals and humans helping each other at the time that it’s most needed. Just two small examples of things that happen all over the world every day, and that shows that in spirit, We Are All One.

Best Day of Fishing!

I’ve heard of salmon jumping into boats but not deer. Four were pulled from the icy waters of Stephens Passage, Alaska , by a group of locals on Tom Satre’s 62-foot charter vessel. Four juvenile Sitka black- tailed deer swam directly toward the boat. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 17 October 2011

Not a day goes by without further developments being achieved by our allies, and that is hastening the time when some positive moves can be made to bring a stop to the activities of the dark Ones. Already they are being weakened by losing control of their command bases, and we will continue to assist our allies until the threat to you no longer exists. Various teams are responsible for dealing with the different challenges that face you, and be assured all is well and proceeding to plan. Defeat is not a word that the dark Ones contemplate as they considered themselves invincible. However, they are having to face up to the inevitable loss of power and subsequent collapse. We offer them a way out and believe they will accept, when it becomes apparent that they cannot avoid the net that is closing in upon them. Continue reading

It’s Happening!

It’s Happening!. via galacticchannelings.com

Two major happenings are going on at the moment. While the #Occupy movement is emerging all over the planet, the Galactic Federation is shutting down underground bases of the Dark Cabal. In other words: the people on Earth are rising up, and our galactic friends are coming down. It’s just a matter of time before they come together!


Occupy Wall Street, USAOccupy Wall Street, USA

Continue reading