Two Channelings from Angels

Two Channelings from Angels. via  by Steve Beckow

A number of people have had readings with the Boss (or their guides) and have allowed me either to post their readings, as Susan has done with the audiofile below, or else have allowed me to take portions of their transcripts and post them here. Each one contributes a little more to our knowledge of what is transpiring or the nature of the wider reality. I will have portions of a reading with a second Susan perhaps tomorrow.

Here is Susan’s channeling with AA Michael through Linda. Susan was the person with whom I traded my Oct. 1 reading. She agreed to ask some questions of the Boss for us and these are his answers.

Here are portions of Carol’s channeling with her angel Thalia. Another of her angels, Monica, is also mentioned but does not speak.

Carol is a Starseed from the Ninth Dimension on Venus who has in the past volunteered to come during times of dramatic change when the Earth is shifting in realities and energies. She has had a hundred or so lifetimes on Earth, says Thalia, “and that is not very many for someone who is as ancient as you.”

Thalia: You were originally angelic but you are from Venus.

[Carol asked Thalia why she could not feel gems any more and Thalia’s answer was instructive.]

Thalia: Well, first of all because you’re not from here. And your vibration is already pretty high. And the third reason is, yes, in some ways we have protected you because you have had enough to deal with, sweet angel. We felt if you were bombarded with one more thing that there was a very good chance that you would say, forget it. I’ve had enough. I’m going home. .. So that is why you have not felt the intensities of the energies [of the gems] for, say, the last year or so. …

You are not particularly a “stone” person. You are a love person. Each being comes with certain vibrations that they truly resonate with. You would much rather see into someone’s souls through their eyes or have someone smile at you than to hold a crystal.

It is who you are and that is the gift that you bring. You came very much to work with the humans. You knew that the stones, the mountains, the grass, the trees were their part. They were doing just fine. So you did not need that you needed either to help them or to ask them to help you.

Carol: Has my body become crystalline?

T: You’re almost there. Yes.

[Carol then asked what a gatekeeper was and, in the answer, Thalia describes (1) how some people will ascend and come back as an ascended master and (2) how they will help people through the Ascension transition. Remember I said recently that we will be escorted on Ascension. Well, here is a description of one part of that escorting – the gatekeeper receiving us. C was also told that her angel guide, Thalia, and her spirit guide, Monica, would escort her on the ascension “journey.” So that is a verifiable statement (as verifiable as a mediumistic record will be accepted as being by people) of the “escort” aspect of Ascension.]

Carol: What is a gatekeeper?

Thalia: A gatekeeper, and we will tell you in two ways. Often you have been a gatekeeper. It is part of who you are. So again there is a point of that spiral [that Thalia talked about earlier], when you are one of the ones at the top of this spiral that welcomes people home.

But in this situation, in the human realm, during this time of interdimensional shift, you are also a gatekeeper. And what this means in very practical terms is that you will go through an Ascension process, your Ascension process, and you will check it out, because you would never invite anybody through a doorway if you did not know what was on the other side, and so once you have that down pat, you will come back.

It is just like being at that half point on the spiral. You will hold the gate open and help people through as they come. So you will go through yourself. You will be come back. You will be anchoring, or manifesting shall we say, into the Third Dimension. Your reality will be anchored in the higher dimensions. But the manifestation of your form and your person will be in the Third. You will help people who are making this transition by helping them through the gateway.

C: Have I cleared most of my karma?

T: Oh, you cleared your karma long ago.

C: Will you escort me when I go?

T: Oh yes. Monica and I will be there with streamers and firecrackers. It will be a great celebration.

C: When I talk about Ascension, when can I ascend? They have times coming up here. If I’m going to be in pain a lot of next year, I want to go now. But if I’m not going to be in pain, then I want to stay.

T: We want you to have some significant physical improvement. So what we would recommend – you know that things can change – but we are thinking December of this year.

C: OK, that would be Dec, 12?

T: Yes, but we want this healing to get started so that you have seen part of the Ascension process that some people do not think about or are not speaking about is having made peace with the Third Dimension and leaving in love. When you have the beginning of your healing that will be very much a sign that you have let go of the Third and you are on your way.

C: How come I can’t see through the veil when it is already gone. Am I not ready to see?

T: Not quite. … [Thalia then gives her some instructions on how to help her open her Third Eye.]

You are dissolving not the veil because it is gone so you are dissolving whatever human belief systems you have adopted while on Earth to letgo of whatever is barring your way. You do not need to know what it is. You do not need to analyze it. You do not need to do anything other than simply love. Love, love, love your sweet self. … There is always room for more love.

[Carol asks about Disclosure.]

T: It is coming. … You will be one of the first to see your star brothers and sisters.

C: if I don’t go in December, there is nothing on next year coming…

T: Do not worry. Next year will be packed. Either way [whether you ascend or not] it will be packed.

C: When will the changes happen where we can manifest our own homes?

T: That is after the dimensional shift. You start now. Because you are able to create, and to co-create with us, to collect the atoms, the molecules, the sub-atomic particles, and begin to form and build whatever you choose. Maybe it is a home. Maybe it is a spaceship. …

It is almost part of the basic equipment of the Fifth Dimension to be able to manifest and co-create in a way….

C: So that will not happen until the end of next year then?

T: Well, that has already begun. This is the transition period so literally you have people all over the map in terms of where they are positioned. So that creation [i.e., manifestation] process has actually already started. For some it has started almost consciously. And for others they do not really know why they are pleased because they say, well, this has never really worked before. And all of a sudden it is. So it ishappening.