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Fran Zepeda – Archangel Michael and Jeshua: THE LIGHT OF THE TRUTH – 17 October 2011

 by  Fran Zepeda on Monday, 17 October 2011 at 22:50

The world is waiting on baited breath for an announcement. Little do they know that it is seeping more and more into the consciousness of all. The achievements of all Lightworkers have made this possible. Do not be mistaken; there will still be an announcement, of Disclosure, but it will be coming on the wake of an already expanded consciousness that you all are making possible. Many are attending to their daily lives and wondering what this excitement (many times just underneath their awareness) really is. You are all making Disclosure possible by helping to open the hearts of many. Not an easytask, but one in which you are succeeding with the utmost of success, dear friends.

Many times you have wondered, is this all real? Well, it is Real, my dear ones.The only Reality there is. As the reality in which you all have been living starts to dismantle, you are seeing that more and more. You take heart in the fact that as this happens, you are inundated with such loving feelings inside you and coming from others; loving feelings that create a calm and a centeredness that you haven’t experienced quite like this before. Continue reading


The Domino Effect – The Systems Ending Is Near – Lucas

In The Netherlands started ones the great domino world record with a show world-wide televised. All the domino stones in all shapes and sizes and in different forms, pictures and with lots of beautiful effect fell down. Sometimes paused for the necessary  “commercial break”. Also one lifeline of stones is made to let the domino effect continue when it can’t complete one project. Shouting or shearing or any tremble makes the stones go off.  I see it as an analogy of what is going on in Europe and the World financial system now.

As S&P, Moody’s and others are downgrading countries and also banks credit worthiness in Europe one after one other we see the dominos fall to complete their task. Also USA’s banks are  under scrutiny. The domino effect is seen in the ongoing uncontrollable fact that nothing works anymore in the financial system.  What ever they do to stop the domino effect the lifeline kicks in and the trouble starts going further to complete its goal.

The effect is also kept going on not only by the countries, banks and others who want to keep the system working by the rise of the people of the world. They demonstrate, make a lot of noise and shout getting their rights and birth rights back. The stampede of marches of protesters make the ground tremble as if there were earthquakes.  So this makes it even for those who wanna keep and rescue the system even further impossible to stop the domino effect.

The ones who keep searching for the solution in the existing system will fail. There is only one option listen and bring into effect a real new system that is for ALL  as in the NESARA law was being described. See what we gain. Prosperity for all and abundance over the whole world.  The end of the poverty, debt, crisis, famine, greed, hunger, homelessness, etc.

See the domino stones as the Illuminati and dark cabal that have been losing their power and influence day by day. The power of the few over the many is over. The 99% take over and want a new world order but not that what was intended by the dark ones. The power pyramid is being turned over.

Keep your love and light shining upon also the dark ones who are in need of our compassion. We  need to see that they are part of the ending duality game on this earth. They played their role and it’ s over. They are how difficult to understand also lightbeings that have to return to their origin. That this will take maybe a while for them to waken up, but still when ready and in fully in the light  the choice to ascend also is their’s. It is a real free will choice.

Love and Light,


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Suzanne Spooner – This Weeks God Message – Graduation Day is Near! 17 October 2011

My Dear Ones,

Your abilities to imagine the highest, greatest good for humanity are applauded. In your moments of meditation and quiet thinking your High Self is opening portals for ascension and assistance for others during these remarkable times. The love you send out is felt through every dimension. Your energy is intertwined with all energy in the cosmos. If you realized the power plant of intention you are, you would mind your thoughts a little more. Understand you are The Creator who has imagined a body & soul in this dimension to experience duality. You agreed to amnesia of your greatness to understand the limited belief of all or nothing. In this amazing class called third dimensional life you have done the nearly impossible of teaching yourself the art of imagination as a path to remembering. Kindly give yourself a pat on the back. Might say you have nearly graduated and with honors. Next up is your graduation ceremony. Will you bring your cap and gown with you? On your invitation to the ceremony are directions to the reception. In your excitement, don’t forget to dust off your awards and accolades. We are so proud of you and have to boast of your accomplishments. In this time of joy know how much you are loved.


Channeled by Suzanne Spooner