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Oh, The Places Your Ego Will Go – A Poem


Oh, The Places Your Ego Will Go

By Scott Kalechstein, with apologies to Dr. Seuss.

Your ego will travel with you on this earth
And be your companion for worser or worse
It pretends it’s your friend, your bestest amigo
And it makes you feel guilty, that’s the job of the ego
It has good judgment and will help you be strong
So it has to remind you you’ve done it all wrong
You’re weak and you’re lazy and you can’t get a clue
That’s the voice of the ego trying to motivate you
Oh, the places you’ll go and the guilt trips you’ll travel
As the ego plays judge and bangs down on its gavel Continue reading


Bank Revolt Underway: Focused on 5th November 2011

Bank Revolt Underway: Focused on Nov. 5, 2011 => original publised  by Steve Beckow 19 October 2011.

A bank revolt appears to be underway, people withdrawing money from big banks and, in some cases, getting arrested. Here are several videos on the movement. It’s interesting that, if you try to view these videos or any others on the same topic from Youtube, most of them will not play due to “invalid parameters.” There are too many for which this happens to think it could be an accident. Thanks to Bracha. Continue reading

Kauilapele – Speaking Only for My Self…”I Don’t Have to Know Everything” (and Thank God for that)

Originaly posted 18 October on :


http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/speaking-only-for-my-self-i-dont-have-to-know-everything-and-thank-god-for-that/  by Kauilapele

This may seem a strange post, but there have been a lot of emails and some comments on this blog and many others I’ve read lately, that seem to be like “arguments”. They sometimes go like this:

  • Person A: Because X wrote this, I believe it.
  • Person B: Well, that X is wrong because I read Y, and they said something different.
  • Person A: Well, we all know Y is a member of the Illuminati, and their information is always wrong.
  • Person B: But how could that be? Where is the evidence?
  • Person A: X is part of the Galactic Federation, so they’re always right.
  • Person B: Well, that Galactic Federation stuff is all bogus, so X can’t be right.
  • Person A: But you’re thinking of the “Galactic Federation of Light”, and they’re all reptilians from Sirius.
  • Person B: Where’s the evidence for that?
  • Person A: Well, X said so.
  • Person B: Show me the evidence. Where are your facts??? I need to know. Continue reading

John Smallman – SAUL- Sink thankfully into that loving energy field

Your awareness of the divine energies enveloping the Earth is growing daily and enabling you to strengthen your intent to be visible bearers of the light.  Your presence and the intent that you hold are essential aspects of humanity’s awakening process, and are the reason that you are on Earth at this most significant moment in her history.  Do not allow any doubts or anxieties about your worth or abilities to distract you from your light-bearing task – because it isessential.  The effects that your prayers and enlightened intentions are having all across the planet are extremely powerful, even though you probably have no personal sense of this.  Just accept that what you are doing by holding the light could not be done by anyone but you.  Your energy signatures, expressed through the lives you are leading, are brilliant, beautiful, and quite remarkable to behold, and you are greatly respected for the choices you made to be incarnate at this point in Earth’s evolution. Continue reading

Letting go of Collective and Individual Crutches

Hello friends, I am Wes Annac. I am delighted to be posting this on Lucas’ wonderful blog, thanks again Lucas!! 🙂

It seems very clear that in a significantly short amount of time, we have went through many ‘energy gates’ that have seen us growing and discovering ourselves more and more and in deeper ways. We have been passing through gate after gate of energy as our bodies continue to adjust to the higher energies we are continuing to embody. As this happens, naturally on a more personal level we are finding ourselves in very difficult positions. We are now reaching a point, collectively and individually, where it is time to examine the many things that make up our consensus reality and decide what needs to go. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Pleiadian Messages – 18 October 2011


Greg Giles – Pleiadian Messages – 18 October 2011

I see you gathered in the streets, in protest of the long series of wrongs which have been done to you and your families in the name of greed and power. These were done in an attempt by those who have been consumed by greed and darkness to control you and imprison you in a world of their own creation, to further their corrupt reign of insatiable desire for more money, more power, and more control. You have succeeded in breaking free from these shackles of tyranny. It is time to celebrate and put all these trying times behind you. You are just moments away from embarking on an incredible voyage that will see you pulling away from the dock which has been your three dimensional world of separation and illusion. The members of this dark cabal were used to help facilitate your learning and advancement. All was deemed necessary for your upliftment. We, the Galactic Federation, along with the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchies have been working feverishly to help free your world from the clutches of these darkworkers for some time now as their part in this grand production is no longer required for your benefit. This endeavor has been an enormous challenge, but we tell you all is now being returned to a world of love and light, and soon you will bask in the warm glow of your new and exciting lives. Do not ever be afraid of these changes. This is why you are here. To experience for yourselves firsthand the incredible ride which is ascension of a people and a planet into a higher dimensional state. You all jumped at the chance to be here at this time, and that time has come. Get ready for the thrill ride of a lifetime. You all have earned this moment as you have worked so hard in so many areas you can have little idea, but we tell you that you have earned all this, and you will receive the blessings we speak of very soon.  Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 19 October 2011

Matters move on as the pace of development increases, and will continue do so until the energy for change is manifested for the purposes intended. Your expectations may differ and not all of you can be correct, but in principle all will see acceptable changes that will at least fulfill part of them. Debt is the over riding problem in virtually all countries, and it may yet see the fall of Europe. As it is anticipated it will not come as a shock, but will offer the long sought opportunity to completely re-shape the economy and financial systems. So you know what is likely to occur over a period of some weeks, and can prepare for the outcome.

If you are a Lightworker you will sail through the fall out from the changes because you know no matter how events work out, they will ultimately be for the benefit of all people. There will be a leveling up that allows for individualism, yet puts people into one category where all are treated fairly and equally. As a result there will be no jealousy or judgment of another, as all will be treated according to their needs. As a new society your pleasure will be in seeing that everyone is looked after, and sharing will become quite
commonplace. Trust will be taken for granted, as you will be aware that behind the plan for you are spiritually defined reasons based on Light and Love.

For a time you will be like a swimmer treading water, using a lot of energy but going nowhere fast. Then all of a sudden the floodgates will open and everything will take off. So it is case of playing the waiting game until it is your time to get involved. It will give you the opportunity to ensure that you are ready for whatever is asked of you. We will need plenty of helpers when matters start to involve the people of Earth. You all have some kind of talents to offer, and remember that you are here at this momentous time by choice, and we do mean everyone.

We of the Galactic Federation keep our eyes on the dark Ones, because although they are weakening it does not take many to create a disturbance. The chain of command is fragmented, and they are confronted by our allies at every turn. The military are nowhere near as cohesive as they were, and their black operations are more difficult to control. All in all, we are pleased at the progress we have made, particularly as we play the game by the rules. Yet we have no complaints as we have the blessing of the Creator, and know that we are the Light Bearers that carry the Torch of Truth.

All over the world, what you often refer to as the working people are waking up to what has been happening around them, and seeking answers. Their strength lies in their numbers, and they will not go away until they get answers. They may be demonstrating in many different countries, but their energies are becoming as one giving great power to their demands. The peaceful revolution has really begun now, and there are many more people who strengthen it by sending out their thoughts for victory by the Light. As we see it the victory is already yours, so do not falter for one moment with your intent to bring the changes about.

We foresee some turmoil upon Earth in the next few weeks, but in part that will be seasonal although your weather patterns have been interfered with. Even that is controlled by us, but we can only go so far in helping to keep it balanced. There is only a small margin between help and interference, and we act with all care. We abide by the rulings and Laws that cover karmic responsibilities, as it is possible to slip up even with the best of intentions. Have no fear as we are old hands at dealing with the dark Ones, and your needs to achieve Ascension. You keep your eyes on your goal, and we will keep our eyes on you for your protection. Continue reading

Sheldan Nidle – Update for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation – 18 October 2011

1 Batz, 4 Tzec, 8 Manik

Selamat Balik! We return in a state of joy! Progress is being made on many fronts as we put in motion the final directives which will shortly allow the funding to begin. Concurrently, a series of meetings have cleared up certain misunderstandings between our Earth allies and us. These discussions brought up a number of issues that were worrying several groups about how the announcement process was to proceed, and this led to some adjustments to our broadcast agenda. These hiccups are now resolved and we are ready to use our technology to hasten the next phase of bringing forth your new reality. Another matter that was holding things up was various squabbles over exactly how the lead-in to disclosure was to be carried out. In essence, it was all about priorities and how best to wrap up the removal of the dark cabal. Also at issue were various moral and legal points concerning the cabal’s final surrender documents, and this too has been judiciously settled. So now the stage is being set for the dark to remove their minions from office. Continue reading