Bank Revolt Underway: Focused on 5th November 2011

Bank Revolt Underway: Focused on Nov. 5, 2011 => original publised  by Steve Beckow 19 October 2011.

A bank revolt appears to be underway, people withdrawing money from big banks and, in some cases, getting arrested. Here are several videos on the movement. It’s interesting that, if you try to view these videos or any others on the same topic from Youtube, most of them will not play due to “invalid parameters.” There are too many for which this happens to think it could be an accident. Thanks to Bracha.

Pastor of Most Holy Trinity Church ends relationship with Bank of America.

People Acting in Community Together withdraws its money from Wells Fargo

Police arrest students at CitiBank as they attempt to withdraw their money

Bank of America refuses to let customers close accounts

Remember, Remember the 5th of November: BANK TRANSFER DAY

October 13th, 2011

Together we can ensure that corrupt crony-capitalist banking institutions will ALWAYS remember the 5th of November! If the 99% removes our funds from major banking institutions to non-profit credit unions on or by this date, we will send a clear message to the 1% that conscious consumers won’t support companies with unethical business practices.
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